Hen Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism and Dreams of Hen Totem

Chicken symbolism in dreams

The Hen Spirit Animal

The Hen Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Hen spirit animal mean?

Spirit Animals act as a sign of enlightenment to our daily life experiences. When you see an animal totem/spirit animal in your life, count yourself lucky. Please pay close attention to the messages it comes with and do your best to understand the meanings. In this article, we will focus our attention on the hen spirit guide.

When one mentions a hen today, we all think of the bird as a domesticated animal. It is one of the creatures that man has tamed for the longest time we can recall. The symbolism of the hen spirit animal varies from culture to culture. Hen spirit animal and Rooster spirit animal – both are called as a Chicken spirit animal. To learn about all the possible meanings of this fascinating bird, keep reading this article.


What does a Hen Symbolize?

The symbolism of the hen generally is associated with knowledge, curiosity, and courage. If the hen is your spirit animal, you are reminded to be sharp. You should be in a position to pay attention to cues that you may find strange. Be on the lookout, especially for things that you do not know. Do not stay in your comfort zones. The hen spirit animal will motivate you to explore further.

The hen spirit animal is also symbolic of care. People born of the hen totem are very protective of their loved ones. It includes their families, friends, and society in general. If you happen to see a hen randomly in your life, it is a sign that something terrible is about to happen. It involves someone close to you, so do something about it.

Furthermore, this can be a signal that you should also protect yourself. Pay close attention to any unusual signals in your surroundings. Do not just sit back and watch your life crumble down. The solution starts with you.

Hen Spirit AnimalThe hen symbolism also tells you to follow your intuition. You might receive divergent opinions on how to handle an issue. It is okay to listen to people, but the final decision should come from your thinking.

The Hen as a Spirit Animal

The hen, as a spirit animal, helped many cultures as an observer of time. Many people relied on this bird to predict the specific time of day. As a hen person, you are required to learn how to manage your time well. Besides, it is a reminder to you to get on your feet and start working. Time is not on your side.

As a hen person, you are required to weary of every event taking place in your life. Take care of every situation that may not seem right today. You might be overwhelmed if you wait for tomorrow. The hen spirit animal is also encouraging you to acknowledge your weaknesses. It is the only way you can make improvements where necessary as you move ahead.

The hen spirit guide is symbolic of hard work—people born of this spirit animal work hard to provide for themselves as well as their families. The hen as an animal is equally capable of walking long distances in search of food for their young ones. As a hen spirit animal person, you should be ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that your people are comfortable.

The Symbolism of a Hen based on Cultures   

The symbolism of the hen spirit animal has been used over the years by different cultures and mythologies to mean different vibrations. The Chinese, for example, used the hen animal totem as a symbol of nobility as well as physical and moral strength. They believed that the presence of a hen in a person’s life symbolized good luck and protection from enemies.

The Greeks, on the other hand, believed that the hen spirit animal was a sacred sign of spiritual awakening. The belief was that the hen could communicate with the divine spirits. In turn, it could bring the message from beyond through a hearty cry.

The Celts thought of the hen, specifically the cock, as the connection to the underworld. The belief here was that the hen spirit animal could call out the souls of the dead and look out for danger on the battlefield.

Christians placed the symbol of the cock on top of churches as a watchful vigilante. Today, they believe that it is symbolic of repentance and resurrection.

The Hen Spirit Animal in Dreams

The hen dream interpretation varies from one dreamer to another. However, the general understanding of seeing a hen in your dream is that it is a wakeup call to come out of your comfort zone.

As mentioned before, the hen spirit animal is an observer of time and is, therefore, reminding you to be a tactful and keen observer of time. Do not carry out your plans without a well-crafted schedule of events.

A dream about a hen is also symbolic of intuition. Pay close attention to everything taking place around you. Do not ignore any signals sent to you from the divine spirits. Besides, do not waste time engaging in unhealthy conversations that may end up impacting your life negatively.

SUMMARY: Hen Spirit Animal

The hen spirit animal is a reminder to you to stay active in everything you do. You will defeat your enemies only if you are courageous enough not to run away. As a hen spirit animal person, trust and honesty should be your main definitive traits. You have the ability to start and complete projects. Because of this, do not be afraid to embark on a new journey. Everything will fall in place only if you trust in the guidance and support of the divine spirits.

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