Possum Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What does a Possum mean spiritually?

Possum Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Possum Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Possums are small-bodied animals. They are a nuisance to humans. Possum destroys flowerbeds and home greens looking for food. You cannot catch his rodents with ease. Possum feeds on little bugs. Possum belongs to the rodent’s family. They work at night hence nocturnal animals. This animal doesn’t live long. In this article, we will discuss the meaning, message, and symbolism of the Possum spirit animal or Possum animal totem.

Meaning of Possum Spirit Animal

Most animal totems care defined by their behaviors, appearance, and character. Possum spirit animals we will look at their characters alone. It is a creature that greats trouble to man’s surroundings. Most people set traps when this sees this animal. Starting with the messages from the possum’s behavior will help us understand the importance of this totem.


The Messages of Possum Spirit Animal

Work in silence

Possum always is not seen creating trouble. You will only see the result after they are gone. This message is a good encouragement from the possum spirit animal. Allow people to the results of your hardworking. Having people involved in your work or plans may lead to failure. Most people don’t like seeing you succeed. They rejoice at your failure and downfalls. Maintains a slow profile while making your plans. Seek the guidance of the possum totem to achieve this.

Be a strategist

Possum is a strategist in their unique way. These animals know where to look for food. They are the most hunted animals but still manage to look for food around the vulnerable areas. They encourage us to be a strategist in life. We should use our inner creativity in achieving results. Possums are also tactical. They have their way of moving around unseen. It is an excellent message to humans. Work and grow in a strategic, tactical manner. Don’t allow people to know your next move.


Possum plays dead when in serious trouble. They just slight danger they hiss like a snake to scare the opponent. This pretense is a message to us. We should not always believe things as we see them. Some of the elements do not mean how they appear. Possum spirit guide warns us about people and their actions. When you feel confused, seek the power of a possum totem to help you.

Taking up new opportunities

Possum never loses any chance in their life. It encourages us to be vigilant enough to any possibility. Time wasted in any chance will never be recovered. We live in a competitive world with scarce opportunities. Possum has mastered the art of surviving on new opportunities. We are supposed to copy this too. Seek the spirit of Possum spirit animal always.

Trust your instincts

Possum’s totem wants us to trust our instinct. Possum relies on their abilities for anything. Your instincts will never lie to you. If you feel it is not the right move, don’t make it. To avoid regrets, trust your instincts no matter what. Believe in yourself.

The Symbolism of Possum Spirit Animal


Possum spirit animal symbolizes nuisance disturbance to humans. The appearance of this totem can be a warning to stop disturbing others. Most humans hated this creature.


Possum animal totem has an association with thievery. They are an uninvited guest on someone’s flowerbeds or garden. Though they are brave, they also symbolize crime. This totem Appears to people with the habit of taking what doesn’t belong to them.

Super survival skills of Possum spirit animal

Possum is among the most hunted animals. It has several predators hunting them. Possum has developed a super unique survival skill over the years. They have managed to survive up to date. Possum totem encourages us to have survival skills in life. We should be surviving our challenges and problems. Have our unique way of acquiring this. Possum is a symbol of survival.


Possum’s durability has made it more intelligent. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Possum has gathered survival skills over the years. They have brought intelligence and experience with them. When in challenges, seek upon the spirit of the possum.

Drama in life

Possum is full of drama. You feel their effects everywhere they land. The appearance of these animal totems can be a warning to stop a show in your life. It can also mean for you to start acting mature.

The sensitivity of Possum spirit animal

Possum spirit guides have an association with sensitivity. They are highly sensitive to their surroundings. It’s one of the survival skills. The Possum animal’s symbol encourages us to be sensitive to our surroundings. To observe and trust our instincts.

In dreams

When appearing in dreams, it might mean someone is doing something wrong to you. It calls for you to employ the strategy of a possum for existence.

Summary: Possum Spirit Animal

Possum spirit animal has contradictory mixed symbolism. For you to seek this animal totem, you should know what you want. This spirit guide can come as a warning and a right message too.

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