Penguin Spirit Animal: Meaning, Messages, Symbolism and Dreams

What is the spiritual meaning of a Penguin?

Penguin Spirit Animal Meaning

The Penguin Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Scientists classify Penguin as a bird. They live most of their life both on land and in water. You will find these birds in the southern hemisphere in cold regions. Although they are birds, they cannot fly. Penguins have a unique, colorful color of black and white. It enables them to adapt well to their habitats. Penguin’s totem has a variety of symbolic meanings. In this article, we will discuss the purpose, symbolism, and message of the Penguin spirit animal.

Meaning to Penguin spirit animal

Penguin’s totems have an excellent and unique message. Penguins are unique birds that have good communication skills among themselves. They live in families and groups with a good adaptation skill: Penguin’s totem caries politeness, adaptation, togetherness, and good-looking characters. They also communicate different messages when it appears in different environments.


Messages from Penguin Spirit Animal

Penguin Spirit Animal: Self-discipline

Penguin totem has a word of self-disciple. They have a very high level of discipline among themselves. It helps them to relate and live together in harmony and peace. The appearance of a Penguin in a dream or any other form can be communication for you to look at your self-discipline. Self-discipline will enable you to achieve a lot in life. It will also help in shaping your behavior towards others.

Smart dressing

The appearance of the Penguin totem may also mean that you need to check on your dressing code. It is a message that you need to look smart before people. Penguins are smart looking birds in nature. You need to adapt and practice their beautiful appearance seems.


Penguins live in groups helping others. It promotes the aspect of teamwork among them. Penguin totem communicates a message of partnership among us. It is the element of togetherness. Together you can achieve more and do a lot as compared to alone. People who are experiencing Penguin totem tend to have good work and social relations.

Clear vision

Penguins have an evident vision when in water. It is their feeding and hunting grounds. They can easily fish while in water. They lack clear vision, though when on land. It is a communication of putting all your energies in line with your dreams. You should have a clear view of your goals and plans. Shutting negativity and bad influence is also associated with this message.

The Symbolism of Penguin Spirit Animal

Penguin Spirit Animal: Community

Penguins symbolize the importance of the community. Living together in one peace. It has helped the Penguins to survive over the years. Penguin’s totem encourages us to adopt the great virtue of Communism. It discourages the aspect of selfishness and being alone.


Penguins are unique from the other birds. It means that we are supposed to be unique from others in our way. We should have a different contribution to the communities that we live in. Penguin also has a unique way in which they adapt by drinking saltwater. They have a natural way of filtering the salt from the water and still make good use of it in its body. Penguin’s totem encourages us to uniquely digits negativity and creates positive results.


Penguins have specific ways in which they communicate among themselves. The mother’s communication with the kids is different also. This good communication skills result in a good relationship among themselves. Penguin totem encourages us to be communicable at all times.

Penguin Spirit Animal in Dreams

Crossing your way

When you dream of penguins crossing your path, it is a sign that new opportunities are coming your way. It is a sign to prepare you for the changes to occur.

Penguin floating on water

It is a message that you will adapt well to your new surroundings. Dreams of penguins floating on water are a good sign. It means that you are going to change your environment, but you will adapt well to the new background too.

Penguin talking to you

Dreaming about a penguin speaking to you is an indication of good news. It is a message passed to you for you to be prepared and happy that good news is coming

Dead Penguin

A dream of seeing a dead penguin is a warning. It warns you about a problem or lousy occurrence ahead. It is early preparation for the worst soon.

SUMMARY: Penguin Totem

Penguin spirit animals are good signs for humans. They show intelligence, natural adaptation, and also good looking. Penguins black back helps them from air attacks when in water. The white-colored front side helps them to adapt to attacks from inside the pool like sea lions. It is a natural adaptation feature.

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