Rabbit Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What does a Rabbit mean spiritually?

Rabbit Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Rabbit Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Rabbits are small rodent-like animals. They are herbivorous. Some religions refer to them as unholy because they lack hooves. Rabbits are also domesticated as pets. Large families characterize them. Rabbits have got long ears. They are friendly animals also. In this article, we will discuss the meaning, message, and symbolism of Rabbit spirit animal or Rabbit animal totem.

Meaning of Rabbit Spirit Animal

A different characteristic of rabbit behavior leads to the understanding of rabbit totem. Its ability to produce many offspring is also symbolic. Rabbit totems guide and encourage humans. Rabbit totem is a spiritual guide to our life. We are supposed to be keen on the habits and experiences of the rabbit. Let’s look at the different messages of the Rabbit totem.


The Message of Rabbit Spirit Animal


The ability of a rabbit to bring up a large family means good nurturing skills. Also, it is a belief that a rabbit can give birth to up to 40 litters a year. Rabbit spirit animal encourages human to develop good nurturing skills. It doesn’t mean bring up babies alone, nurturing in all aspects of life. Talents and career nurturing forms part of the process. Success comes as a result of good nurturing ability. It will lead to consistency in business or profession. People associated with Rabbit totem have the best nurturing skills. They always act as role models for others. These people have associated with success always.


Rabbit spirit animal has a love message. They have an association with love. Rabbit animal totems communicate the importance of living together in harmony. Rabbit totem encourages humans to love one another. Love should be the binding blue to any relationship. Love will help us relate and coordinate well among us.


Rabbit totems also communicate comfort. Being comfortable is not a good thing in life. It brings about laziness. The appearance of the Rabbit totem wants us to get out of our comfort zones. It encourages us to seek more in life. To always be on the move and work hard. You should challenge yourself with new investments still. Growth will always call for new challenges. You cannot succeed in your comfort zone. You can only do enough but not extra.


Rabbits are vulnerable creatures. They are hunted for food by other predators and also humans. Wild rabbits live a fragile life. They are extra careful in their actions. Rabbit spirit animal teaches us to be cautious, for we are vulnerable. To know more about our surroundings for our protection. People associated with Rabbit totem are too careful in their domain. They avoid negativity at all costs. Making themselves less vulnerable in society. It is a good thing to know yourself. Walk away from trouble.

Good coordination

Rabbit has good coordination skills. They form an organization in their life. Though care full and vulnerable but also exercise good coordination skills. Rabbit totem encourages us to live an organized life. Having plans and dreams always and working with a good strategy for achieving your goals.

More planning

Rabbit totem calls for more preparation in dealing with the achievements of your dreams. Spend more time to plan. Always implement your plans when you’re sure about them. Rabbit spirit animal warns us about making decisions in a rush. Slow but sure should be your slogan always.

Rabbit Spirit Animal Symbolism


The ability of a female rabbit to give birth to 40 babies a year means fertility. Rabbits are a symbol of fertility. When appearing in your life, it means to be fertile. Productivity is not only in babies. You should be fertile in whatever you touch. Always aim at growing your Territories. Fertility is a good aspect of life.


Many litters explain the association of abundance. People associated with this totem have plenty in their life. Whatever thing they dwell in prospers. Seeking the spirit of the rabbit totem will make you thrive and have abundance in life.


In some culture, seasons is an association of rabbits. Rabbits are believed to appreciate seasons. It is a guide for seasons in some communities.


Rabbit has associated with Ostara, an ancient goddess. This goddess uses the symbol of a rabbit.

Long life

Long life is an association of the Rabbits. The long extended families act as a symbol of longevity. The appearance of this totem is a promise of long life. Your creator is communicating with you about the abundance of life. You should be grateful when seeing this totem.

Seeing Rabbit Spirit Animal in Dreams

Dreaming of a white rabbit means faithfulness in love. When you see a black rabbit, then it symbolizes intimacy. Rabbit hopping, in your idea, implies fertility and abundance.

Summary: Rabbit Spirit Animal

This article has discussed most of the general importance of Rabbit spirit animal. You should be keen on life and know this animal totem.

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