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Aneurysm Dream Interpretation of Aneurysm

If you are having an aneurysm in your dream, then this can show that you are under a lot of stress and pressure in your waking life. This usually has to do with mental stress or anxiety that plagues you during your waking life if the aneurysm is in the brain. However, if your aneurysm is near your heart, then this has to do with emotional stress or social pressure that you might be dealing with.


Seeing an angel in your dreams can show, in part, your feelings about religion. Angels can even better symbolize your friends, family, and communication. This communication could be your mind trying to send you some sort of message that will bring old information into a new light. While angels could be both male or female in your dreams, seeing an angel tends to represent your relationship with your mother or other maternal family members. These dreams usually leave the dreamer feeling relaxed when they wake up.



Anger in your dream can represent the anger that you feel in your waking life, but the anger in your dream is likely to be exaggerated from what you feel while you are dreaming. If you are not angry in your waking life when you have this feeling in a dream, then anger could also represent frustration or anxiety. Anxiety or frustration is more likely to mean your anger in a dream if you are not expressing your anger in a dream. This is more common in people who hold back their anger in their waking life.  If you dream that other people are angry with you, this could show trouble in your relationships, especially if you know the people who appear in your dream.


Angling, a way of fishing, can symbolize a couple of different things while you are dreaming. If you catch a fish, this symbolizes that you have been prosperous lately, and things just seem to be getting better. If you do not catch a fish, then this represents just the opposite.


An “Anima” is the female part of every male or their more “feminine” side. In dreams, an Anima can be seen as a woman-version of the man who is dreaming. The Anima is often very either very seductive or shy. This can represent the male’s feelings about women. This can also show the more caring and creative aspects of the man who is dreaming.


To see an animal in your dream represents your primal instincts. This can involve the need for food or shelter. It can also represent a standard lower than humans or being especially violent or other primitive traits. However, some animals can represent your need for communication and companionship. The type of animal that you see in your dream and what the animal is going will add more symbolism to your dream meaning.


If you are watching animated cartoons or movies in your dream, then this can show that you like to look on the lighter side of life. You are likely to find the world around you to be comical. Your life is going well if you are having these dreams. You should be feeling light-hearted.


If you are Watching Anime

If you are watching anime in your dream carries many of the same meanings of “animation.” You are likely to be carefree in the days following this dream.

If you are an Anime Character

If you are an anime character in your dreams, then this shows that you wish to be more creative or expressive. You want to show people your true emotions, no matter what it takes to show them.


If you have animosity between yourself and someone else in your dream, then this can show that you need to think before you speak or act in your waking life.

If you are fighting with someone who you know in your waking life, then this shows that you are likely having some problems with them. Try talking to them in a kind manner to rebuild your relationship with them.


Just like there is a female Anima for men, there is also a male-version of each woman in dreams called the “Animus.” The Animus can symbolize the women’s feelings about men or their masculine qualities personified. The Animus can symbolize the woman’s wishes to be more assertive or dynamic in their social life.


If you see an ankh in your dream, then this shows that you feel more powerful, intelligent, and sexually empowered than you usually do. This shows the rewards of self-improvement.


A Healthy Ankle

If your ankle is healthy in your dream, then this shows that you want more support in your life. You need people to add direction to your life and help you with what you need.

A Damaged Ankle

If your ankle is broken, sprained, or swollen, then this can show that you are having difficulties accomplishing your goals or finding direction in life. This may also show that you are going in the wrong direction completely and that you need to re-evaluate your life.


If you are dreaming about your anniversary, then this can show that you feel accepted within your family or group of friends. This can show that you appreciate where you are in life.

If the anniversary is for something pleasant, like a wedding, then this can show that you are feeling loved and cared for.

If the anniversary is for death or some other sad occasion, then this shows that you need to try something new or change the direction of your life, but without forgetting the past.


If you are annoyed in your dreams, this can represent things that annoyed you when you were awake earlier. The annoying incidents that we have to deal with while we are awake have their way of annoying us in our dreams as well if we don’t do something to resolve the annoyance while we are awake.


If you are getting an annulment in a dream, then this shows that you are in denial about something or trying to ignore something that you cannot possibly live with ignoring.


If you have anorexia in your dream, then this shows that you are not taking proper care of yourself. These kinds of dreams can show that you may not know what is best for yourself and that it might be advantageous to take the advice of a friend or loved one. You may have trouble seeing clearly at the moment, and getting help can be conducive to your success.


If you are Living in Antarctica

If you live in Antarctica in your dream, this shows that you are dealing with some troubling times. The world may seem to be against you. This dream shows that even though things may seem rough, inside of your mind, you know that you will be able to make it through whatever is going on in your waking life.

If you are visiting Antarctica

Visiting Antarctica also shows that you have many challenges, but these challenges are not likely to last long. You simply need to work through these problems and be determined that you can do this until you finally do it.


To dream of an antelope can symbolize that you have big goals planned out ahead of you. This also symbolizes that you know that these goals will require you to use a lot of time and energy to accomplish them. Antelopes can also symbolize swift and graceful actions that we make during the day.


If you see an antenna in your dreams, this can show that you have great communication skills. You can easily tell people your thoughts and feelings.

If the antenna is on an animal, then check the animal’s definition to get additional dream symbolism.


If you are taking antibiotics in a dream, it may mean that there is something that you need to protect your body or mind from. This doesn’t mean that you are actually falling ill in most cases, just that you feel ill-protected in your subconscious.


If you need an antidote in your dreams, then this can show that you want to learn more about the “good” and “bad” in the world, the “right” and “wrong” ideas of things. You want to find some sort of direction and balance in your life that you are having a hard time finding on your own.


If you are using antifreeze in your dream, then this can show that you have been acting “coldly” towards others. This kind of dream shows that your subconscious is aware of this and wants you to “warm-up,” so to say.


Antiques can represent many different things to a dreamer. Most often, antiques best symbolize something to do with the past. Antiques in your dreams may represent something you had in your past or a relative who owned the antique or something like it when they were alive. Depending on the antique, it could also represent something in your waking life that is worn out or useless. Still, if the antique is valuable, then it can represent something of historical significance.

Antlers (Off of an Animal)

Antlers in a dream are a very masculine symbol, as only male animals have antlers. Antlers have everything to do with the stereotypical male ideals: muscles, an assertive figure, decisive, and a great sex drive, of course. Dreaming of antlers could show that you want to improve one of these aspects of yourself.

If you do not wish to change anything about yourself, then seeing antlers could simply be a symbol of success and accomplishment, as a mental trophy.


Ants in a dream can symbolize teamwork, business, communication, strength in numbers, and annoyances. The color of the ant can also add additional symbolism to the ants. What the ants are doing in your dream can also add more symbolism. If the ants do not seem to be doing anything good for you, they can symbolize annoyances more than anything else. Sometimes annoying ants can also symbolize small anxieties that we have.


Seeing or using your anus in a dream can symbolize a few different things depending on what you are doing with it. The anus often symbolizes ideas that we will either easily let go (a relaxed anus) or ideas that you can’t bear to let go of (a tense anus). If you are having anal sex, then this can symbolize strange sexual ideas (whether or not you actually want to have anal sex in your waking life or not), self-pleasuring yourself one way or another, or feeling narcissistic in one way or another.


Seeing an anvil in your dream can represent stability and strength. Anvils can stay firm even when struck with hot metals. This strength and resilience of the anvil in our dream can mirror these traits in ourselves. If you are using the anvil to make something, this can also symbolize the happiness that comes from being productive.  If the anvil is broken and you cannot make anything, you have recently passed up an opportunity.


Anxiety in your dreams often mirrors anxieties that you face in your waking life. If you are not currently anxious when you have this dream, then this can symbolize good things to come, or on the other hand, anxiety to come.


An apartment has basically the same symbolism as a house if you have never lived in an apartment before. The symbolism for “house” will be discussed in a later article. If you have lived in an apartment before, then the apartment in your dream has everything to do with what living in an apartment was like for you. If it was a pleasant experience, then the apartment in your dream means only good things. The people you lived with, the stage of your life you were in when you lived there, and whatever else you were doing in your life while you lived in an apartment can affect what your dream means if you are inside of an apartment.


Seeing an ape in your dream can symbolize your most primal instincts. All humans evolved from ape-like creatures, and some of the traits of our ancient ancestors have never left us. While some of these traits are decent enough, like needing food, some needs, like sexual satisfaction, may not be represented as well. Seeing an ape can represent the primal, but also a disregard for what will hurt others. Seeing an ape can represent that we want something and that we will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it may hurt someone else in the process. This could also symbolize that someone else wants what we have and may not be afraid of hurting the dreamer to get it.


Dreaming of the apocalypse, the end of the world as we know it usually symbolizes fear of the end or change. These dreams are most common right after a threat or when a person has a fear of being threatened. These dreams usually show the dreamer things that they cannot change, making them feel fearful or uneasy. Apocalypse dreams can also symbolize different transitions that we go through as we age. This could be the transition from child to adolescent to teen to adult to elderly. This could also symbolize social changes, like the loss of a friend or job. Other changes, terrible or not that we cannot control can all be symbolized by apocalypse dreams. What happens during, or to the cause, the apocalypse in your dream can also add symbolic meaning to what you are dreaming of.


Apollo is the Greek god who would carry the sun around the earth on a chariot. It’s easy to say that this god represents the sun, but he can also represent a few other things. He can also be a symbol of energy, creativity, life, and hope. He can also represent a sense of completion within yourself.


If you are Apologizing

If you apologize for your dream, then this can show that you feel guilty about something in your waking life. These dreams are usually seen as signs that we have done something wrong and need to say sorry for it; these dreams will likely end as soon as you apologize in your waking life.

This kind of dream can also show that you want to live as stable of a life as possible. You crave peace and justice even in your dreams.

If Someone is Apologizing to You

If someone is apologizing to you in a dream, then this can show that you feel like someone has done something wrong to you in your waking life. You may feel like someone has hurt your feelings or abused your trust.


Seeing an apparition in a dream can bring a sense of calm to some people and a burst of energy to others. The apparition that you see, the place you see it, and whether or not you know who the apparition is or are actually dead will all change the meaning of this symbol in different ways. The different ways in which apparitions can look will be discussed later in this article series.


If things or people appear out of nowhere in your dreams, then this can show that you want to be more creative, but you may not know-how. These dreams are most common in highly logical people who have a hard time seeing the artistic things in life. Knowing that you can still be intelligent and creative is an important first step to remedying these dreams.


Making an important appearance in your dreams can show that you want people to pay attention to you and think highly of you. You want to be able to make a good first impression, but you may be nervous about this as well. These dreams are most common in people who have low self-esteem.


While the appendix may have used to have a purpose, it doesn’t really do much now. Seeing or talking about your appendix can symbolize an inner flaw you might have or might think you have. Getting your appendix removed can also represent an inner sort of pain; whether physical or mental, it doesn’t matter. To stop these dreams, you need to attend to whatever may be bothering you.


If you are hungry in your dreams, then this can show that you feel unfulfilled in some area of your life. This could be a lack of love, friendship, sex, accomplishment, or anything else that might bring you down.


If you are being applauded in your dreams, then this can show that you want to be shown appreciation more. You would like people to acknowledge what you have done and reward you for it if possible.


Like the ancient Bible story of Adam and Eve, the apple represents temptation in your dreams. Along with the Bible story, the apple can also symbolize a need to learn more about ourselves, others, and our surroundings. This can represent the actions that we take and the consequences that come with them. Ripe apples can symbolize more of the good works that we do than bad. However, bad apples can symbolize that our efforts are not paying off anymore. This can also symbolize the rewards that come with hard work and the simple nourishment that food can bring us.


If there is an appliance in your dreams, then this shows that you may need to work on some area of your life, especially if the machine in your dream is broken. Self-improvement is important always, but especially if you are having these dreams.


To fill out an application in your dreams show that you lack something in your waking life. You need to find something new to feel fulfilled. What you are applying for can also be defined to add more symbolic meaning to your dream.


If you are going to an appointment in your dreams, then this shows that you need to be more organized in your life. You need to plan out your goals before you try to work on them. You need to pay more attention to the small details if you ever want to see the big picture.


To dream that you are an apprentice can symbolize that you are struggling to realize your passions or obtain your goals. You feel like you need to learn how to do things more efficiently if you want to succeed.


Seeking Approval

If you are seeking approval in your dreams, then this can show that you lack communication skills. This could also mean that you rely too heavily on others for things that you need to do yourself. You will not succeed until you learn to do things on your own and become more independent in general.

Giving Approval

If you are giving someone your approval in a dream, this can show that you are confident, nearly the opposite of the meaning of the dream you seek approval. You feel powerful and intelligent–ready to face anything that comes your way.


Another fruit with a lot of symbolism behind it is the apricot. A healthy and growing apricot and symbolize new opportunities and bitterness if you don’t take them. If you eat an apricot, this can symbolize something terrible to come, and if someone else is eating one, then this can symbolize that your friends will do something or have done something already that will or has already bothered you.


To know that it is April in your dreams can mean that pleasure is coming your way or that you have been feeling wonderful lately. Spring is usually a sign of new beginnings, but if the weather is bad, if it is raining or something of the like, then this can show that you have had some bad luck lately or that you will have bad luck in the future.


To wear an apron in your dreams show that your life is about to go through a series of changes. These dreams are more common in women and often come as they reach new stages of life. If the apron is ruined in some way or another, then this can symbolize that something has gone recently and that the wearer will learn a lesson, or that the wearer has done something wrong and will learn a lesson in the future.


Water is often a sign of emotions, and going to an aquarium, or seeing a small one, can show that you can see your emotions or understand them but cannot fully interact with them. You may have some repressed emotions that you do not know how to let out healthily. Change, or finding some way to express your feelings, is a good way to act upon these dreams.


There are twelve signs in the western zodiac, and Aquarius is one of them. Whether you are an Aquarius or not, this sign can still have meaning in your dreams. Aquarius in dreams is usually seen as someone holding a container of water or pouring out water. This can symbolize different processes that we go through in our brains. These processes include the process of learning, being creative, and thinking spiritually. Aquarius can also symbolize facts and intuition.


Being inside an arcade in your dreams can symbolize a need to be more creative, exciting, and childlike in your waking life. You wish to have a simpler existence and to find joy in things that once thrilled you. These dreams show that you want to escape from the monotony of life and try something new or do something you love.


Seeing an arch in your dream can represent your hopes and dreams in a way. This can show that there are opportunities that are just waiting for you to take them. An arch also symbolizes that you will need to work hard if you want to accomplish your goals. One of these goals may be harder to get if someone dislikes, you can control your fate, but once you accomplish your goal, your victory will taste all the sweeter.


Being an archaeologist in your dream can show that you are focused on the past. In some cases, this can be harmful, but it is okay if you are willing to learn from the mistakes you have made in the past, not to affect your future.


Dreaming about archaeology shows that you want to find something new in your life or try something new. You are ready to listen to your inner self to find what you really want or need in life.


If you dream of seeing an archbishop, then this can predict that you will have to face many different kinds of obstacles as you try to reach your goals. You may have trouble when it comes to business or in your social life. However, if the archbishop is dressed like a normal person, then this can show that you may have a sort of “blessing in disguise” when it comes to reaching your goals, instead of facing extra trouble.


To practice archery in your dreams shows that you are planning out your goals to align with your dreams. You are ready to take on a new task, even if there may only be a small “target” to aim for.


To dream of an architect shows that you are “building” up to something. Like an architect, you must now plan if you want to avoid any trouble. It is most important to plan when it comes to your career. However, planning in relationships can also be useful. If you do not plan, then you may see some devastating consequences come your way.

Architecture (Buildings)

In dreams, buildings tend to represent a dreamer’s body. Think of this as being related to “the eyes are the windows of the soul” or a more common thing, like “the roof of your mouth.” The people living in these buildings can represent the activity you do in your daily life or with others. The type of building, color, what is inside, and what the building is made out of can all add further symbolism to your dream as well.


To be in the Arctic in your dream shows that you may be feeling “cold” emotionally. This could spring from feelings of isolation, loneliness, and general solitude. You may not feel like anyone understands you. These dreams are common in people in mourning and generally depressed people.


One type of building that you may see in your dreams could be an arena. Arenas can symbolize our inner need for attention and excitement. Think about it: no one goes to an arena to be bored. In a way, our dreams are in the arena of our minds. They show our inner wants and needs. An arena in our dream can show us what we need most at the moment. What is going on in the arena, why the dreamer is there, and what the dreamer is doing in the arena can also add more symbolism to this dream.

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