Falling Dreams: Meaning And Their Significance In Our Day To Day Life

What does it mean when you fall in your dream?

Falling Dreams Meaning

Dream of Falling: Meaning, Interpretation and Dream Symbolism

Falling from the stairs, tall buildings, or any other high point is a common type of dream in any human being’s life. An average person is likely to experience falling dreams at least five times in his/ her life. A falling dream shows your worries about your career, wealth, or even your status in society. The fear that you might lose all this at one point is what triggers falling dreams.

Various psychologists have attempted to explain falling dreams. For instance, Ian Wallace, a psychologist, says that falling dream is an indication that you might be hanging on to something so tight, and you are afraid of losing it in your waking life. Your biggest fear is what happens if you let it. If you take a keen look into your life, you will discover that letting go is the best thing to do. The moment you let go, you will realize that new opportunities present themselves to you.

A dream that you are falling from the skies

Falling dreams most times is an indication of fatigue. Perhaps you have been working on a given task for too long. This kind of dream acts as a warning of an impending accident if you do not give yourself a break. To avoid such mishaps, you can do the following; change of diet, enough sleep, or perhaps take a long break from your usual work.


Alternatively, falling from the sky can be an indication of the significant changes that are about to occur in your life. For instance, in a situation where you are going into a new marriage, traveling to a foreign country, or perhaps getting a new job, you are likely to experience falling dreams. In a situation where the fall is abnormally slow, it is an indication that you are hesitant about a move that you are about to make. There is also a scenario where you heavily fall to the ground, luckily you escape unhurt, and you run away from your landing ground immediately. This kind of dream indicates that you don’t trust that people around you will come to your aid if a tragedy occurs to you.

Falling dreams by people from different works of life

If you are a business person, a falling dream indicates your fear that your business may one day crumble. Well, it could be because of the competition or your inability to manage your business well. When a new product that excites the customers better arrives into the market, business people are likely to feel threatened. The fear that their new product will kill their business brings about falling dreams.

If a woman experiences this kind of dream in a family, it is an indication that the problems she is going through are likely to bring down her family. It could be her inability to conceive or even problems involving her job. On the other hand, when a man has the same dream, it is occasionally related to financial difficulties. The fear of not having the capability to provide for his family triggers falling dreams.   Nothing scares any man other than not having the ability to provide for the family.

Falling dreams in context to various scenarios

A fall during competition says athletics, football, horse race, or any other physical sport is a common type of dream. Such a dream is an indication of the stiffness of an upcoming competition. It is a message that you should prepare well if you want to succeed in the game.

Another weird kind of dream is that in which you fall from the back of an elephant.  It is only possible in dreams; this does not mean that this dream has no meaning. This kind of dream implies that you will soon go through an embarrassing moment.  Another interpretation of this dream is that your over-dependence on others will come back to hurt you one day.

Another common dream is one that someone pushes you from the bridge to the water. This kind of dream indicates a contract or agreement that is likely to fail. It is not certain that your agreement will fail. However, the environment and the person you signed the contract with acts in a manner to suggest that the deal may not see the light of day.

A dream that you fell and got injured indicates tough moments that you are about to go through. However, if you felt nothing during the fall, it is an indication that the problems you are about to go through will not shake you. Instead, they will make you stronger.

A dream of someone else falling in your dream

Unlike dreams of yourself falling, a dream of other people falling in front of you is a good sign. It is a suggestion that you are ready to face any challenge in life. However, not all dreams indicating others are falling act as a good sign. For instance, a mother who witnesses her child falling should be careful about their child’s health. If you are continually considering every health problem that your child faces as a minor, this dream act as a warning to you. If you are in love and your dream, you find yourself and your girlfriend falling; it is an indication that the two of you could end up getting married.

What causes a falling dream?

Falling in dreams about falling is one of the most common dream phrases I hear regarding lucid dreaming. Falling and the act of falling can be simple or complicated, depending on the dreamer. The dream of falling, then waking up with no memory of the dream is often one of the more confusing elements.

As mentioned earlier, in dreams about falling, the dreamer can decide if the experience is his own, a dream, or another skill that could have been included in a dream. Sometimes the dreamer will have his own experience, which is just too painful to put into words. Or occasionally, a dream may include their personal experience, which was combined with another experience they were experiencing when the dream took place.

Dreams about falling in dreams than waking up

When your dreams about falling in dreams than waking up are starting to happen, what will happen? What can it mean? Here are some thoughts that may help you.

Falling in dreams means that you may fall asleep, which can cause you to feel that you’re dreaming. When you do this, your mind will create a dream world for you.

Falling dreams can mean that you have re-woken up in a dream. This is because when you are falling asleep, your body goes limp, and so when you wake up, you are not as alert as you would be if you were fully awake. This can cause you to dream of falling into dreams.

Falling dreams are not always wholly lucid, just like other dreams. You must know what these falling dreams mean and how they can make you realize that you dream.
Falling dreams are a severe problem for some people. They think it means that they have died, or worse, they believe that they have been kidnapped. If your dreams have nightmares in them, you may think that there is something wrong with you.

Dreaming about falling and hurting yourself

If you are asleep dreaming about falling and hurting yourself, then this is not a good thing, falling is a real thing, but dream about falling and hurting yourself in a wrong way, and all the reasons and causes are now involved in your everyday life. A dream about falling and hurting yourself is a mental illness and is usually a cause of anti-depressant, panic attacks, or psychotic attacks, depending on the severity. The dream about falling and hurting yourself is a product of a medical condition called “paranoid delusions” (also known as “delusional disorders”), and these are just some of the leading causes of hospitalization. These are serious mental problems that may cause some very severe reactions that can cause psychological and physical injuries.

Usually, people dream about falling before they fall. But there are other times when this doesn’t happen at all, and we feel like we were in real danger. In such cases, the person will only dream about falling and hurting themselves and will never experience it in reality. Sometimes, people wake up in the middle of their dreams, feeling that they have just woken up from a dream about falling, and then they will be aware that they have fallen and will probably suffer from injuries on the ground.

There are many cases where people have dreamed about falling and hurt themselves and were injured in real life and are even unconscious.

Final thoughts on falling dreams

When falling dreams keeps occurring in your life, never overlook them; they carry a lot of significance in your life. The interpretation of falling dreams varies from the place or events surrounding the dream. Also, no one has a monopoly of intelligence to interpret dreams correctly. Therefore, when looking for a given dream’s meaning, seek the meaning from various sources before narrowing down to one that suits you. Also, each dream stands for a particular path; therefore, your duty is to find a way that suits your life.