Hermit Crab Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism and Dreams of Hen Totem

What is the symbolic meaning of a Crab?

Hermit Crab Spirit Animal

The Hermit Crab Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Hermit Crab spirit animal mean?

Spirit animals come into our lives to bring us messages from the world beyond. These messages carry different interpretations of various life experiences we encounter on a daily basis. An example of these spirit animals is the hermit crab spirit animal. It is not easy to find people with a hermit crab spirit guide, although it generally reminds us that not all that glitters is gold. You should have boundaries in your space and dictate how others treat you.

The hermit crab inhabits almost every part of the world. It is mostly found in sandy or muddy sea waters but can sometimes appear on land. Because of growing more bigger in body size, this creature moves from one shell to another. The transition is to accommodate the eventual growth. They derive their protection mainly from their shells and have the ability to survive in the worst conditions.


The symbolism of the hermit crab totem/spirit animal varies from one culture to another. Here we help you to learn about all the possible meanings of seeing a hermit crab in your life. Keep reading!

What does a Hermit Crab Symbolize?

The hermit crab is notably known for perseverance. It can sore through difficulties and take on enemies with courage. If the hermit crab is your spirit guide, you are reminded to trust in your strengths and abilities to get you to the places you would want to go. People born of this spirit animal know the best routes to take for them to achieve their goals.

As a spirit animal, the crab is symbolic of adventure and exploration. The hermit crab likes to wander around their environment in search of new territories and food. Hermit crab spirit animal people are also typical of moving from one place to another in search of opportunities. If the hermit crab is your animal totem, ensure in every endeavor you take on, never leave any stone unturned. It is the only way you will live a life free of regrets.

Hermit Crab Spirit AnimalPeople born of this spirit animal can, however, be very hostile. They have tempers that can arise anytime and, as a result, end up hurting everyone that comes their way. The slightest sign of provocation to them can escalate to a grave issue.

On the flipside, hermit crab people can be tender and loving when they decide to commit to the same. They have a very high level of emotions, and that is the main reason many people find it difficult to relate to. If you happen to in the company of a hermit crab person, prepare yourself for a wave of strong and divergent emotions.

The Symbolism of a Hermit Crab based on Cultures   

As mentioned before, the symbolism of the hermit crab spirit animal has been used from one culture to the other with varying meanings and vibrations. In Greek culture, for example, the hermit crab was widely used in telling tales and ancient myths.

In Western Astrology, the hermit crab totem was largely used as an astrological sign by people born under the Cancer sign. These people were quite mysterious but at the same time, cautious.

In Native American culture, the hermit crab spirit animal was symbolic of rebirth. They believed that the human souls transmigrated to that of hermit crab as well as other sea creatures. Some thought that the presence of a hermit crab in a person’s life was symbolic of intuition and emotions.

When it came to tarot games, the crab card is symbolic of giving strength to any other drawn card. As mentioned before, when a hermit crab grows bigger, it sheds off its shell and moves to another. The process is symbolic of the start of a new life.

The Hermit Crab as a Spirit Animal

The hermit crab spirit animal could appear in your life today, carrying the message of change from the spirits beyond. The dreams you want to work on cannot come true if you keep repeating the same mistakes. Adjust your sails accordingly if you want to realize better results. The other way is to take your soul on a journey away from this world by exercising prayer and meditation. Seek the support and guidance of the spirits beyond, and be sure that your creator will never let you down. At the same time, listen to your inner thoughts.

As a spirit animal, the crab spirit animal is also reminding you to practice patience in everything do. Know when it is right to strike. Take calculated steps in executing your goals, and in the end, you will come out victorious.

The Hermit Crab Spirit Animal in Dreams

The symbolism of the dreams about crabs can vary from one dreamer to the other. In general, dreaming about the hermit crab can have both positive and negative connotations. When you see a hermit crab appear to you while you are walking along the shore, it is symbolic of a good upcoming opportunity. It could be a job offer that you had earlier applied for.

If you dream of catching a hermit crab, it could be symbolic of your efforts finally paying off. Your life is about to undergo a complete better change. Like a hermit crab person, you can stay positive if you want to see these changes manifest in your life.

SUMMARY: Hermit Crab Spirit Animal

Hermit crab spirit animal symbolism brings us a lot of wisdom to reflect on. As much it sounds unheard of, this spirit guide is equally important, just like any other spirit animal totem. Look out for the signals sent to you through the hermit crab spirit animal, and you will appreciate life more. In physical nature, it looks small, but this creature might be the difference that you needed in life. Stay awake!

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