Dream Dictionary A (3): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with A

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter A

Dream Dictionary A - 3

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with A

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Aisle – Dream meaning of Aisle

Walking down an aisle can symbolize the different opportunities and “forks in the roads” of life. This can symbolize your inner need for change. Aisles can also symbolize opposites in your life. The aisle and what might be in the aisle can also add meaning to this dream symbol.


Seeing things that are made of alabaster in your dreams can symbolize healthy relationships in your life. However, if you break these things, it can symbolize a sort of failure or “breaking” of your feelings. Feelings of guilt or sadness could also be present in this dream.


If you hear an alarm in your dream, and it’s not just your alarm waking you up, then this can symbolize your inner anxieties or stress that you face while you are awake.



To dream of seeing an albino person or animal in your dream can show an inner sense of purity. White is symbolic of peace and purity. It’s time to open your eyes to all of the things around you.

If you are afraid of the albino animal or person in your dreams, then this can show that you may be in denial about something or that you are worried about one of your friends or family members, which could be where the denial stems from.

Album (Picture Album)

Looking through a picture album can show that you have successful relationships with your friends. This can also show happiness in your relationships, romantic or friendly what the pictures show can also add further meaning to your dream.


Seeing a near-magical alchemist in your dreams can symbolize all that is magical, mystical, and even divine. Seeing or being an alchemist can awaken our sense of child-like wonder in the world without actually waking us up. This can show the transformative power that we have over our own lives. An Alchemist can symbolize the changes that we wish to make in our own lives.


Alchemy, in general, has a slightly different meaning from an alchemist. If you don’t already know, Alchemy is the process of turning base metals into gold. This later was built upon to make more of a modern version of chemistry. Alchemy in your dream is a way of showing what is inside of your unconscious mind. It can show your inner desires and how you would like to change yourself. Dreams about alchemy are rarely nightmares, as they are seen as more of a cleansing dream than anything else.


Alcohol in your dreams can symbolize a kind of mental change. These changes can be seen as either positive or negative, depending on what else is going on in the dream, as well as your general feeling about alcohol. Alcohol can be seen as closely related to the symbol of Alchemy, which has a lot to do with mental transformations. Since alcohol has a mental influence on those who drink it, this can also symbolize a social influence in our daily lives. Your feeling about alcohol will also determine the meaning of this part of the interpretation. However, people can also become dependent on alcohol, which can represent your dependence on other people. The type of alcohol that you dream of can also impact the meaning of your dream.


If you see algae in your dreams, then this can show that your feelings are too muddled at times. Make sure that you do not let your feelings get too involved in problems better managed with logic.


To dream of an ale-house shows that you have been in the company of people who you should not trust. These people may wish to do you harm. Be wary around these people.


From Somewhere on Earth

To dream of meeting someone from somewhere strange to you can symbolize your openness to new kinds of people and the good relationships from these meetings. However, if you are not friendly with this new person you meet, you have been recently disappointed by a new person. If you are the alien, then it can also show that you are welcoming to new friendships.

Otherworldly Aliens

Aliens from outside of this world can represent your feeling that you don’t quite fit in. Alien dreams are more common in people who feel like they don’t fit into society’s mold. New experiences and opportunities may also trigger these dreams.


If you are paying alimony to someone in your dreams, then this can show that you are still “paying” for mistakes that you have made in the past.


If you are allergic to something in your dream, then this can show that you are emotionally sensitive to some issue that is going on in your waking life. You need to detach your emotions from the situation if you want to resolve it.

On the other hand, this could also mean that you are purposefully holding back your emotions from a situation that would be improved by involving your feelings. Judge how you should act based on the situation at hand.


Walking down an alley in a dream can show that many things have been annoying you lately. These are likely to be small things that have been building up. If you are fearful of the alley, then this can represent your inner fears. This is more common in women than in men.


The alligator is a primal animal. It has hardly evolved in the millions of years that it has been on earth. This animal in your dream can symbolize your primal instincts, as well as your primal fears. These fears may be fears of being attacked, or they could be anxieties or stressors. These dreams are often seen as a warning or after an unpleasant event has taken place. Because alligators also live in both water and land, this can symbolize dipping into and out of your emotions. Emotions are often symbolized by water, which makes sense in the case of the alligator. This can symbolize your need to value your emotions while also using logic to solve your problems.


If you are getting an allowance in your dreams, then this can show that you are being rewarded for the hard work that you are doing in your waking life.

This dream could also tell you that you need to show your appreciation of others more when they do something that deserves a reward.


To see an alloy, a mixture of two or more metals, like bronze, can symbolize that you have had a rough time at work recently. This may also predict that these hard times at work will last for a while longer.


To dream of an almanac means that pleasures will come your way through knowledge. If you are actively studying from the almanac means that you have been under some stress lately. These are likely to be small stressors that have been building up. You are so busy and anxious in your waking life that it is extending into your dreams and keeping you busy even while you are sleeping. These dreams may mean that you are too busy and that you need to relax every once in and while.


Seeing healthy almonds in your dreams can be a wonderful sign. This can symbolize abundance in your life in the future. This is most likely related to a new abundance of money. However, if there is something wrong with the almonds, you will be more likely to see disappointment than joy in your finances.


Alms are money or food given to people in need. If you are given alms in a dream and appreciate it, this can symbolize the generosity that you have for others or the generosity that someone has recently given to you. However, if you don’t like getting alms, then this could mean that something bad has happened to you recently or that something will be taken from you if it hasn’t happened already.


If you are using aloe on your skin in a dream, then this shows that you are ready to, or working on, healing some emotional wound that you have suffered from in the past.


If you are alone in your dream, then this can symbolize your feelings of loneliness in your waking life. However, if you enjoy being alone, this could symbolize that you are at peace with yourself.


Alpha is the first “letter” of the Greek alphabet. Because of this, seeing the symbol for Alpha can symbolize new beginnings. Since A’s are now seen as great grades in school, and since Alpha is closely related to this letter, seeing the symbol for Alpha can symbolize that you are doing well intellectually and that you may be ready to begin studying something new ready to take on a new opportunity. Sometimes seeing the Alpha symbol can also relate to a person you know whose name starts with the letter A. The meaning of your dream can be future depicted depending on who this person is, their relation to you, and how you feel about them.


Seeing an altar in your dreams is generally a bad sign. This can show that you are unsatisfied with some aspect of your life. This is likely to be dissatisfaction in your relationships. This dream can also symbolize an error that you have recently made or predict one you will make shortly.


Aluminum in a dream can show a person’s reflective qualities. This can mean that you have been “bouncing” off bad vibes. Also, this can show the opposite: your ability to absorb new ideas. This can symbolize a paradox in your dream and your waking life. This can also symbolize that you may come into some small amount of money soon.


If you see an amateur at something in your dreams, this can symbolize your inner peacefulness and enjoyment. There’s an old saying that “ignorance is bliss,” which could easily relate to your dream. This may mean that you have done something silly recently without knowing it at the time.


If you are an ambassador in your dreams, then this shows that you need to think more before you speak. It would help if you were more “political” in how you think, act, or speak. This will help to resolve any conflicts before they even begin.


To see amber in your dream can represent good vibes and positive energy. This can show that your life is moving progressively at the moment and that you should keep up whatever you are doing.

This can also symbolize that some part of your, physical or emotional, needs to be healed before you can move on with your life and have the good vibes that amber usually brings in a dream.


Seeing an ambulance in your dreams can symbolize a feeling of anxiety or general worry. This can symbolize your fear of getting hurt or of someone that you care about getting hurt. If you can reduce your stress levels and your anxiety about this sort of thing, then you can likely reduce the chance of seeing an ambulance in your dreams.


If you are Ambushed

To dream that you are ambushed can symbolize your fear that someone is watching you. Whether someone is or isn’t watching you, these dreams will continue as long as your anxieties about this problem continue.

If you are Trying to Ambush Someone

If you are dreaming that you are trying to ambush someone, you are waiting for someone else to fail to bring yourself joy. This could show that you are having problems with one of your friends, or that you are jealous of someone who is above you and that you wish they would fail to look better in light of everything.


If you dream that you are in America can show your inner feelings about politics. This could also symbolize your relationship with authority figures, especially if you have trouble with authority figures. The type of authority figure you have troubles with can also contribute to the meaning of your dream.

American Indian (Native Americans)

Seeing an American Indian in your dream can symbolize your relationship with nature and your natural feelings about the world. This shows the wisdom that seems to be older than time. Nature is the key symbol of the American Indian in these dreams. Where the American Indian is in your dream can also add further meaning to your dream.


Amethyst is a kind of valuable purple gem. If you have or see an amethyst gem in your dreams, then this can show that you are relatively content with your life at the moment. If you lose an amethyst, then this can mean that some relationship may be in trouble or some arrangement has been broken and is bothering you, even in your dreams.


To dream of an Amish person, or that you are Amish, can show a need to live more simply. Getting back to your roots, being less absorbed in the technology around you, and focus more on your friends and family.


To dream of ammonia symbolizes displeasure in your relationships. You are likely to have problems with your friends and family members shortly if you dream of ammonia. This can also show that your friends may have deceived you somehow in the past, which is likely contributing to these dreams and the problems that will follow with your friends in your waking life.


If you dream of ammunition, then this can symbolize that you have been under some stress at work lately. You want to get things done at work, to complete some of your goals, but something seems to be in the way. However, if you can get past these struggles and these dreams, you will likely be fruitful in your work-related endeavors.


To dream that you have amnesia can show that you are generally forgetful in your waking life. However, these kinds of dreams can also trigger memories that you have forgotten. It is a little ironic, but it can also be helpful at times.


To dream that you are amorous to someone can symbolize your inner desires and pleasures. However, if you are amorous with someone you are not within your waking life, this can symbolize your fear of scandal or other people finding out your secrets.


Seeing or using an amplifier in your dreams shows that you need to be louder or that your words need to mean more when you speak. You want to be heard, but you may not know how to be heard.


If only a small part of a body is amputated, this can symbolize a small loss you have recently gone through in your waking life. This can be the loss of some money or a small failure at work. If you are losing whole limbs in your dreams, this can symbolize larger losses and even depression.


If you have an amulet in your dreams, then this can show that you feel unsafe in your waking life. You need something to protect you, but you may not know what exactly you need to feel safe again. You may want to become stronger.

Amusement Park

Being in an amusement park can symbolize your childlike pleasures. This can also show our ability to take risks and try new things. Children seem to do this easier than adults, so this could be why it is related to an amusement park so well. If you are enjoying yourself at the amusement park, then this can symbolize your love of trying new things or your need to try new things. If you are not having a good time, this can represent your fear of change and risk.


If you see an anaconda in your dreams, then this can show that you need to be more creative if you want to be happier. You have untapped potential, and you need to find a way to get your creativity out.

This can also mean that you have many sexual desires that you wish to act on. You need to be accepting of your own sexuality before you can do this, though.


Seeing or being an analyst in our dreams can symbolize how we “self-analyze” or judge ourselves. This also shows our ability to change ourselves into what we would like to become. Changing ourselves can be hard and scary at times, and this is precise what dreaming of an analyst shows us in our dreams.


If the world around you in your dreams is under anarchy, then this can show that you restrain yourself when you want to do this. Symbolically, there is an “anarchy” inside of your brain. You want to speak out, act out, be more creative, but you likely don’t know the right way to go about expressing yourself.


If you see any number of ancestors in your dreams, then this can symbolize your own intricate personality and the different parts of it that you may have learned or inherited from other family members. This dream sign also depends on which ancestor you see in your dreams. The dream can symbolize the aspects of this family member that you have. However, the dream is also affected by how you feel about this ancestor, assuming that you had already met them before they died.


At times anchors can represent calm and stability. However, if the anchor is paired with rough seas, this can represent friends’ problems in the recent past or the near future.


Seeing something that is ancient in your dreams can symbolize old things in general and the process of aging. This can also symbolize ancient wisdom, how things used to be in years far gone, and how the things in the past may be overdone, outdated, or not in line with the time that we live in.


To see a pair of andirons in your dreams can symbolize goodwill, good friends, and a healthy support system around you. However, if the fireplace that they are in does not have any wood, then the andirons symbolize just the opposite.


To dream of androids can show that you are becoming bored with your life. Things are becoming monotonous–you feel like you are in a rut. You need to shake things up if you want to shake away these dreams. This can show that you feel like a “machine.”


If you are Telling an Anecdote

If you tell an anecdote–a story to teach a lesson–in your dreams, then this can symbolize your need for communication and friendship. It may show that your current relationships are unstable and that you are doing your best to try to repair these bonds.

If you are Listening to an Anecdote

If you are listening to an anecdote, then this can symbolize that you seek more pleasure in your life, whether they are especially good for you or not.


To see an anemone in your dream, then can symbolize that you are afraid of death. You are scared of transitioning to the next level. You fear change.


If you are using, giving, or seeing anesthetics in your dream, this can symbolize your need to hide your more painful emotions. This can show that your unconscious mind is trying to process your pain, even though you may be ignoring it while you are awake. Acknowledging your pain can stop these dreams.

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