Pisces Sexuality: All About Pisces Sex Drive and Sexual Compatibility

Who is Pisces sexually compatible with?

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Pisces Sexual Compatibility: Sex with Pisces People

The Pisces‘ sexuality traits reveal that Pisces is a sensitive sign, and they like to be in love when they have sex. It can be difficult for anyone to earn a Pisces person’s love. Pisces people want to be somewhat secretive as well, and they don’t share their sexual desires with just anyone. Sometimes, a Pisces person doesn’t even know what they want out of their sex life.

This article may be able to help Pisces people understand why they like the things they do and give them some ideas on what they might want to try. This can help people who are partners with Pisces people to understand what they are looking for in a sexual relationship.

Pisces Sex: Romantic, Creative & Emotional

Based on the Pisces love and sexuality traits, Pisces people are sensitive, romantic, creative, and emotional. All of these personality traits sneak their way into a Pisces person’s personality traits. This makes them curious about what their sex lives could be like, and cautious about who they have sex with.

A Pisces person worries about getting hurt, and so they only have sex with people who they can trust, and they prefer to have sex with people with who they are in love.

A Pisces person can be gay, straight, and everything in between, so gender and sexuality do not matter for the sake of this article. This person is sure to give their partner a romantic experience. All they want in return is love, respect, and some fun in bed.

Pisces Sex Drive: Foreplay for Pisces During Sex

According to the Pisces sexuality meaning, foreplay is essential to a Pisces person. They cannot have sex happily without it. When it comes to foreplay, they prefer to be in the lead. They will do just about anything that their partner asks of them because the average Pisces person cares more about pleasing their partner than satisfying themselves.

As per the Pisces sexuality predictions, foreplay helps a Pisces person to get excited about sex and to get comfortable with their partner. If they are stressed or anxious, then foreplay can help a Pisces person to become relaxed, to forget about the rest of the world, and to focus more on their partner.

Foreplay also gives a Pisces person time to think about what they want to do during sex. At the most, this can help a Pisces person to think of something wildly creative to try out with their partner, and at the least, it will help them to get more turned on.

Pisces Sex Life: Sex in General

The Pisces sexuality astrology shows that Pisces people see sex as both an emotional and physical activity. They want to be able to connect with their partner on a mental level when having sex. Because of this, Pisces people prefer to have sex without anything extra (sex toys or similar objects) added to it. They would instead use their bodies to please their partners.

They prefer for sex not to get too wild and crazy, but instead, they would rather sex be passionate and intimate. Pisces people often like to have sex because they feel as though it brings them closer to their partner. The closer the two people are, the more passionate their sex is likely to be.

If a Pisces person’s partner does not care much for them, then the sex is not likely to be very good. In this Pisces sexual relationship, the romantic relationship is also crucial as to what the outcome of having sex is.

Pisces in Bed: Kinks

The Pisces’ sexuality characteristics portray that Pisces is not a highly kinky sign, but that doesn’t mean that they avoid trying kinky things. A Pisces person will try something kinky if they are in love with their partner or if they trust their partner deeply. Without love or trust, a Pisces person will not feel comfortable trying anything kinky.

When in love or with a partner who they trust, a Pisces person is willing to do just about anything to make their partner happy. A partner of a Pisces person will need to remember to take the time to satisfy their partner as well. If a Pisces person goes unsatisfied, whether the sex is kinky or not, they are likely to feel wrong about their relationship.

However, if a Pisces person is happy in their relationship, they will try just about anything. All their partner needs to do is ask nicely, and their sex can go from everyday activity to something creative and exciting.

Pisces Sexuality: Pisces Sexual Compatibility with the 12 Zodiac Signs

Based on the Pisces sexuality astrology, Pisces people won’t sleep with just anyone. At least, they don’t match up well with just anyone they sleep with. Certain signs are more likely to have a great time with a Pisces person than others. Below is a list of all of the signs and a description of how sexually (not romantically) compatible they are likely to be with a Pisces person.

Pisces and Aries sexually compatible

Aries people have all of the passion they need to excite a Pisces person for a night, but not for much longer than that. This makes for a great impulsive night, but not for a great relationship.

Pisces and Taurus sexually compatible

Taurus people like to take things slow, and they prefer to only have sex with someone who they love or trust. A Pisces person knows how this is, and they love it. The Pisces sexuality compatibility shows that this makes for a great match.

Pisces and Gemini sexually compatible

Gemini people are creative and love to try new things, but the innovative and new ideas that they like to work on can be too crazy and not intimate enough for a Pisces person. According to the Pisces sexuality horoscope, this is not a good match.

Pisces and Cancer sexually compatible

Cancer people know the importance of intimacy and passion above wild and crazy impulsive sex. Together, these two signs will take things slow and love every minute of their relationship.

Pisces and Leo sexually compatible

Leo people like to take charge of their relationships and try new things. They also know the importance of passion in a relationship. Together, these two signs can have a decent relationship.

Pisces and Virgo sexually compatible

Virgo people have much in common with Pisces people, as they want to take things slow and wait to have sex. When these signs finally get into bed together, things are sure to be passionate!

Pisces and Libra sexually compatible

Libra people love to try new things, both mentally and physically. They can be passionate at times, but they will likely want to go faster in a relationship than a Pisces person will want to. This can work, but only with compromise.

Pisces and Scorpio sexually compatible

Scorpio people make up a group of true romantics. They will love to take things slow to understand everything there is to know about a Pisces person and what they love. Based on the Pisces sexuality predictions, this is a great match.

Pisces and Sagittarius sexually compatible

Sagittarius people are full of passion, and they love to try new things. They are sure to excite a Pisces person in bed, but they may not stick around until morning. This can work, but only with a lot of compromises.

Pisces and Capricorn sexually compatible

Capricorn people like to take things slow, and they don’t need to do anything wild and crazy to be happy. They love to learn what their partner wants, and a Pisces person is sure to appreciate this. The Pisces sexuality forecast shows that this is a good match.

Pisces and Aquarius sexually compatible

Aquarius have curiosity like no other sign. They love to take the time to understand what their partner wants. Unfortunately, Aquarius people and Pisces people just tend to like different things.

Pisces and Pisces sexually compatible

Based on the Pisces sexuality compatibility, two Pisces people together know how important it is to take things slowly. They will be a perfect couple because they can respect each other, share their desires, and fulfill each other’s wants and needs.

Summary: Pisces Sex

The Pisces sexuality astrology shows that Pisces people may be shy about sex, but they can be bold when they are with the right person. Only the luckiest of people will get a chance to experience all of the great things that a Pisces person has to offer.

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