Lizard Spirit Animal: Meaning and Symbolism

What does the Lizard symbolize?

Lizard Spirit Animal Symbolism

The Lizard Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

The Lizard spirit animal signifies the collection of all lizards. Also, some of the lizards are sea lizards while the rest is land lizards. Besides, many species of lizards live on earth, each with different traits. These lizards can be classified under different sections depending on their size, feeding habit, and habitat.

Lizard Spirit Animal Description

Furthermore, all lizards are reptiles; thus, they are cold-blooded animals. Moreover, lizards are some of the most widespread animals on earth. They live in each continent but bear totemic traits that are somehow similar to one another. Some of their characters are positive, while others are negative. Therefore only the people that belong to the lizard totem group can understand them and appreciate their totemic values.


However, some people still do not regard lizards well. This is because they are just scary looking in nature. Plus, some of them, like the crocodiles and the Komodo dragon, are just too ferocious towards other animals, including humans. In short, most people find them repulsive and do not want to associate with them at any level.

Lizard Spirit Animal: Meaning

Meaning of Lizard Spirit Animal

The lizard totem contains a variety of symbolic meanings. They vary from each species of lizard depending on their feeding habits and habitat. Moreover, the value of their totemic symbols depends on a person’s upbringing or background. This is because most people do not like the notion of lizards. Some have gone as far as saying they make their skin crawl.

In the ancient days, especially in the Greek and Egyptian cultures, the sight of a lizard was attributed to wealth. However, in the culture of modern Christianity, the lizard is associated with the symbols of demonic culture. Furthermore, some of the traits of the lizard are agreeable throughout all cultures regardless of one’s background.

Significance of the Lizard Spirit Animal

It is evident that the lizard has many totemic qualities. Therefore if one is a member of the lizard totem, they should pay attention to their meaning. Some of the symbolic traits of the lizard totem are:

Lizard: Symbol of Adaptability

Many lizards are quite able to adapt to any environment regardless of the conditions. However, they like to live in hot areas because they are cold-blooded animals. They prefer such an area so that they can always keep warm at all times. That is why most lizards like basking in the sun.

This, however, does not mean that they cannot survive in cold environments. This is what makes them adaptable. Some of the lizards can also live camouflage like the chameleon. This makes them hard to detect. Hence, they can manage to hide from their predators like snakes.

The art of adaptability is one of the characteristic traits many humans can use. They, for example, can learn to mix with other people without actually drawing attention to themselves. This can apply to people who are susceptible to bullying in schools or workplaces.

They can learn to blend in without drawing the attention of the bullies towards them. However, the people belonging to the lizard totem can also be aggressive at times. Besides, they can defend themselves aggressively if need be.

Lizard: Symbol of Renewal

Most lizards can re-grow their limbs if they lose them. This is one of the most amazing traits of the lizard family. However, this trait doesn’t fall on all lizards. They also like snakes shed off their skins to have a new younger look.

This trait serves as a reminder to the members of the lizard totem that they can also start new lives or journeys. They do not have to remain in toxic relationships that are just harming them. This can also apply to jobs that are continually draining one’s soul dry. They should go out into the world and enjoy their short lives on earth.

Lizard: Symbol of Agility and Awareness

The lizards in life are generally some of the animals that are quite alert at all times. Therefore, they are difficult to trap or capture. Moreover, they are also agile and move very fast. Hence they use their skills to escape larger predators or danger in general. Lizards are also quite intelligent. Besides, they are also attentive to detail too.

Being a member of the lizard totem requires one to master such traits from the lizards. These traits can help them outsmart more prominent opponents in courtrooms or deal negotiations. One can use their wit to come up ahead of the people who want to bring him down regardless of the situation.

Lizard: Symbol of Calmness

Most of the lizards, as we now know, have the habit of sunbathing. They always lay in the sun for hours, absorbing the heat of the sun due to their cold-blooded nature. However, the lizards are also quite observant while laying down resting. If you keenly watch them, you will notice that nothing passes them by.

Most of the lizard people are relying on this trait to survive. They may seem lazy, but that is not the case. While lying in the sun, they are contemplating and calculating their next move. Furthermore, even the most influential people still do need to rest from time to time.

SUMMARY: Lizard Totem

The Lizard spirit animal is a collection of all lizards that are on earth. It is somehow a general classification of lizard’s traits. The lizard totem also symbolizes so many attributes depending on the characteristics of the lizard in question. Furthermore, the attributes of lizards are acceptable to people depending on their upbringing. Therefore some people love lizards while others hate them so much.

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