Chinese Symbols of Fortune or Good Luck

What is Chinese symbol for good luck?

Chinese Symbols of Fortune or Good Luck

Understanding Fortune or Good Luck Symbols from China

The Chinese are very incredibly adeptly skilled at assigning such deeper meanings for various symbols representing associated conditions or energy. Walking through China is a real means of education on Chinese symbols, like Fortune.

Most Chinese symbol, as well as their associated meanings

They are all observed just with the evaluation of the eye. A few other types of that symbolic representation of the fortunes are in the form of “phonetic” symbols. So, these are some kind that can understand through their related sounds. For example, the meaning of the fu2 is “good luck.” The same fu2 could otherwise also be referred to in a different context for a nocturnal mammal. This is the parody in the representation of the Chinese fortune symbols. The nocturnal creature being the bat. So obviously, we understand that the bat is an excellent representation of fortune.


When you want to cut open and understand the inner meanings

The inner meanings signify hidden in those Chinese arts and paintings; you will have to do the interplay of the phonetics and the puns. When you do so, it often reveals to you the secret meanings of the symbolic representations.

An example of this is a painting in a peculiar format. It contains a picture that depicts a real fish, which is an abundance symbol. The Chinese word that is like fish yu2 would directly mean the abundance, which is a visual pun. This visual pun is the specific characteristic feature, called the rebus.

The Rebus is more often like a puzzle.

You could see all the syllables of the words and the names that are represented in the form of pictures of the specific objects, which otherwise would also sound similar. These sorts of rebuses are plentiful in the subcontinent. This is essential because of the so many puns available in the different dialects or tones of the Chinese language Mandarin. There are four different tones by which you can learn the Chinese language, mandarin. It is painted in one of those artworks in the Chinese museums so that a person with a magpie (that is to symbolize happiness) and the peony (that represents the wealth). So, this is an excellent collection of fortune.

The Chinese symbols that are representing longevity

They are more prominent and profoundly widespread and classified to be the most intriguing type of characters. For example, we might not even imagine in our wild dreams for a gourd to represent vibrations and energy associated with longevity. But it does in the Chinese representation. Moreover, you could find such examples to be extensively described in the art of feng shui.

Growing Bamboo Plants Meaning for Fortune

Growing bamboo plants in the front yard of the home is one of the practices recommended in the Feng shui for leading a healthy, happy long life for many more years.

Final Thoughts: Fortune Symbols

All these representations of symbols are not confined only within China but also prevail in neighboring countries like Taiwan, hong kong, the Indonesian subcontinent, the Thailand people, and even in a majority of Singapore and Malaysia.

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