Mosquito Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Dreams

What does a Mosquito Symbolize?

Mosquito Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Mosquito Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

The mosquito spirit animal is one of the animal totems that people do not want to associate themselves with. However, like many other totems, mosquito totems also do have meaning that bears a lot of wisdom. Therefore, the only people capable of understanding the mosquito spirit animal are the ones that pay close attention to its traits. Generally, the mosquito spirit animal serves to remind us of the parasitic nature of people. Therefore, if you keep seeing the mosquito symbols, one should review the kind of people that they are currently associating.

Description of the Mosquito Spirit Animal

The mosquito is parasitic and tends to feed on the blood of many animals, including humans. They have the attribute of infliction, mostly malaria. Therefore, many people prefer not to associate themselves with the mosquitoes.


The mosquitoes are born in stagnant water bodies but later in life spend most of their lives flying. Once they mature up, the female mosquitoes spend the rest of their lives biting animals and drawing their blood. However, the male mosquitoes prefer to use the nectar from flowers for food.

Meaning of the Mosquito Spirit Animal

The mosquito spirit animal bears a variety of purposes that come from the traits of the mosquito itself. The most prominent is the need for one’s self-preservation or merely taking care of one’s self. Also, the mosquito spirit animal serves to remind us of how many things that are annoying us but are not long-lasting. Thereby, one can easily choose to overcome such negligible issues.

This we can do by securing ourselves from people that only want to bring us down. Therefore, one should concentrate on their affairs first before taking care of other peoples. Furthermore, if the mosquitoes are a constant bother, one should take a close look at their surroundings. This may be at home or at work to weed out the people who are being a pest in their lives.

The Significance of the Mosquito Spirit Animal

The mosquito spirit animal-like many other totems have importance and symbolic important many traits. These are the characteristics that humans use to compare themselves. Some of these symbols or attributes are:

Mosquito: Symbol of Agility and Relentlessness

Have you ever swat at a mosquito? If you have, then you will notice that they are speedy little things. One has to be quicker than the mosquito to kill one. They are also relentless to get their mission complete no matter how hard we try to get rid of them.

Although it is an annoying attribute, this is one of the positive traits of the mosquito spirit animal. Therefore, also very important to the character build-up for the people of the mosquito spirit animal. They should emulate the attribute of relentlessness to get their way in life. By doing so, they can manage to sell their projects to people who can pay the best price for them. It does not matter whether they don’t like you so long as that they give you what is yours.

Mosquito: Symbol of Precision and Timing

The mosquitoes have the best type of precision possible. This trait they show when they are transmitting their pathogens into other animals through their bites. Or when they land and bite animals in the dark. It is as if they have a radar locator for blood.

This symbol can help most of the people in the mosquito spirit animal. They can learn how to exact their decisions in life to avoid unnecessary mistakes. By having the right timing, one can always be sure of getting what they want, and when they want it.

Symbolic Meaning of the Mosquito Dream

Do you see Mosquitoes in your dreams?

Having the vision of a mosquito in one’s dreams does not bear good tidings. Moreover, the mosquito dreams give one the perspective of the people around him in life. Therefore, the mosquito dream represents the aspect of people in your life that are parasitic. They add no meaningful value to one entity but always seem to leave with something.

The parasites in your life may be family members, friends, or even coworkers. So, if by chance there is a person of such caliber, the divine world is telling you to cut them off. If you ignore the message, you risk being taken advantage of even further by such people in even worse ways.

Some people have the dream of killing the mosquito. Therefore this act symbolizes the possibility of one creating personal space and boundaries with everyone. Hence by doing so, they can manage to have joy in their lives.

SUMMARY: Mosquito Totem

People associate mosquito with a lot of negative traits thus, they avoid using it as a spirit animal. However, those that have taken time to understand the poor animal know the benefits of its many positive attributes. Therefore the people that belong to the mosquito spirit animal can learn a lot from the mosquito symbols like agility.

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