Dreams About Teeth: Meaning, Facts and Interpretation of Teeth Dream

What does it mean when you dream about losing your teeth?

Teeth Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Teeth Dream Meaning, Interpretation, and Symbolism

Teeth dreams appear in many ways: missing, rotten, falling, or even broken teeth. This kind of dream is one of the most popular nightmares for many people. At one point in life, everyone will experience a dream involving teeth dreams.  The vividness of these dreams makes them appear real, which usually unsettles or scares the dreamer. Since the beginning of time, teeth represent might. Any interference of the teeth is a provocation of the dreamer’s ego. So what does falling teeth represent? This article gives an intensive illustration of what a nightmare concerning dental destruction represents.

The Most Common Types of Teeth Dreams

Dream about teeth rotting.

Rooting teeth are a common nightmare for any human being.  This kind of dream symbolizes fears or anxieties that are slowly consuming us. Moreover, you probably have not told anyone about your issues. Also, rotten teeth can represent the slowing decaying morality of the generation of a given society. If you are continually feeling insecure around others because of a health condition, you will likely experience these kinds of dreams. Teeth dreams can also be a suggestion that you need to improve your hygiene. This kind of dream is also an indication that you fear getting old.

Pulling teeth

When you encounter a dream about your teeth being removed, it is essential to get the details of the dream well. Like, who is pulling your teeth? What direction are they pulling your teeth? Did they succeed in pulling your teeth out? What was the feeling? Finally, did you feel any pain? In a situation where you are pulling your teeth, it translates to your fear of giving a public speech. Alternatively, you could be holding on to something, and you feel that the time to let out has come.


However, in a situation where someone is trying so hard to pull your teeth out, it means that they are trying to get something valuable from you without your consent. If you do not recognize the person pulling out your teeth, it manifests an existing internal problem. Finally, if you are familiar with the person pulling out your teeth, the problem could have something to do with them.

Teeth falling out dream

Despite the bizarre nature of this dream, these kinds of dreams often happen to many people. Dreams about teeth falling out to suggest that you are having trouble holding on to things that were once important to you. For instance, you have neglected a family that once meant a lot to you. These kinds of dreams can also relate to the anxieties in a relationship or even at a workplace. If you are looking at your falling teeth in the mirror, it means you have been doing a lot to improve your confidence in vain. Finally, dreaming of teeth falling out is typically a reflection that you could be falling apart from the inside.

Losing teeth dream meaning

There is nothing more distressing, like a dream of losing teeth. These dreams mean an internal reflection. In a case where you lose teeth in front of your mirror, it means that something is eating you up, and it is time you seek help. In a circumstance where you lost a tooth, and you don’t seem to find it, it means that you have lost touch with something that once meant a lot to you. Losing teeth is also a reflection of an embarrassment over something. When you lose control of your relationship, you are likely to encounter losing teeth dreams. Fear of failing also causes falling teeth nightmares. Finally, the fear of losing out money or your property also causes falling teeth dreams.

False teeth dreams

Have you been continually lying or faking about something in your life? The false tooth is the impression that you have not been showing the real you to the world. In a situation where your dishonesty ended up brings problems to someone else or even yourself, you are likely to encounter false teeth dreams. Alternatively, when you spread lies about someone, the guilt that comes with it can also cause such dreams. Finally, when you lied to someone about yourself to gain some favor, the fear that your lie is almost coming to light brings about these kinds of dreams.

Crumbling teeth

Crumbling teeth reflect the fear of getting old. It is common in a situation of unfulfilled dreams, and you feel that time is catching up with you. A feeling that you were once rich and full of power, and now you have lost everything, you are likely to experience such kind of dreams. Well, this is just your ego taking control of your feeling. It would help if you changed your perception of the way you look at things. In life, everything is dynamic; therefore, you need to change with time.

Splitting your teeth out

These kinds of dreams are common among teenagers. Splitting your teeth in your dream basically revolves around self-image. The one thing that you once felt belonged to you is slowly getting out of your hands. Take a closer look at your life; the problem could be in your job or relationship. The person you were with during your dream and the feeling that was brought by the dreams. Putting together this kind of dream will help you solve the myth behind the nightmare.

Losing teeth dream means death.

On some occasions, teeth dreams have some association with death. I have encountered situations where the dreamer claims that they died in their dream after losing their teeth. Such dreams show your fears that you might lose your life if you lost something close to you. For instance, if you feel that your life will end if you lost your partner. Such dreams serve as a warning that you should not over depend on others in life.

Final thoughts on teeth dreams

The interpretation of dreams about Teeth varies depending on the circumstance of each dream. Even though teeth dreams are distressing, they do not necessarily indicate the reality of a person’s life but rather the person’s psyche state. Therefore such kinds of dreams should not bother you too much.