White Doves and the Love Symbolism

What do White Doves symbolize?

White Doves Love Symbolism

The Symbolism of White Doves

White doves belong to the family Columbidae. They are among the flying birds. Humans domesticated these birds among their first group. White doves were very symbolic birds from ancient times. Many beautiful and good traits come with the white dove. In this article, we shall discuss mostly the association of love to white doves. Nevertheless, we shall also consider other symbolism of the white dove. We shall start with the love symbolism of the white dove.

Love Symbolism of the White Doves

It that white dove brought about Valentine’s Day. They specifically mate during this day. This was a belief of the middle age times. Greeks associated the white dove with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. White doves have a lot of typical characteristics in the love circle. We shall discuss each feature as a subtopic in this article.


Monogamy stay

They always stay with one partner their entire life. They never intermingle with other doves after they identified their partner. This quality encourages us to always stay by our love partners. You have decided to be in a relationship with someone else, waiting with him or her for better or for worse. White doves, as love symbols, encourage us to find common ground to lay our relationship. Focus on building your relationships always. Marriage is between two people, preferably of different sex, as seen by the dove’s behaviors.


Monogamy stay and faithfulness can be on and the same thing. We shall discuss fidelity as an independent body in this article. Keeping one partner is what is referred to as faithfulness in this context. Keeping a partner while you are still sleeping with others outside your wedlock is being unfaithful. Faith in this context means to remain loyal to your better half. It is the right message that the white doves give us. They encourage us to be faithful to our partners always. In Christian marriages, it says until death do you apart.


White doves play as a team in their relationship life. The male helps the female to incubate the eggs. They operate with a timetable during incubation. The man also helps the woman bring up the young ones after they have hatched. Teamwork is supposed to be in every aspect of life. They encourage us to be the partner’s team players in marriage. We should not assume this fact when in marriage. We should always focus on perfecting our teamwork instead. Teamwork will simplify your marriage life. When challenges come, you will be united to deal with them. Success and prosperity will be part of your marriage.


The white dove, as a symbol of love, wants us to stay in peace. Doves are species that rarely engage in violent activities. They live in peace and harmony. Doves are always seen visiting in pairs. Order helps them to maintain a good relationship with their partners. White doves always encourage us to embrace peace in our marriage. We should focus on building our peace back at home. Peace will bring joy and harmony to the entire family. Unity will be part of that family always. When the order covers a marriage, even the community will experience the same peace. There will be teamwork and faithfulness that will follow suit.

General Symbolism of White Doves


White doves and luck were associates. Most people wear bracelets and chains with the white dove symbol. They believe that this bird gives them success in life. If the is animal keeps appearing in your life, then be sure of luck coming your way. Nature and the Almighty have granted you a favor.

New beginning

A new beginning or change in life was an associate of White Dove’s. Joy and happiness are in association with the changes to come. Prosperity will always be part of that change. Ancient people honored the appearance of this white dove. They treated this bird with respect.

Holy Spirit

Christians believed that the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a dove. The Bible has this documented. During the baptism of Jesus, the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of the dove. In Muslim, the dove murmured the words of Allah to Muhammad. White doves were believed to be too holy for Satan to manifestation. Sacred spirit representation relied on this reason.


A white dove was a symbol of spirituality. The appearance of this bird in your life meant a spiritual awakening. It might be your spirituality is wanting. This bird wants you to boost your mental level—a focus of your spiritual being in life.

Summary: White Doves the Symbolism of Love

Their appearance in dreams was a good symbol. As we have discussed earlier, they are essential during a ceremonial celebration. The presence of white doves during the marriage ceremony symbolizes a long-lasting marriage. They released in the air to fly away as a way of good luck and prosperity. Some communities still practice this now. We have seen that these doves were potent symbols of pure love. Hindus believed that killing a white dove will bring unhappiness for the rest of your life. God’s messenger was its visualization. Chinese associate it with faithfulness and longevity.