Cardinal Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What does a Cardinal mean spiritually?

Cardinal Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Cardinal Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Cardinal is also called red birds. They are red-colored birds with a black or grey mask on the face. The species with black covers are male species. Females have a grey mask. Cardinal’s birds have a crest over their heads. You can find these birds in American, Canada, and Mexico. Cardinals live in the woodlands, gardens, shrubs, and wetlands areas. They belong to the family cardinal. We have defined a cardinal as a bird so far. In this article, we are going to discuss the cardinal as a spirit animal. We shall explain their meaning, messages, and symbolism of Cardinal spirit animal or Cardinal animal totem.

Meaning of Cardinal Spirit Animal

In this segment, we are going o look at ways in which we shall understand this spirit animal. Cardinal birds have significant characteristics. This behavior, features, and looks will help us in discussing the cardinal as an animal totem. We shall look at the relationship between the typical attributes of cardinal and man. The lesson that comes along with the behavior of cardinal birds let us first look at the message from the cardinal spirit guide.


Message from the Cardinal Spirit Animal


Cardinal birds have a unique way of expressing themself. They sing to attract attention and show it. Cardinal spirit animal encourages us to have our way of expressing ourselves. The only way people will come to know your abilities and talents is through self-expression. Don’t sit back and assume that people will spot you. If you’re a musician, for example, sing out on different occasions to be famous. You must start somewhere. Learn to express yourself without fear. Self-expression is like lighting our life in a dark world. This light will reach everyone.


Cardinal spirit animal encourages us to develop confidence. We should express ourselves with confidence. Be brave and courageous in life. Have faith when dealing with your challenges. Stand out and walk with confidence. Never should you allow a person or situation to pin you down—a focus of your inner abilities to boost your confidence.

Inner voice

Cardinal spirit guide wants us to listen to our inner voice. Follow our instincts with a lot of faith. Listen to your heart’s desires. It will help you to realize the power that you poss. You will also know the desire of your heart. It will be the first step toward developing your plans. Your subconscious mind speaks to you at all times. It encourages and motivates you towards achieving your life goals.


Cardinal birds sing all their life. Songs are the healer of our souls. They bring joy and happiness. The Cardinal totem encourages us to be cheerful all the days of our life. Face life with a bright face. Make your own choice to be happy no matter the situation. Joy and happiness add days to your life. Some challenges need a smile.


Cardinal spirit animal wants us to develop noble and graceful pride. It discourages us from developing egocentric pride. Walk with your head up. When you have positive self-esteem, your satisfaction comes automatically. You will always be having the energy to move on. Challenges will never bring you down. People associated with this totem are never discouraged by circumstances. They know how to motivate themselves.


Cardinal spirit animal communicates about self-recognition. Being able to know your power and abilities. The driving force to self-love is putting you first in any situation. We tend to help others until we forget ourselves. This spirit guide reminds us to be cautious about our self. Don’t overstress yourself to achieve something. Take time to and treat yourself.

The Symbolism of the Cardinal Spirit Animal

Higher thinking

The Cardinal spirit animal has the symbolism of higher thoughts. They are birds of the air. They are believed to be God’s messengers. Cardinal animal totem wants us to tap into our abilities to establish a high thinking power. We should be solution givers in life. People associated with this totem have this quality. They are solution givers in their surroundings. These people have a unique special high thinking ability. They implement this in problem-solving.


Cardinal spirit animal is a symbol of hope. It gives hope tongue hopeless. When you feel like you’re stagnant, seek on to the power of the cardinal totem. This power will provide you with the hope to keep pushing. Hope wants you to need when in challenges. Hope will assist you in reserving energy to be used in finding solutions to your problems. You will be able to fight your own battles.


Cardinal birds relate to love. They are wild creatures in nature. This spirit animal encourages us to do things in love. Love is the key to every situation. It works wonders. Love is patient and endurance. It flourishes and dwells in peaceful and prosperous conditions.

Summary: Cardinal Spirit Animal

Cardinal was a name given to the high ranking Catholic Church leaders. They wore a red vestment on their heads. Cardinal totem can symbolize leadership also. If a cardinal bird is your spirit animal, then you are supposed to read and understand this article thoroughly. Seek knowledge also from other related items. We have discussed the symbolism of the cardinal animal totem in this article.

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