Rabbit Chinese Zodiac: Personality, Love, Health, Career and 5 Elements

What is the personality of a Rabbit zodiac?

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

All About Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit

The Chinese zodiac years. Each year has a different sign, and the cycle starts over every twelve years. The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit is the fourth sign in the cycle. Starting at the beginning of the 20th century, Rabbit Zodiac years are 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023. The five Chinese elements (not the same as the Western four elements) are assigned to each sign as well as one per Rabbit year. This creates a five-time cycle.

The Chinese Rabbit’s fixed element is wood. Directions found on a compass are also necessary for the Chinese belief system. Each sign is given, and auspicious direction and the ones assigned to the Rabbit are South, East, Northwest. There are even lucky numbers (3, 4, 6) flowers (jasmine and rose), and colors (gray, purple, pink).

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Rabbit Personality Traits: General

Chinese Rabbits are conservative only in the sense that they do not care to take risks or face confrontation. Aversion to risk-taking is the only way this sign is traditional, however. The Rabbit is known for being sympathetic, and sometimes even empathetic; these characteristics are sincere and gifts they are born with. As a result of their talents, they can be taken advantage of if they aren’t careful.

Fortunately, Chinese animal sign Rabbit also possesses a measure of self-preservation that prevents this from happening very often. One trait that confuses and even intimidates some other signs is their occasional eccentric behavior. Perhaps even their cautious, sensible natures need a vacation once in a while. Maybe it is because their artistic, otherworldly tendencies need airing out as well. Nevertheless, there is more to this soft, sweet sign than meets the eye; never underestimate a Rabbit!

Rabbit Zodiac: Positive Traits

The gentle Chinese astrology sign Rabbit is known as the most pleasant, romantic, and endearing of all the zodiac signs. Their kindness and ability to listen, observe, and offer sound advice make them a people magnet. To top it off, unlike many other signs, Rabbits may be trusted with secrets, as they do not discuss their thoughts and feelings, let alone anyone else’s. Some view the Rabbit as weak when, in reality, the Rabbit is smart and knows how to avoid unpleasantness.

Rabbit Zodiac: Negative Traits

The Chinese Rabbit astrology sign does have shortcomings. First and foremost, this gentle soul cannot handle discord well. Anything that threatens his or her peaceful existence is to be avoided at all costs. This means that the Rabbit has a thin skin, or difficulty dealing with criticism, even when it is constructive. In fact, it isn’t unusual for Rabbits to cry easily and struggle with insecurity. This is a side they prefer not to let others see.

Types of Rabbit Based on Chinese Five Elements

Metal Rabbit (1951, 2011):

The Metal Rabbit is the toughest of all the Rabbits. They have no difficulty in knowing what they want and how to get it. Some may even say they are a bit obstinate, in fact. This does not mean that they don’t work well with others; they do. They do stop short when it comes to sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Unfortunately for these Rabbits, they do not settle for a calm, contemplative life. Boredom is a problem if they feel they aren’t intellectually inspired enough by their surroundings. One of the reasons for this is their creative side that must be given an outlet.

Advice: You can accomplish even more in life if you learn to be more open with people. They will trust you more.


Water Rabbit (1903, 1963):

The Water Rabbit sign is the ultimate pacifist of all the Rabbits. Like all the other Rabbits, these pick up on the motivations and emotional states of others. As a result, they tend to be quite mistrustful of those around them. They prefer being alone, even though they are quite good at handling people. They think, sort through their emotions, and maintain their tranquility much better when on their own. In fact, they are unusually bright.

Advice: Try not to be ruled by your emotions, and don’t let what others say to keep you from achieving your goals.

Wood Rabbit (1915, 1975):

The Chinese Wood Rabbit is giving in all respects. They spend their money on other people, they work well in small groups, and they change their plans based on what others want. While they bring accord to any team they work with, their variability can be frustrating, even though the whole reason why they change with the will of others is to avoid conflict.

Advice: The best way to guide groups is to make a decision and be firm. In the long run, you will win more friends this way. Your nature is to give, but guard your heart and use your sharp intellect to protect yourself from harm.

Fire Rabbit (1927, 1987):

The Fire Rabbit sign is the most extroverted, outgoing, and funny of all the Rabbits. Where most shy away from conflict and leadership, this Rabbit embraces it. Even though the fire element comes out in rare bouts of temper, the Fire Rabbit still maintains this sign’s gift of diplomacy. Unlike other Chinese Rabbits, however, these are accomplished at managing conflict. The only shortcoming Fire Rabbits have when it comes to maintaining people is their obsession with perfection.

Advice: You have excellent leadership potential; don’t let negative outbursts spoil your like-ability.

Earth Rabbit (1939, 1999):

The Earth Rabbit is the most private of all the Rabbits. While they offer sage advice to those close to them (primarily family), when it comes to making their own decisions, they rely mainly on themselves. In fact, they are also the most insular of the Rabbits. Unlike the others of their sign, Earth Rabbits don’t acknowledge the needs of others. The money they make and spend it on themselves and for their creature comforts.

Advice: Use your sign’s people skills to work with others. Learn to care about the needs of others, rather than just your own.

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit in Love

Rabbits in love are the most nurturing of all the signs of the Chinese zodiac. Their affinity for empathy, affection, and stillness serenity creates a tranquil home, at least on the surface. They are content to listen to you for long periods of time, and because they are good at reading people, they know just the right questions to ask.

Unfortunately, if you want to get to know them intimately too, you are out of luck. The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbits do not disclose their inner worlds to anyone, not even loved ones. This may become frustrating, and if you don’t care for one-way conversations, the Rabbit may not be the sign for you. One thing is for sure; Rabbits enjoy doting on their loved ones, so be prepared to be pampered.

Another potential risk is that some Chinese zodiac signs, in particular, will begin to feel suffocated by all the constant attention. Rabbits love to be home. It is where they feel most comfortable. Unless you can coax them outside more often (or you like being a homebody too), this may be an issue also. Lastly, Rabbits you date detest confrontation and arguments and will do anything in their power to avoid them. Usually, they use their skills of diplomacy to get around it, but when that doesn’t work, they shut down. If you enjoy a good shouting match, your Rabbit lover will likely run away.

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Man Personality

According to the Chinese horoscope signs, Rabbit men are “too feminine” because they do not feel the need to dominate in a relationship. These men are not afraid to show affection or tell their partners how wonderful they are. This Rabbit male tends to be steadfast and faithful, and he expects the same from you. He has no issue with helping around the house as well as helping shoulder financial burdens, and he may enjoy pampering you at the end of a long day. Do not expect Rabbit men to express their feelings in-depth, but also, don’t be surprised if your Rabbit partner makes a perfect audience. If you are looking for an “alpha male,” this is not it, but otherwise, he will treat you as an equal.

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Woman Personality

The Rabbit woman is kind, loving, and giving (almost to a fault). She wants, like all Rabbits, to have a stable home life. Unfortunately, that sometimes means she settles for a partner too quickly and finds she is stuck with someone who takes her for granted.

Fortunately, most female Rabbits learn from their mistakes and find the right balance in their lives. If she selects you, know that she will give her all to the relationship. Like male Rabbits, she helps with making money and making a peaceful home. Also, like all Rabbits, she avoids conflict at any cost. Treat your Rabbit lady well, and she will be faithful until the end.

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Love Compatibility

Rabbits zodiac compatibility is best with the Pig, Dragon, and Sheep. The Pig is an excellent match because both signs bring out the best in each other. They don’t nag each other or search for failings, but instead, they lift each other up. The Chinese Pig gives the Rabbit warmth and displays of love, while the Rabbit’s mediation and people-skills provide the Pig with confidence to face the world.

The second best match is the Chinese Dragon. As long as they take the time to understand each other’s personality differences, they will have a very beneficial relationship. The important thing is, they balance each other out and become quite supportive. The Dragon motivates the Rabbit to be a little more outgoing, and the Rabbit encourages the Dragon to slow down and enjoy life.

The next best match is Chinese Sheep. These two lunar signs have so much in common that domestic bliss is all but guaranteed. Both love romance and empathy, peace, and support from one another. It is essential that they don’t feed off of each other’s negative emotions; however, both the Rabbit and the Goat are very sensitive.

The absolutely worst match for the Rabbit is the Chinese Rat. The Rat is a very busy extrovert with little time for a sentimental homebody. Even this Rabbit relationship can be saved if the Rat cools his or her jets and remembers that mean-spirited criticism will crush the Rabbit, and if the Rabbit understands the Rat tends to stress out over all kinds of things and needs help calming down.

Dating a Rabbit Man/Woman

Chinese zodiac Rabbits love sex and romance. In fact, they crave it! They may have decent people skills, but they tend to be introverted, so getting to know a Rabbit lover well enough to date one may be a challenge. Get to see the Rabbit’s circle of friends or coworkers. It is likely you will need to make the first move; just know that a typical dinner date will do just fine. Rabbits don’t like to talk about themselves, so don’t force them.

At the same time, Rabbit soulmates enjoy getting people to talk about themselves. Let them guide the conversation, however. When things get severe, you may be surprised about your coy little bunny. Within that shy small exterior is a great deal of desire, just waiting to come out!

As with anything else, Rabbits are very good at making their partners believe they are terrific. There is one significant factor to consider; never, ever view sex with a Rabbit as anything other than a romantic expression of love. If it becomes overly carnal and raunchy, they will become very upset.

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Child

On the surface, the Rabbit child is the “dream child” to raise. They don’t throw fits, they do what they are asked, and they have good manners from early on. What is the catch, you may ask? These little people are master manipulators. They don’t use the crude parent-against-parent ploy; rather, they analyze your personality to know how best to “work” you over. That is the worst of it, however.

It isn’t tricky for Rabbit kids to make friends because they are affable. In school, their good manners and attention to fine points make them good students too. It is unlikely they will receive disciplinary reports in college or actions at home. Even as teenagers, they placidly plod along, often in their little worlds. As parents, you do need to be aware that their calm fronts mask all emotions they feel. Help the Rabbit child learn how to work through their feelings, rather than holding them in, especially when it comes to handling judgments and critiques of others.

Rabbit Zodiac: Health

People born in the year of the Rabbit have relatively good health. But to avoid seasonal illnesses in the cold months, regular exercise and a diet that is rich in immune system-boosting vitamins and minerals are recommended. You are prone to getting the sniffles and fevers.

Rabbit Zodiac: Career

Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit has several different traits that allow them to pursue a variety of careers, depending upon what appeals to them. Most Rabbits do have requirements in common, however. They enjoy working in small groups of respected colleagues or on their own, they need temperate, conflict-free zones, and they don’t appreciate high-risk fields. If you enjoy your talent with details, then careers in banking, genetic research, and pharmaceuticals are just right for you. If you prefer one-on-one interpersonal interactions, jobs in translating or tutoring may be just right. Lastly, if you embrace your artistic side, then writing, music, architecture, or even experimental art is a beautiful outlet.

Rabbit Zodiac: Travel Tips

Chinese animal Rabbit sign possesses plenty of energy and interest in other cultures. This means that trips abroad are a must. At the same time, you like to blend in with the locals, so group tours are likely not a great idea, as tourists in packs stand out like a sore thumb. Western cities filled with history for the Rabbit may include Paris, Athens, and Prague. More exotic lands could consist of Peru, Bhutan, or Papua New Guinea. Places like this would allow for more extended visits, more variety, and chances to get to know local people better once they learn to trust you. Your ability to get along with nearly anyone will make these adventures even more fun.

Rabbit Zodiac: Fashion

Chinese Rabbits, both men, and women tend to be attractive in the classic sense. Rather than follow trends, you are fun and flirty, classic, and stylish. Since many of you tend to be the artistic, dreamy types, loose, flowing materials that feel good and look cool are your go-to items. If the occasion calls for it, you look great in classic statement pieces, but you tend to choose an unusual color palette to make the look your own.

Famous Rabbit Personalities

  • Queen Victoria
  • Longfellow
  • Walt Whitman
  • Sia, Zac Efron
  • Lauryn Hill
  • Kate Winslet
  • Kesha
  • David Beckham
  • Hilary Duff
  • Tom Felton
  • Brad Pitt
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Bradley Cooper
  • David Ortiz
  • Bow Wow
  • Sting
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Luis Suarez
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Naya Rivera
  • Tiger Woods
  • Johnny Depp
  • Seal
  • Jet Li
  • Confucius
  • Orson Wells
  • Andy Warhol

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