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Argue Dream Interpretation of Argue

If you are arguing about something in a dream, then this can symbolize that you have strong feelings about the same issue in your waking life. Arguing in a dream is much more freeing than arguing in real life. In dreams, we can say whatever we want to and release all of our body and mind’s feelings without having to worry about the consequences of our actions. In a way, arguing in a dream is a way of releasing the feelings that you are too nervous about releasing in our waking life. Speaking your mind while you are still awake is one way to end these kinds of dreams.


Aries is the god of war, but also agriculture. Aries is also one of the twelve Western zodiac signs. In dreams, Aries can be shown as a ram or by the symbol for Aries. Seeing this symbol in your dreams can symbolize a surge of life within yourself and that you’re just waiting to release this energy while you are still awake. This can also represent hidden anger that you might be holding in as well. Releasing your feelings is a good way to remedy these dreams and could very well be the exact meaning we can find in this dream.



Easily Solving the Problem

If you can easily solve the arithmetic problem at hand, then this shows that you are trying to look at your life in a more logical way than you usually would. You want to be a more rational person and stop letting your emotions guide your life.

Having Difficulty with the Problem

If you are struggling with the arithmetic problem, then this can show that there are problems in your waking life that you are also having difficulty solving. Looking at this problem differently, using a new “equation,” may help to see the answer to your problem more clearly.


An ark is a large boat. In Judeo-Christian mythology, a righteous man named Noah built an ark large enough for his family and two of every air-breathing animal on the planet to survive a flood that would cover the planet. This makes the ark a wonderful dream symbol for preservation and belief. This can also symbolize a person’s unconscious mind. Like the ark, our minds can “float” without thinking much or without us realizing that we were thinking. The ark can also be a symbol of religion, stability, and togetherness.


A person with strong arms can symbolize your ability to take care of yourself. You can hold and help with healthy arms. Healthy arms can also symbolize protection, strength, and activity. If there has been some damage to your arms, then this can show that you are low on confidence in your abilities to do these things. If you see an amputated arm, an arm without a body, this can symbolize failing relationships. It is like you are “cut-off” from other people.  If you are not feeling poorly in a relationship, then this could be a dream predicting a relationship problem in the future.


An armadillo has a natural armor that protects it from animals that might want to hurt it. Seeing an armadillo in your dreams could mean that you need to be more alert. While you do have some sort of protection already, it never hurts to stay vigilant. Watching out for yourself is one of the best ways that you can keep yourself safe. One way you can watch out for yourself is to understand yourself better. How you act is like your mask to the world. Knowing what this mask shows, people can show yourself what could get you in trouble or save you from trouble.


Seeing or wearing armor in a dream can symbolize the inner emotional shields you use to protect yourself. This can also show that we are desperate to hide some of our emotions to keep ourselves safe. This happens more with logical people. These people tend to hide their inner desires inside, which can cause these dreams. Being freer with your feelings can help to ease these dreams.


Your Armpit

If you are focused on your armpit in your dream for one reason or another, then this can show that you wish to change certain aspects of your personality. You likely want to do this so that others can better accept you. You may also fear harsh judgment from others.

Someone Else’s Armpit

If you are concerned with someone else’s armpit in your dream, then this can show that you may have trouble when it comes to dealing with certain kinds of social situations. This can show how you act in public places, according to what you think is acceptable or not.

This can also simply be related to smelling something bad during the day or right before going to bed.


Dreams in which there is a war going on, or if you are in the army, is rarely a good dream. This can show the conflict in your mind during your waking life. The way that the army works in your dreams can show how you deal with conflicts in your waking life. These dreams can also symbolize your feelings of anger, fear, or anxiety.


Smelling a sweet aroma in your dreams can symbolize happy thoughts and that good things have been happening in your life lately and seem like they will continue to happen. Pleasures are coming your way if you are smelling something wonderful in your dreams.

Arranged Marriage

If you are involved with an arranged marriage in your dream, then this can show that you feel like you are being forced to do something that you do not want to do in your waking life. You are likely not feeling in control of your life at the moment if you are having a dream like this.


If you are Arrested

If you are arrested in your dreams, then this can show your more deviant thought patterns. Sometimes this has to do with sexual feelings that you don’t think are normal. Other times, this can show the dreamer that you have some thoughts that you may think are wrong in other ways or that you aren’t ready to deal with. Sorting through these thoughts can help to stop these dreams.

If Someone else is Arrested

If you see kind people getting arrested in your dreams, then this can show that you need to make some changes in your own life. This can also show your inner anxieties and fears about getting in trouble or doing something wrong.


Arrows represent a straight-forward way of thinking. This can symbolize the activity that we go through in our waking life. In general, arrows can also show a general type of movement that we take, a way of traveling. This can represent happiness to come. However, if the arrow is broken or bent in half, then this can show that something wrong has happened recently that has thrown you off of a straight course or that you will be thrown off shortly.


If you are dreaming about arson, then this can show that you are repressing anger within yourself. If you do not handle these feelings well, you will likely “explode” your feelings everywhere without control.


Healthy Arteries

Seeing your arteries in your dreams can show that you are in control of your own life. You know how to carry yourself if your arteries are healthy in your dream.

Clogged or Damaged Arteries

If there is something wrong with your arteries in your dream, then this can show that you are not fully in control of your life. Something is holding you back. You may need to cut off people who are in your way or just need to learn more about whatever you are trying to do before you can succeed.

Art Gallery

Art galleries show us paintings and pictures. There are all of these beautiful things locked away in frames inside of huge buildings. In a way, these art galleries symbolize our communication and social life being locked away. It’s like we put on a show to look nice for others, but we don’t show our real feelings while we are awake. This is exactly what these dreams can symbolize for us.


Having arthritis in your dreams can show that you are low on motivation. You may feel stuck in your ways, or like you cannot find the flexibility you need to do what you want. You need to expand your thoughts and actions if you want to be able to accomplish your goals.


Eating an artichoke in your dream can show that you wish to be more creative. You need more time to work on the things that you are passionate about. You may be holding back your creative energies, but now is the time to express yourself!


An artifact in your dreams can represent a former version of yourself. These dreams show that you have grown and developed from the person that you used to be. However, these dreams are here to remind us that we cannot forget who we used to be, as they are the basis for who we are now.


You are the Artist

If you are an artist in your dream, then this can symbolize your irrational side, your illogical side. This shows your creative thoughts and what drives you to do the things that you love. These feelings and drives are probably repressed if you are having these dreams. Expressing yourself more in your waking life can help you to feel more creative while also lessening these dreams.

Someone Else is the Artist

If you are meeting an artist, this can show that you are aware of your creative drive and want to do something about it. This shows that the creative aspect of yourself, more than the creative aspect of whatever artist you are meeting. If the artist is busy making art in your dream, this can symbolize your creative need, but you want to do something more passively, but you probably won’t.


Selling Artwork

If you are selling a piece of artwork in your dreams, then this can show that you are good at expressing yourself and your creative drives.

Buying Artwork

Buying artwork from someone else who’s that you want to express yourself more and accomplish your goals. However, you need someone to direct you so that you can know what to do. You need to build your leadership skills before you can fully accomplish your goals.


Ascending in a dream can be something as complex as flying or something as simple as walking upstairs. Ascending in a dream can symbolize our “ascending” feelings or passions. This can deal with our joyful feelings about business, friendships, and even romantic love and sexual desires. As you ascend, you become more than yourself, and you can feel these emotions on a higher level. Some people think of this as becoming on a higher spiritual level in your dreams. On the other hand, as you rise from wherever you were before, this can symbolize that you are becoming more detached from earthly means and emotions. This all depends on how you feel when you are ascending. If you like to ascend, then this represents the rise of feelings, but if you don’t really care about ascending in your dream, then this symbolizes a sort of detachment instead. If you ascend easily, this can mean that you will accomplish your goals with ease, but if you have difficulties, you will also have difficulties in accomplishing your goals.  


An Ascetic is a person who tries to live their life as simply as possible, usually as an attempt to get closer to nature or their god. Asceticism is the practice of this. If you are an Ascetic in your dream, then this shows that you have strange qualities in your waking life. This can be attractive to your friends but repulsive when you try to make new friends. This can also show your conflict with your natural drives and feelings. In a way, becoming more in tune with nature in your dreams would be highly unnatural to do in your waking life. This can show that you are nervous about finding strange, which relates well to the other definition of this dream term.


To see ashes in your dreams can hardly be good; nightmares are likely how a dreamer will interpret seeing ashes in their dreams. Ashes are the remains of something that used to be, literally and symbolically. This can show your past feelings about something you have lost, whether it be a lost opportunity or a loved one. Ashes can also symbolize the confusions that naturally comes with a traumatic event.


Dreaming of an ashtray can show that there are parts of you–memories, past emotions, or something of the like– that you want to forget or get rid of entirely if possible. You may want to cut off bad relationships or things that cause you anxiety if you have these dreams.


Visiting Asia can show that you want some sort of the change in your life, even if this change isn’t likely to bring you fame or fortune. Any little change can help to remedy this inner desire of the dreamers.


Eating asparagus in your dream can show that you are on your way to success but that there will be some struggles in your way of accomplishing your goals. Your underlings at work are bound to listen to you better in the future, which may help with your goals.


Asking questions in a dream shows that you want to practice what you will say before you say it. Asking questions in a dream can also show that you want to do something in your waking life and that your subconscious may be giving you the OK to do it.

Ass (Donkey)

Seeing an Ass

To see an ass in your dreams represents the dreamer’s own stubborn nature. The ass symbolizes all of the little things that can annoy and burden you throughout your day. The ass also symbolizes the basic things that we need to do, no matter how tedious and boring they might be.

Riding an Ass

If you are riding on the ass, then this can symbolize your embarrassments in your attempts to get up in the world. Riding on an ass is a lowly position, leading you to feel down in your dreams. This is a symbol of your inner humility and patience with the world and people around you.


Seeing an assassin in any context in a dream can usually be considered a warning to the dreamer. If an assassin is attacking someone else, this shows that the dreamer will face many struggles in the future. If an assassin attacks the dreamer, then it shows that you will not back down from your goals, even though they may be difficult.


Being assaulted in a dream can show that you are feeling weak or vulnerable in your waking life. You may not be fully in control of your life, which is likely to scare anyone. You could be feeling violated in your waking life as well.

If you have actually been assaulted before, then this can show that you are still afraid of the events that happened before.


Being at an assembly in your dream can show that you are ready to learn more about other people besides your own. You are ready to expand your horizons. You want to improve yourself by learning more about the world around you.

This dream can also show that you need to organize your life better. You need to discuss your plans with others before you actually go through with them.


If you are the one who is assisting in a dream, then this symbolizes that good things will come your way. If you are receiving assistance from someone, this shows that your friends have been kind to you lately and that this trend is likely to continue.


Seeing an asteroid can show that you want to learn something new, likely having to do with your religion. If you are not religious, then this could show that you want to learn about the mysteries of life, spiritual or not. This can show that you are ready to absorb new ideas.


If you have Asthma

If you have asthma in your waking life, then this can show that you are fearful of something, likely your asthma itself.

If you do not have Asthma

If you do not have asthma, this can show that you may have low self-confidence. You may feel intellectually inferior or emotionally distressed in some way. The most likely cause of these dreams is stress or anxiety.


Seeing an astrologer in your dreams can symbolize your worries about whether or not your intuition is what it used to be. This shows that you are worried about your inner abilities and mental capacity. In general, this is a sign of anxiety and worry about yourself.


If you are in an asylum, this could signify that you are becoming sick, physically, or mentally. If you are not to become sick, then some other unlucky event may befall you. Stay sharp to avoid trouble.


If you are the Athlete

To be an athlete in your dreams shows that you are willing to push yourself if that’s what it takes to accomplish your goals. However, this dream warns that you should not push yourself too hard or else trouble may come your way.

If you see an Athlete

Seeing an Athlete in your dream can symbolize the traits that you may wish to have in yourself: bravery, courage, loyalty, and confidence.


To dream that you are reading an atlas shows that you are one to study something before you make your decisions. This shows your intellectual side and that it is healthy.


An ATM that works Correctly

If the ATM in your dream works correctly, then this can show that you wish to be more financially stable. You want some sort of reassurance that everything will be okay when it comes to your budget. These dreams are more likely in people running low on money than in people who have a surplus of it.

An ATM that gives you more Money

If the ATM in your dream gives you more money than you needed, then this shows that you feel like you deserve more out of life than you are currently getting. This can show a person’s sense of entitlement.

An ATM that gives you Something Other than Money

If an ATM gives your anything other than money, like food, paper, or anything else, then this cans who’s that you are spending your money on frivolous things and that you should focus more on spending your money on things that you actually need, and then saving the extra money for something fun later.


Seeing an atom in your dream can symbolize that everything is made up of essentially the same thing. We all have this unpacked potential waiting inside of us, and this dream could be trying to tell you that it is time to live up to the potential that is waiting inside of you.

Atom Bomb

Seeing an atom bomb, thinking that an atom bomb will be dropped, or seeing an explosion from an atomic bomb can show your inner anxieties about things that you cannot control. This could involve the obvious: nuclear war or natural disasters. It can also show your anxieties about work, your relationships, and your finances.


Atonement is most often seen as a form of repentance or saying that you are sorry for committing sins. Atonement in dreams can show that you are free of guilt for something you have recently done, or your dream is showing you what could happen if you did repent and apologize for something you have recently done. This will help relationships and bring you joy in your waking life.


Attack in General

This can show your own inner feelings about anger and impulses. You might be anxious about what you could do with your inner feelings if you were to lose control over your emotions. This can also represent a general feeling of being attacked, even if not physically. This could be an attack on your senses, of your responsibilities at work or home, or just an attack on your anxieties.

Being Directly Attacked

Being attacked in a dream can show our own aggression, fighting us back. In this scenario, the dreamer often has so much negative energy inside that it is trying to work its way out, and it might just be doing this through a person’s dreams. In rare cases, being attacked can also show childhood traumas coming back to haunt the dreamer.


The attic symbolizes the top of our head, where we keep our thoughts. A dream of an attic could represent something that happened a long time ago in your memory. This usually has something to do with childhood thoughts and tendencies. This can also symbolize hopes or dreams that you may have had as a child that didn’t work out.


If you see an attorney in your dreams, this can symbolize that something bad has recently happened to you or that something bad is about to happen to you. These bad things usually have to do with business or friendships. However, if the attorney in your dream is defending you, then this predicts that your friends will help you out in your troubling situation.


If you are seeing or riding an ATV in your dream, then this can show that you wish to try something different. You want to do things in a more creative way, not by the book.

This dream could also show that you want to get away from everything for a little while. You might want some more freedom and time to yourself.


Being at an auction is generally seen as being a good dream sign. This can predict that you will have a good trade or sale shortly or that you have just gotten a good deal on something. These dreams are most common after a long day of shopping.


Being in front of an Audience

Being in front of an audience can show that you have a pressing matter on your mind. You need to say something important, but you are likely too anxious to say it or don’t know how to say it. This can also be a representation of your general need for attention.

Being in the Audience

If you are sitting in an audience, then this can show that you are processing some deep emotions that you don’t quite know how to share yet. This can show that you are deeply considering something, even if you don’t know it while you are awake.


Auditioning for something in your dream shows that you are likely feeling insecure about something going on in your waking life. You may feel anxious, like everyone is watching and judging your “performance.” This dream can show you what you think people see you as.


Being in an auditorium in your dream means that you need to pay attention to the things going on around you in your waking life. These dreams usually mean that you have lost focus on your social life and communication skills.


If you can tell that it is August in your dreams, then this means that you will be faced with some unfortunate misunderstandings shortly, or you have dealt with them in the recent past. This most often has something to do with romantic relationships.


As with anyone else that you may know in your waking life, your feelings about your aunt will dictate the meaning of this dream symbol. In most cases, seeing your aunt in your dream can show you need for a role model or that you have been a role model to someone else recently. In these dreams, the dreamer is sometimes scolded because they have not acted up to their own or their family’s moral standards.


Seeing an aura around someone or something in your dream simply adds more meaning to the thing or person with the aura. The meaning of the aura can be found by using the real-life meaning of aura colors. This can also mean that your mind is in unrest. This could symbolize that you are looking too deeply into something that has a simple explanation.


Being or seeing an author are both dream symbols for anxiety. If you are watching someone write, then this symbolizes the inner anxieties that you cannot accomplish your goals. If you are the author in your dream, then this symbolizes that you have hard goals that you are anxious about and the drive and determination to work through your struggles.

If you are the Author

Being an author in your dream shows that you wish to express yourself more; whether creatively or not us up to you. You are not speaking your mind or sharing your opinions enough, and these dreams may be telling you that you need to try to remedy this.

If you are seeing an Author

If you are seeing an author in your dreams, this can show that your mind is busy thinking about fantastic things or things that you are not really all that involved in. You may also be busy with work.


Dreaming that you, or someone else, has autism can show that you don’t feel like you are communicating well enough with other people.

This could also show that you have been out of touch with your feeling lately and that it’s about time that you get a better understanding of them again.

If you know someone with autism in real life, then this dream could show your feelings about communicating or dealing with this person in other ways.


To get an Autograph

If you get someone’s autograph in your dream, then this can show that you want to be someone who people can look up to. You want to improve yourself in some way to become more admirable.

If you know who the person is who you are getting the autograph from, then this can show that you would like to have some of that person’s admirable traits.

To give an Autograph.

If you are giving out your autograph in your dream, then this can show that you are ready to give your stamp of approval to someone.


Seeing an autopsy can symbolize your need to look deeper into yourself. This means that you are craving a more complex understanding of yourself and why you do the things you do. These dreams are the most common when the dreamer is looking for the motivation to do something or trying to find the root of a problem or situation.


Sometimes seasons represent the cycles of human life in the dream. Where “Spring” might stand for youth, “Autumn” stands for middle-age. Autumn in a dream can also symbolize that the dreamer is at a mellow stage in their life. Things are calming down. These dreams are often very nice for the dreamer.


If you dream about an avalanche, then this can symbolize inner anxiety that the world around you is “tumbling down,” much like the snow of an avalanche. This can also symbolize acting “cold-hearted.” Some people like to “freeze” their emotions because they are afraid that their emotions will trigger something like an avalanche of a reaction if they actually share them. In general, this is anxiety about whether or not it is okay for the dreamer to share their true feelings or not.


Avoiding someone or something in your dreams can show that you are uncomfortable with some aspect of your own personality. You need to change your parts that you do not like before your mind, and dreams can be at ease.


If you wake up in your dream, only to wake up in another dream, it can indicate that you will be dealing with many strange things in the days to come following this dream. You may be feeling foggy and confused as well. This can also symbolize an “awakening” experience, like an epiphany or a new idea.


To win an award in your dream can show that you feel people should appreciate the hard work you do more than they already do or at least acknowledge the work you do. You want some sort of recognition for what you do.


Seeing an ax in your dream can symbolize that you will have to deal with some struggles and have the strength and determination to deal with them. The ax is a symbol of power and resilience. This can represent both a strong body and “sharp” mental activity.


A Working Axle

Seeing an axle in your dream shows that you need to start focusing on the most important things in life. Do not get distracted by things that don’t really matter.

A Broken Axle

If the axle in your dream is broken, then this can show that you have lost your focus or direction. You likely do not feel as confident as you used to, and more dependent too. Regaining your confidence and learning to feel less insecure can remedy these dreams.

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