Pregnancy Dreams: Meaning, Interpretation, Symbolism And Significance

What does it mean if you dream you are pregnant?

Pregnancy Dreams Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about Pregnancy: Meaning, Interpretation and Dream Symbolism

Pregnancy dreams are a result of body changes during the pregnancy period. These changes are likely to affect the physical structure, eating patterns, hormone levels, and even sleeping patterns. Therefore, the fear of going through these changes affects women psychologically and mentally. The question thus arises, does these changes the cause of pregnancy dreams? Yes, a considerable percentage of pregnancy dreams are experienced by women looking to get pregnant and pregnant already.  However, there are exceptional cases where women or even men who have never thought of becoming pregnant experiencing pregnancy dreams.

Some of the possible causes of Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy dream meaning: Hormonal changes

An increase in the production of hormones in the body causes pregnancy dreams. During an early stage of pregnancy, the body tends to produce a high level of hormones. This is likely to impact the way your brain processes information due to anxiety and emotional changes during this time. It will result in many vivid and frequent pregnancy dreams.

Changes in Rapid Eye Movement

When your subconscious mind is trying to solve a problem, you are likely to experience pregnancy dreams. Well, this happens when you are under duress to perform a specific duty within a specified period. Under this circumstance, women without plans of getting pregnant and even men get such kind of dreams.


Stress results in pregnancy dreams

It is natural for every woman to get stressed during pregnancy. The change that the body goes through during this period brings about a lot of pain and discomfort. Studies have shown that the lead cause of insomnia in human beings is stress. As you get older, the more you lose sleep because of the increased stress levels.

Intensified emotions during pregnancy

Bringing a newborn into this world is not an easy task. Factors such as stress, fear mixed with excitement cause frequent emotional changes. Also, psychologists’ lack of sleep compromises the mind’s ability to control emotions. Therefore, you are likely to sleep more when you feel overwhelmed.

Pregnancy Dreams Symbolism

A dream about being pregnant

A dream about conceiving symbolizes a new project that you are about to begin. Your project is likely to change your life forever. Alternatively, this kind of dream signifies that your dream of getting pregnant is about to come true. Mostly this happens when you are newly married or have been in the marriage too long but have not been able to conceive.

A dream about labor pains

Labor dreams portray your fear of getting pregnant. It happens mostly when you are engaged in a sexually active relationship. Another meaning of labor dreams is that you are not ready to make any changes in your life. Labor dreams can also symbolize the hardships you have to go through in life to be successful. After a given difficulty, you will definitively harvest the fruits of your labor.

A pregnancy dream that something happening to your unborn baby

The heightened emotions that come with pregnancy are likely to trigger a dream that something could happen to your baby. The most common nightmares pregnant women go through include miscarriages or early birth. Psychologists have argued that pregnant women use dreams to solve issues or questions that are always in their minds.

A dream that your unborn baby suddenly disappears

This kind of dream is common for new mothers. In such a nightmare, a new mother forgets about her baby. New mothers are not used to having a baby in their life. However, this kind of dream is not an indication for you to start doubting your parent’s ability. But instead, your brain is trying to come to terms with the new situation you are facing.

A dream that your baby turns into an animal

This kind of dream represents the uncertainties existing in your mind on how your baby will look like. Will your baby resemble you or the father? Is she a beautiful/handsome child? How will its behavior be? These are the kind of questions that triggers the dream of your child turning into an animal. If you turn into an animal during pregnancy, it represents your protective nature. Animals will go to any extent to protect their babies.

Dreams about an affair with your ex-partner during pregnancy

These kinds of dreams do not reveal your intention of cheating on your partner. It only portrays the fear that your partner may abandon you once the baby is born. The increasing size of your body lowers your self-esteem during pregnancy. Your once well-shaped body has lost shape, and you fear that your boyfriend may not love you anymore.

Final Thoughts: Pregnancy Dream Meaning

In a case where your dreams are more intense and frequent, I would advise that you embarrass such kind of dreams. I say so because there is a possibility that you are actually pregnant or you will soon get pregnant. However, if you think your dreams result from not getting enough sleep, try and change your sleeping patterns. Also, ensure that you eat a balanced diet.

At times, pregnancy dreams cause distress. In such situations, it is essential to write down every event of your dream. Information from your subconscious mind will be moved to your conscious mind. Hence the anxiety that you continuously feel will be released. However, the dreams prove to be consistent; the best idea is to share your dream with a friend. A counselor or a therapist can also clarify the possible cause of your trouble and the possible solutions.

Regular exercises are essential in preventing pregnancy nightmares. At least 20 minutes of aerobics or talking a walk is necessary. Trust me; regular exercise will improve your sleep. Adequate sleeping space is essential. Research has shown that sleeping in a dark and well-aerated room brings more rest than a less aerated place.

Finally, always have a positive mind about your pregnancy. Studies show that positivity increases your confidence. Do not let what others have gone through affects your fertility. Until the doctor confirms something about your pregnancy, do not listen to what others say. By do all this, the number of nightmares pregnancy will significantly reduce.