Quail Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What does a Quail mean spiritually?

Quail Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Quail Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Quails are birds found in the pheasant family. They have black, white, grey, brown, and blue feathers. Quails live in rough areas and woodlands. They originated from North American before spreading to the entire world. Quails have a crest like a feature in their heads. Some communities believe that their eggs have medicinal values. Quail’s character will guide users in discussing quail totem. This article will address the meaning, message, and symbolism of Quail spirit animal or Quail animal totem.

Meaning to Quail Spirit Animal

Quails have a unique character. Their life has a symbolic meaning to humans. Humans can relate their daily activities with the behaviors of Quails. Some communities even domesticate these birds. These birds usually take good care of themselves. Quails communicate a variety of messages.


Message from Quail Spirit Animal

Open opportunity

Quail’s totem communicates a signal of an open opportunity. They tell you to stop wasting time and grab an open opportunity. Quail spirit animal appearing shows it is action time. People associated with Quail totems are always careful and keen in life. They are free at any opportunity. These people never lose any chance. If you feel like you’re not alert to your surrounding, seek the spirit of the Quail totem. Quails appearing in dreams may also indicate open opportunities. These opportunities will bring positive change to your life. The move will also bring prosperity and success. Please wake up and take them before someone else did.


Quails always protect themselves from predators. They still are keen on each other’s safety. Quail spirit animal wants us to be careful and learn how to defend ourselves. Prevent yourself from physical and emotional harm. It will give you internal peace. Self-protection is vital for your emotions. Inner peace will be of importance in the decision-making process. When feeling afraid, we should call upon the spirit of the quail totem.

Socializing skills

Quails totem also wants us to be as social as the quail. Quails always live in families. They help and relate well among themselves. During mating, they intermingle with different families. Quail totem teaches us to be social human beings and to take care of others. Quail totem also wants us to relate well with us. For you to achieve your dreams, you need others. It would help if you did not take advantage of people but always appreciate them. Life is a circle, and goes around, comes around.

Taking care of oneself

Quails birds are clean birds. They bath in the sand always to eliminate pests. Quails maintain a clean status still. As a spirit animal, Quails wants us to take care of ourselves. We should not forget about ourselves in the process of helping others. It is a good thing always to do. Cleanness is next to Godliness.


Like quails mind their own business, so are we supposed to. Quails live in families but are very careful about what they allow in their lives. They teach us always to prevent negativity in our lives. To detach ourselves from anything that can cause harm or stress to us. Maintain a low life balance still. It will play an essential role in achieving your dreams. Remain focused on your plans and goals. It is a belief that the road to success is not smooth. Let not anything distract you from your success.

The symbolism of Quail Spirit Animal


Living together shows that quails are a symbol of Love. They have also mastered the art of protecting one another. Agape love is the name given to this love. This love is beyond any other form of love. Quails totem calls us to exercise this kind of love. Always be mindful of others and do good to your brother always. It will build peace and prosperity among our communities. Love is good.

Good fortune

Some communities associate quails with good luck. When you see a quail appearing in your dream, it might be a good thing coming. It is a sign associated with a good ending. Maintain a positive mindset will help you with this message. Quail, as a spirit guide, wishes us good. Prepare yourself and remain focused when seeing this totem.


Quail totem symbolizes family. The male quail assists the female is laying eggs. They also support the woman in bring the young birds up. Quails symbol encourages us to have good relations among families by spending time with your family members. A family is all that we have. We should also embrace and appreciate family.


The behavior of quails mingling with others during mating is a symbol of sexuality. Quail totem encourages the appreciation of different sexuality. Respecting our sexuality is critical also. Sexuality is part of our lives. We are supposed to appreciate the way it is.

Summary: Quail Spirit Animal

Quails spirit animals have an association with love, family, and good fortune. It is an excellent guide in life. Seeking on spirit guide of quail is essential to our daily lives. This article has managed to discuss the importance of the quail totem.

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