Dreams About Death: Meaning, Interpretation And Significance In Life

What does it mean to dream someone died?

Dream Interpretation Death

Dream Interpretation Death: Meaning and Symbolism of Death Dreams

Death dreams are terrifying and disturbing. The dream can be about your death or the death of someone close to you. Apart from religious believes, no one knows what happens after the last breath. The mind, therefore, does not have enough data to complete the death stimulation. However, this is not always the case since everyone has, at one point, encountered this dream, and most of us are still alive!

Naturally, there are a lot of superstitions going around about death dreams. For instance, there is a perception if you die in your dream, you will die. However, no research supports the theory. Often, you will find yourself walking up immediately before or after your death.  Many people believe that death dreams serve as a reminder that your time on earth is almost coming to an end. This article looks at various symbolism of death in your dreams.

Death dream meaning: Encountering a dead person in your dream

A one on one encounter with your long-departed friend or relative is a warning that you are spending time with the wrong people in your life. Alternatively, this kind of dream is a reminder for you to resolve your feelings for the dead. For instance, you did not forgive someone before he/she died. If you are in a relationship where you keep comparing it with your previous where your deceased partner, their appearance signifies that you should let go of your last relationship.


If you continuously encounter someone who recently died, it means that you have not let go of those people. Stop hanging on to their memories, except that they are gone, and move on. In a situation where the deceased died under mysterious circumstances, their appearance signifies that justice for their death has not been served. They could be giving you a signal on the cause of their death. In the end, if you were responsible for their death, their appearance is a signal that you will never find peace.

The sight of your dead parents of friends who are still alive signifies your fear of losing them or how you would cope with their loss. This occurs especially when they are sick. A dream about the death of your child, on the other hand, is a reminder for you not to ignore your children. Parents should not let go of their children at all costs since barring a child is the worst feeling for any parent.

Death dreams: Reading a eulogy

A eulogy is writing about a dead person’s life, usually read out during their funerals. A dream about such writings means you have a lot of repressed thoughts that you need to verbalize. Consequently, eulogy dreams also indicate you have a weakness in expressing yourself in public. It is, therefore, time for you to learn how to express yourself in public. Do not wait to be in your casket for people to discover who you were. The eulogy dream is also an indication that you reflect on your past accomplishments and your critical moments in life. Finally, it is an indication that you should let go of your old, outdated beliefs. Finally, a dream about a funeral of an unknown person indicates that you need to rest your life to create room for something new.

Interpretation of Funeral dreams

A dream at your funeral indicates an end of a situation. You are suppressing your feeling about something. Instead of expressing your reservation over something, you keep burying them to forget about them. If you are nearing your death because of sickness or old age, funeral dreams indicate anxiety about how your funeral will look like.

A dream at someone’s funeral is an indication that you are finally letting go of your old relationship. You are letting go of the resentments, hostility, or hunger towards someone you were once close to. A dream that you are at the funeral of someone still alive indicates that you are old enough to separate from your parents. Death here symbolizes courage and the need for you to take the next step in your life.

Death dreams of execution.

This kind of dream is an indication that you should eliminate some habits in your life. Alternatively, it is a suggestion that you should cut some people out of your life. A dream about your execution is an indication of guilt over something you committed. The dream is a reminder that you confess your sins to the people you wronged.

Death dreams, meaning: Graveside.

There is something that you thought had been put to rest; a dream on a graveside is an indication that you were wrong. You need to go back and deal with the issue decisively since no one is ready to stand up for you.  Alternatively, grave dreams indicate a chapter that you are about to close in your life. A graveside signifies the sadness that comes with missing your old life. Finally, a grave dream is an indication that some of your secrets are about to be uncovered.

Dreams about death: Committing murder

A dream of you killing someone is an indication that you are on the verge of losing your temper to the extent of taking someone’s life. Alternatively, such a dream is an indication that you are on the edge of doing something that you treasure most in life. A dream that you have already committed murder is an indication that you are no longer in control of your conscience. Therefore, you have reminded yourself that think before committing any act that could jeopardize your life.

A dream about you will

The mention of a will is an indication of death; hence dream about your will has a close relationship with death dreams. A dream about your will is an indication that you are concerned about your future. Alternatively, this kind of dream is an indication of the firmness of your decision.  A dream that something has been left for you in the will of someone close to you is an indication of laziness or over-dependence on others.

Dream interpretation of death: Mourning

It symbolizes your inability to let go of the past. Moreover, it is difficult to embarrass new things if your stack with your old practices. Alternatively, this kind of dream could signify your ability to let go of the past and accept any loss quickly. If you see others mourning in your dream, it is a symbol of unhappiness or bad luck.

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