Dream Dictionary A (1): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with A

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter A

Dream Dictionary A - 1

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with A

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A – Seeing Letter A in Dreams

If you see the letter “A” in your dreams, alone, not in a word, then this can symbolize that the dreamer is coming into a new stage of their life. This is more likely to do with positive changes rather than negative ones.

Seeing the letter “A” can also symbolize that you feel above other people like you are the best out of your colleges or group of friends.

More simply, the letter “A” can stand for someone you know who’s name starts with this letter.

Abacus – Using Abacus in Dreams

If you are using an abacus in your dreams, then this shows that you need to upgrade your life. This can show that some of your ideas are outdated and don’t fit in with the modern way of thinking or using technology. Change your mindset or upgrade your cell phone.

Abalone – Eating Abalone in Dreams

If you are eating abalone (a type of shellfish) in your dreams, then this can symbolize that things are about to change in your life. This can mean changes in work, but it is more often referring to changes with your friends. This dream symbol can show that you are about to become lonely if you do not change your ways.


Abandonment – Abandoned in Dreams

Feeling Abandoned or Being Abandoned

If you are feeling abandoned and alone in a dream, then your dream may be trying to tell you that you’re feeling abandoned in your waking life as well. You may be feeling ignored by other people in your life, you may feel like you need to find something within yourself that will make you feel more connected to your outside world, or you may be searching for something outside of yourself, whether you know it or if it is just on a subconscious level. This can also show that there will be a change in your feelings in the future; you will have the opportunity to free yourself by removing yourself from your old ways, whether by choice or not.

Abandoning Something or Abandoning Someone

Abandoning something or someone in your dreams shows a bad judge of character most of the time. This tends to predict grief unless you change your ways. If you abandon something that you have thought about abandoning in real life, you may want to change your mind on this issue. However, if you are leaving something amoral or evil in your dream, it is more likely to predict good things to come.

Abbey – Dream Meaning of Abbey

Being in an Abbey

Being inside of an Abbey in your dream can express your inner need to be closer to religion. Many moral rules guide people, whether they are conscious of it or not. Being in an Abbey can mean that you need to get closer to these morals. It would help if you looked inside yourself to understand yourself and your surroundings better.

Being Outside of an Abbey

Being outside of an Abbey has almost the opposite connotation of being inside of one. If you pass by, it may mean that you are ignoring your moral obligations in your waking life. A person walking past an Abbey could be ignoring their better side, something that they might want to change in their waking life. If you are not allowed in an Abbey, it may mean that trouble or embarrassment is coming your way if you stick with your current moral track.

Abbot – Dream Meaning of Abbot

Being an Abbot

If you are an Abbot in your dreams, it can show a sense of wanting to get back to your religious roots. Being an Abbot is also said to predict a sort of betrayal in your future if you stay with the wrong kind of people. Being around pious people is important if you are having these kinds of dreams.

Seeing/Talking with an Abbot

If you see an Abbot, then it can also mean that you should try to get closer to your religion or your general belief system. If you are a woman who is talking to an Abbot, then it means that she needs to watch out for liars and those who might want to ruin her reputation. A religious man seeing or talking with an Abbot in a dream can show that there may be a smooth-talker in his midst that might wish to lead him astray. Watch out for strangers if you are having these dreams.

Abbreviation – Abbreviated in Dreams

If something is abbreviated in your dream and is not an abbreviation used in real life, it can have some symbolic meaning. If it does stand for something in your waking life, look up the dream term for that.

Most often, abbreviations in your dreams stand for the initials of someone who you know in your waking life. Other times, you can say the abbreviations as a full word, which will be the thing it represents. This is not a complicated dream symbol.

Abdomen – Dream Interpretation of Abdomen

A Healthy Abdomen

Having a healthy abdomen in a dream foretells a great use of energy in your future. It could also show that you feel proud of yourself in your waking life or that you will accomplish something worth feeling proud about shortly. Our abdomens can also symbolize our drives or ambition. A healthy abdomen can also symbolize protection, as an actual abdomen protects our internal organs.

An Unhealthy Abdomen

If your abdomen is swollen, bleeding, or otherwise unhealthy, seeing it could mean something totally different.  It most likely means that you will feel tired or become ill in the future. This could be your body’s way of telling you about symptoms before they show up.

Abduction – Dream about Abduction

Getting Abducted

If you are being taken away by someone else, your subconscious may tell you that you are being influenced negatively by outside forces. You will need to take control of your life if you wish to be rid of these dreams.  

Seeing Someone Else Getting Abducted

On the other hand, if you see someone getting abducted, then it is likely to mean that you wish to have some power or influence over a specific person or just over people in general.

Abortion – Dream about Abortion

Abortion in a dream, whether you or someone else is having one, makes a visual image of the feeling that you have lost something. This is more of a loss of feeling: confidence, love, or desire.

If an Abortion has Occurred in Real Life

This often shows feelings or guilt or fears that a future pregnancy will end painfully. In this way, your dream is likely to reflect real feelings you may be dealing with or even try to hide during the day. The best way to end these dreams is to confront your feelings while you are awake.


Dream of something Abnormality

When something weird happens in a dream, we sometimes notice it, and we wake up. Other times, we accept it and keep dreaming. Either way, something abnormal happening means about the same thing: a need to be more aware. This may be your mind trying to tell you that you need to pay more attention to your waking life.


Seeing things above you in a dream can mean many different things. If something is in a fixed position up above you, it may imply something that seems threatening, but it is really not. However, if something seems like it will fall on you from above, then your dream may be predicting a more real threat. On a more positive note, feeling “above” can show more productive things, like succeeding in a goal or just being in a better mood in the future in your waking life.


Going Abroad

Going abroad is a dream that could be your brain simply trying to tell you that you need some time away. Even trying new things could satisfy this new desire. Making a change is the thing that will make you happier in your waking life.

Someone or Something Coming from Abroad

Something coming from abroad more or less predicts that some change will come, whether you make the change or not. Hopes for new opportunities, relationships, and other general changes could be realized soon.


If you feel like some important component is missing in your dream, it will fall into the absence category. If you feel uncomfortable about this absence in your dream, then it means that you may lose something if you do not think before you act. If you are happy about the absence in your dream, then the dream may be predicting that you will soon be rid of something unpleasant.


Absinthe is a sort of hallucinogenic alcoholic beverage. Drinking this in your dreams can show that you have either been acting foolishly in the days before your dream as if you were not thinking clearly. It may also predict that you will act foolishly in the future if you do not watch yourself.


If you see some absorption in a dream, like a sponge cleaning up a mess, it will fall into this category. Absorbing in a dream most often represents the mental absorption of new ideas. It may also mean that it is time for you to absorb more ideas, to learn more, and advance yourself mentally.


If you are practicing abstinence from sex, alcohol, drugs, or anything else in your dreams, then this can show that you need to settle down in your waking life as well. Take a break from some of the riskier things you do, and you will likely feel better about it later.

Being abstinent in a dream can also show that we are keeping our guards up. We don’t want anything to hurt us, so we don’t do anything dangerous or risky (in our dreams, at least). This dream may show the dreamer their inner anxieties about getting hurt.


If you have an abundance of something in your dreams, then it may predict stability in your future waking life. This is, of course, if you do not stray from your morals. You are likely to have more independence in the future, but if you do not use it well, it could easily backfire. If you are having dreams like this, then it is a terrible time to lie.


Abusing Someone

If you are abusing someone in your dreams, your dream could predict misfortune for you in the future. This could be misfortune in finances, business, or love.

Being Abused

If you are abused in your dream, then it could mean that people wish to do you harm in your waking life. Watch out for unfriendly people if you are having these dreams.


An Abyss is a sort of hole that never ends. In a dream, you may look down and see a black pit or something similar. This dream symbol depends on your feeling in the dream.

Fearing the Abyss

This could symbolize your feeling of being at the “bottom” or feeling low about yourself–having low self-confidence. This is like you have no control of what’s going on in your waking life and that you need to change this. Unrest is a common feeling to have after waking from a dream like this.

No Fear of the Abyss

If you are not bothered by the abyss, it can symbolize new ideas from nowhere, like a muse. This could also symbolize a real-life urge to take more risks and to try new things.

Accelerator (in a Car)

An Accelerator in a dream can symbolize our need to go faster; our inner “drive” is trying to tell us that it’s time to get moving. It’s time to begin working on our goals and quickly. However, if the car’s accelerator doesn’t work, it can symbolize our need to accomplish our goals but not have the motivation actually to do it.


If you have an Accent

If you are speaking in an accent that is different from the one you already likely have, this can show that you feel like people aren’t listening to what you are saying or that they don’t understand what you are trying to say. The accent that you are speaking with can also add meaning to your dream.

If your accent gets you positive attention in your dream, then this can show the opposite: you are confident in how you speak and that others admire you for it.

If you feel uncomfortable with your accent, then this can show that you are trying to hide something in your waking life, or deceive someone, like you are playing dumb. You may be uncomfortable showing your true feelings or speaking your mind.

If Someone Else has an Accent

If you are listening to someone speak in an accent that is not their own, then this can show that you are the one who is having trouble understanding others. This could also show that you are having trouble understanding an idea in your waking life.


Being accepted in a dream, whether it is a feeling of being accepted or getting accepted into something, means the same thing. These kinds of dreams often predict luck in business and love.


If you are wearing some accessories in your dream, then this can show that you feel like something is missing from your life. It would help if you had something added to your life to feel more complete.


Whether you are in the accident or watching it, dreaming of an accident is often said to be a prediction of the worst to come. This can also be symbolized as a general feeling of anxiety. Keep an eye out for yourself if you are having these dreams. However, the scenario of the accident can also change its meaning slightly. Accidents in the home or at sea can show fear of something bad happening in a relationship. A car accident or plane crash can show that we are nervous that we will not reach our goals. If someone you do not like is in the accident, it can show that your aggression towards this person is greater than you thought it was.


If you are the Accomplice

If you are someone’s accomplice in your dream, and if you know this person in your waking life, this can show that they are a bad influence on you, and it may be in your best interest to stop being their friend.

This can also show that someone you hang around with tends to bring you down. You may want to consider not being friends with this person.

If Someone Else is your Accomplice

If you are the one who has committed the crime and someone else is your accomplice, then this can show that your friends may be encouraging the negative habits that you have. Friends who do this are likely not good friends, and you should talk to them about this.

This can also mean that you might be the one who is bringing your friends down. If this is the case, then it might be time to change your attitude and your actions.


Hearing an accordion in your dreams predicts happiness and spontaneity in your future. This could also predict happiness in sex, or you could be having this dream because you recently had good sex.


If you are an accountant in your dream, then this may mean that you need to analyze the things in your life more closely. You need to watch what you do and think before you say or act.

This can also mean that you need to become more organized and prepared in your waking life—the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to be taken advantage of.


If you are dreaming of accounts or accounting recently, then it likely means that you are under some financial stress. This can symbolize your need to work out the problem in one way or another. If you do not keep trying to improve your situation, you are likely to have bad dreams and a bad budget.


If you are Accusing Someone

If you are accusing someone in your dream, this could symbolize your need to be above others or generally have power over others.

If you are being Accused

If you are the one who is being accused, then this could predict trouble in your future. Someone may want to be more powerful than you, and they might do whatever it takes to do just that. Watch out for strangers who kiss up to you.


To see an Ace in a deck of cards can show that you are unsure about what you are doing in your life at the moment. In many card games, an Ace can be worth different point amounts, which suggests some confusion in your life. If the Ace you hold is the Ace of Hearts, this can show confusion in your romantic life.


Even though it is said that we cannot feel pain in a dream, sometimes, when we are dreaming, we can tell that we have an ache, even if we cannot feel it. If you have an ache in your dream, this is most likely related to an ache you have in your waking life. If you are not aching in your waking life, then the ache could symbolize your “ache” to get your ideas out before someone steals them from you.


If you have had an achievement in your dreams, then this can show that you are excited or happy about something that you are doing in your waking life. This also has to do with the success that one feels after working on an important project.


Seeing acid, or drinking acid, in your dreams can represent your inner anxieties and worries. It is as though the anxieties are “burning” your mind and are then represented by harmful acids in your dreams. However, if acids are burning someone else in your dream, it may symbolize your dislike for this person, like you want to test them by being cruel.


Seeing acorns in a dream predicts good things to come. These little seeds can also symbolize new ideas, new beginnings, and new loves as well. Success is near if you pick acorns in your dreams.


When you see people you know while you are dreaming, the meaning of the dream depends on how you feel about the person in real life. Dreaming about people may also predict that you will be seeing them soon if you haven’t recently seen them.

If you like the Acquaintance

If you talk well enough with your acquaintance in your dream, it can predict smooth communication in the future. This can help a great deal with business, romance, and family. It can also simply symbolize the relationship that you have with this person.

If you dislike the Acquaintance

If you dislike the acquaintance you see in your dream; then the meaning is about the opposite. This may symbolize that you have been reacting rudely or otherwise unpleasantly in your waking life. You will want to change these actions if you want to change these dreams.


if you are acquitted of a crime in your dream, this predicts a less stressful future. You may have been feeling overwhelmed lately or like you are in trouble for something. This dream is your mind trying to tell you that everything is going to be okay. If one of your friends is getting acquitted, this can symbolize that your friends will add to your joy in your waking life.


Seeing an Acrobat

To see one of these silly and skilled circus performers in your dreams shows that someone else is there to take care of you and protect you. You will not be put in harm’s way shortly. Someone is sure to catch you if you think that you are going to fall.

Being an Acrobat

If you are an acrobat, this may symbolize that you feel “off-balance” or unsure of yourself. You may be confused as to what you are supposed to do in the future. This could mean that you need to gain some skills to better deal with your waking life situation. You are likely to have a sense that you need to get your goals done, even if this thought makes you nervous.

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