Seahorse Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What does a Seahorse represent?

Seahorse Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Seahorse Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Seahorse is tiny sea creatures. They look like a horse. Seahorse has a spike body covering. They have a long tail used for hunting food and swimming. The male species also used the tails to carry female eggs before they hatch. This creature has very significant symbolism. This article will be able to discuss the meaning, messages, and symbolism of the Seahorse spirit animal.

Meaning of Seahorse Spirit Animal

Seashore has a different behavioral characteristic. They have a slow swimming characteristic. To be able to understand seahorse totem we will summarize all these characteristics. It will give us a relationship between the seahorse and man. Different communities have different believes about them. Let us look at the message from a seahorse spirit animal.

Messages from a Seahorse Spirit Animal

Seahorse Spirit Animal: Observation

Seahorse can look at two different directions at once. One eye can see at a different thing from the other one. This unique ability encourages humans to be observant in life. You should be aware of your surroundings. Look at possible opportunities and grab them. Focus much on achieving your destiny.


Seahorse has a unique characteristic when it comes to marriage. Male species always carries the female eggs on their tail until they hatch. Seahorse spirit animal encourages married people to develop a helping skill between them. Partners should be cautious about each other. Seahorse totem encourages married people to invest in their relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean money but time also. Marriage is between two people let them be a form a team.

Take advantage of your surroundings

Taking advantage of the surrounding is when illustrated in the life is a seahorse. Seahorse always takes advantage of the water currents to carry it around. It encourages us always to understand and take advantage where possible of our situation. Though be focused and principled but also know where to bend to open opportunities.


Seahorse has a persistence quality. It encourages us to remain persistent with our goals. For us, to experience success, we should be tolerant and persistent with our work. Let our goals and dreams be our motivation.

The Symbolism of the Seahorse Spirit Animal

Seahorse Spirit Animal: Generosity

Seahorse totem is an association of generosity. People born or associated with this spirit guide have a strong urge to help others. They are always generous in life. Most of them run children homes in society. They sacrifice their own life for others. It is a gift from God. Seahorse teaches us of the importance of generosity.

Politeness and Courtesy

Seahorse has a polite and courteous way of living. It is evident by its slow and steady swim skills. Always maintains peace with everyone in their domain. This symbolism is quite essential to man. When you feel like your becoming arrogant seek for the power of the seahorse. It will guide you in your life. People associated with this spirit animal are very polite. They move around with courtesy.

Good Luck

Sailors wear chains with seahorse portraits for luck. They associate seahorse with success. Sailors believe that seahorse will guide them in the waters. Some communities also embraced this belief. They use seahorse charms as a symbol of luck.

Honest and Loyal friend

Seahorse spirit animal also symbolizes an honest and loyal friend. These creatures are humble and faithful. Friends associated with this totem always wish you good. They help one another unconditional. These friends are there at all times. Seahorse will reveal to you the real friends.

Keeper of history

Some communities believe that these small sea creatures were the keepers of history. The community members understand this very well. Seahorse spirit guide has an association with history. Through seahorse creatures, this history has a revelation to man.


Some communities associate seahorse with authority. Seahorse command especially’s their surroundings. It symbolizes power. In life, this means taking control of your emotions. You should have power over your feelings. Control your feelings in a certain way. It forms a direct association with authority and power.


Seahorse spirit animal in dreams communicates messages of unlocking the subconscious mind. They also illustrate the time for opportunities. Some communities associate seahorse with stubbornness. This article has managed to generalize all points on seahorse animal totem.

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