Alligator Spirit Animal: Meaning, Messages, Symbolism and Dreams

What do Alligators symbolize in dreams?

Alligator Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Alligator Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Alligator is the oldest reptile on earth. It survives both on land and in water. The Alligator (not to be confused with the Crocodile or the Caiman) is carnivorous and feeds on fish and small animals. It has survived overages. Dragon and dinosaurs are the bigger versions of the alligators. Ancient people associated the alligator and the dragon with magic. In this article, we will discuss the meaning, symbol, and message of the Alligator spirit animal or animal totem.

Meaning to Alligator Spirit Animal

The appearance of the Alligator as a crest symbolizes new opportunities coming your way. It communicates a word of wisdom. The alligator contains all the knowledge and understanding of the ancient world. It is a symbol of wisdom. It illustrates a harmonious way of living with others. Alligators have a balance in the skin. The top is rough, and the bottom side is soft and smooth. They also mean considering to have balance in life events and occurrences.


Messages from Alligator Spirit Animal

Alligator communicates signals of:


Alligator spirit animal has a survival message to the host. Alligator has managed to survive for an extended period. Dinosaurs and dragons were Alligators’ ancestors but got extinct from the earth. It is the right message to keep on with whatever you’re doing, no matter the circumstances. It is an encouragement that life might be hard sometimes but remains focused. Survival is paramount in life. Giving up can never be part of your thinking or decision ever.

Clear vision

Alligator submerges itself in water has a clear view of anything around it. It also has a clear vision both day and night. Alligators hunt at all times because of their great sight. Alligator spirit animal encourages us to have a clear idea in life. Your vision should motivate you at all times. It should be the propelling fuel for your destiny and success.

Digestion of life lessons

Alligator totem encourages us always to learn and adapt to our experience. Patience and being keen will help us achieve our destiny. Still, use your expertise for the betterment of today and tomorrow.

The Symbolism of the Alligator Spirit Animal


Freedom is an associate of the Alligator spirit animal. Alligator lives freely in their environment either in water or land. This aspect encourages humans to be free from all the negativity. It is essential to have self-freedom and balance to have the maximum concentration on your destiny. Success comes from hardworking, focus, attention, and patience.

Hidden strength

Alligator is a healthy animal. As much it feeds on small animals, and fish alligators attack even the bigger animals. This courage and strength encourage us to use our inner strength in achieving our destiny. Inner hidden strength will enable you to tolerate and endure all situations in life. When you see this animal appearing to you, then it is a communication to discover your power.


Alligator has an association with power. Alligator is a powerful animal in nature with a lot of depth. It is a symbol of power when appearing to someone. Alligator animal totems encourage someone to shed off fear and conduct his activities with power. It has maintained a fearful sense to humans and other animals when it appears. The Alligator spirit guide is an associate of magic power from the ancient world. Ancient people believed that alligators helped in the creation of the world.

Hidden danger

Alligator attacks in a very tactical manner. Alligator spirit animal may be a warning to whoever it appears to that danger awaits. It also shows that someone is about to make a wrong decision that will lead to failure. When you see this power animal in a dream, be keen, and watch your life keenly.

Alligator Spirit Animal in Dreams

When alligators appear in your dreams chasing you, it means that the decisions you made or about to make are not the right decision. The decision will lead to disappointment shortly. It is a warning to watch your actions and decisions.

You might also dream of the alligator attack. It means that someone who is closer to you is not wishing you well. Alligator animal totem’s attack might also suggest that you are likely to encounter a lousy occurrence in life. It is just a warning to be prepared for something terrible in life.
Some cultures believe that when a pink or blue colored alligator appears in a dream, then they will have a newborn in the family.

SUMMARY: Alligator Totem

Alligator spirit animal is a good sign and also a warning. Check on the occurrences that are happening in your life at the time. It will help you to digest alligator spirit animals.

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