Rooster Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What is the symbolic meaning of a Rooster?

Rooster Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Rooster Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

The rooster is a male chicken. They are known for colorful feathers. These are domesticated birds. Rooster’s meat is food to man. They always walk with their heads high. Have a proud look. Roosters still show off what they have. In this article, we will discuss the meaning, messages, and symbolism of the Rooster spirit animal.

Meaning of Rooster Spirit Animal

Rooster has a unique presentation in nature. This bird has a symbolic character of crowing early morning. This different behavior and appearance will guide us in our discussion. Having it as a spirit animal will communicate a variety of messages to humans. It has a lot of lessons dedicated to us. Let’s start discussing the words by the rooster totem.

Messages from Rooster Spirit Animal

Rooster Spirit Animal: Bravery

Rooster animal totems want us to be brave. Biblical fear is a sin. A rooster walks with its head high. They face their challenges with a lot of energy. When fear fills your heart, call upon the power of a Rooster totem. People associated with this totem are brave. They know how to express themselves with fear or favor.


Awakening call

The rooster crows every early morning. It is to wake anyone around them up. When a rooster crows in your life, it might be an awakening call. Rooster wants you to wake up from your sleep. It does not necessarily mean physical stress. It might be a career or even business sleep. Maybe you are just lazing around. You have talent but have never used it. Rooster spirit animal reminds you of the importance of discovering your inner abilities.


Rooster spirit animal wants us to be alert of our surroundings. Be keen and take any opportunity that might arise. Since you are the first to wake up, plenty of opportunities await you. English man said the early bird catches the worm. Rooster spirit animal encourages us to be alert in life.


Rooster has a unique feature to other birds. They always dominate in their territories. They have a curved tail. Rooster spirit animal calls for life uniqueness and the art of being the odd one outstanding by your principles. It will enable you to use your abilities to achieve your dreams. Uniqueness brings value to one’s life. People will appreciate your slogan and style. You will have a definition in life. If in your career, this aspect will make you outstanding. You will always be ahead of others. Uniqueness is a good thing to embrace.


Roosters are proud creatures. They never hide while walking. Roosters show themselves in every situation. It is a proper pride, not arrogance. Rooster spirit animal encourages us to be proud of ourselves. To discover our abilities and dwell on them. Pride brings about self-motivation. It also leads to courageous ways of handling issues. People born under this totem know this quality quite well. When you feel down and want to give up, seek the power of the rooster spirit animal.

The Symbolism of Rooster Spirit Animal

Rooster Spirit Animal: Leadership

Roosters secure their territories no matter what, which is a sign of leadership. Rooster’s spirit animal has a significant metaphor for leadership. Leaders should emulate the pride, energy, and behavior of a rooster. There are leaders of their own life. They encourage us to take charge of our own lives too.


Roosters are the first birds to crow early morning. They signal everyone about the beginning of a new day. Roosters never fail to achieve this every morning. It is a symbol of punctuality. Calling upon the spiritual guidance of the Rooster will help you to be punctual in life. Readiness is a strong association with planning. Discipline is also an associate of timeliness.


When you’re unable to manage your time well, call upon the Rooster spirit animal. These birds have perfected the art of keeping time. They are good timekeepers. Knows when to crow and when not to. They always brag in intervals of some hours both at night and during the day. God created a natural timekeeper element in their bodies. People associated with this totem don’t find timekeeping as a challenge. They have an organized, planned life schedule. They follow their program always.


Roosters crow early morning, welcoming the sun. It symbolizes victory and the beginning of a new day. It marks an end to a dark situation in life. Success is a strong association with the rooster totem. They encourage us to push on for victory is coming our way.


According to the bible, the rooster crowed during Peter’s betrayal to Jesus. It was a sign of repentance. It is a belief that the rooster crows each morning to wake up people to pray. Rooster’s totem has an association with remorse. If it appears to a spiritual person, it might be a call for repentance.

Symbol of the Sun

It is a belief that the tail of a rooster is curved to symbolize the sun. Being a symbol of the sun has a strong connection with the rooster’s morning crowing. It is also referred to as the morning light.

SUMMARY: Rooster Totem

When a Rooster spirit animal appears in your dream, it might be communicating a message of pride. If it’s seen fighting, it’s a sign of coming danger. Some communities associate the rooster with arrogance and an underground world. Different cities have different beliefs. It is good to appreciate all opinions.

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