Dream Dictionary B (1): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Dictionary Letter B - 1

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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B – Seeing Letter B in Dreams

Seeing the letter “B” in your dream could be representing the word, “be”. This can show that you have been focused on something that would leave you better off if you “let it be”.


Seeing a baboon in your dreams can show that you need to be more expressive with your creativity or emotions. You need to be more direct when telling people how you feel so that you can feel more understood.

If the baboon in your dream is an odd color, then this can show that you are lacking certain emotions that others may want you to express.

Looking up the dream term for “animal” can also add symbolic meaning to the baboon.


A Normal Baby

Dreams with a baby in them can symbolize new beginnings, innocent feelings, and childlike wonder. These can also show us feelings that we have not grown out of yet, like jealousy or dependence. Curiosity, helplessness, and irresponsibility are also represented by a baby in a dream. Babies can also symbolize new phases of life and new opportunities.

A Odd Baby

Sometimes the baby in the dream might be a little weird, which can also have its own meaning. If the baby has the body of an adult, then this can symbolize that your body may be developed, but that your thoughts are still immature for you age. On the other hand, if a baby has the head of an adult, then this can show that your thinking in on par with your age, but that your sexual or romantic feelings aren’t mature enough yet. If the baby is highly intelligent for its age, then this can symbolize that you have greater insight and are more intelligent than many of your peers.

Baby Bottle

Baby bottles in dream can show that you are dependent on something that you don’t want to be. If you are drinking from the bottle, then this means that it is time to change your nature and become more independent.

Baby Carriage

If you are dreaming of a baby carriage then this can symbolize that you are in a circle of kind friends. These friends are likely to improve your life and surprise you with other good deeds.

If your friend is in this dream, then this could mean that they will be a great life-long friend.

Baby Food

Feeding a Baby

Feeding a baby their food in a dream can show that you are a caring person most of the time. You have a nurturing personality.

This dream can also show that you are not taking the best care of yourself. This could relate directly to your diet.

Eating Baby Food

Eating baby food in your dreams shows that someone is “feeding” information that you already know, which could be annoying to you. Tell this person that you already know what they want you to know.


Babylon is an ancient city in the Middle East. Being in this city in your dreams can symbolize that you have lost, or something that you have, but that is old or worn out.

This can also show that you still value things from the past, even if you don’t know how to hold onto them. In these dreams, the things and people inside of the city can provide more symbolism to your dreams, but the things that will add the most meaning will be the things that don’t quite seem to fit in.

Baby Shower

Going to, throwing, or being in a baby shower can show that you are ready for a new beginning in your life. You are ready to try new things and live your life differently than you have been living it so far.


You are the Babysitter

Dreaming that you are a babysitter shows that you need to nurture your inner child. Embrace the more innocent parts of yourself.

You need a Babysitter

If you are calling a babysitter for a child, then shows that you are neglecting your inner child, and that’s it’s time to get back to who you used to be, or at least be less serious.


If the Dreamer is a Man

If a man is a bachelor in his waking life, then this can show that he enjoys his current freedom. If the man is married in his waking life, then this can show that he is content with his marriage at the current time. If a man dreams that he is a bachelor, then this can be a warning that the man should stay away from women in the near future, or else they may cause some sort of trouble for him.

If the Dreamer is a Woman

In general, seeing a bachelor in her dream indicates that a women wants to have more sex or a new sexual partner. If a woman dreams of a bachelor can show that she may be trying too hard to find love, or be too virtuous when going about finding love. This can show that her mind is alright with the woman using her body to get a partner, rather than sticking to old virtues.

Back (Direction)

Turning Back

If someone turns back away from you when you are talking to them can show that you are jealous of this person in your waking life if you actually know them. If you do not know them, then this can show that you are jealous of another one of your friends. If you are turning back from someone else, then this can show a feeling that you have had in the past that is likely affecting a situation that is going on in the present.

Being Pushed Back

If you are being pushed back by someone in your dream, then this can show that you are feeling restricted in your waking life. This can also show that you may feel like someone is holding you back, or pushing you back, from your goals and aspirations.

Back Behind Someone or Something

If you need to go back behind something, then this can show some of your more repressed feelings and the feeling that you want to be able to share them, but you may be anxious about the results of it if you do share your feelings. This can also relate to the feelings that you have now and how they related to similar feelings that you have had in the past.

Back of a Building

The back of a building has to do a lot with barriers and other restrictions. This can best be summed up with the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” This can also related to how we treat people when we don’t need to be formal.

Back (Body Part)

A dreamer’s back in their dream can show their strength in their waking life. This can relate to mental aspects of strength as well, like confidence, resilience, and morals. This shows that basic structure of, not only a person’s physical body, but their actions as well. This shows that you will stand up for what you believe in, and won’t “back” down from a fight. If your back is naked, this shows that you may be getting sick in the near future.

Laying on your Back

If you are laying on your back, then this can show that you are feeling like other people are trying to run your life for you. This can show that you may be too dependent on other people as well. You are likely to want to make your own decisions, but you may not know how to.


If you are backbiting someone, then this can show that your current situation in your waking life that may have prompted this dream will be improved. However, if someone is backbiting you, then this can show that ill fortune will come to your or one of your friends or family members.


Seeing or going through a backdoor in your dream shows that you need to try to find an alternate solution to any problems that you might be having in your waking life. Look “outside of the box” to fix your problem.

This dream can also show that sometimes the solution to your problem may not be as complicated as it seems. Looking for an easier way to do things could help.


Doing backflips in your dreams can show that you are doing all that you can to help someone else. At the same time, you are feeling like this person is not appreciating all of the hard work that you are going through for them.


If you are playing backgammon in your dreams, then this can show that you are with a bad circle of friends. These people are likely to end your friendship quickly, or that these people will be a strain on your friendship with them, or even on your friendship with someone else who they are also friends with.

If you lose in your game of backgammon, then this can show that you will have a hard time expressing the way that you show your feelings to your friends, and your affection in general. This can leave your relationships in uncomfortable states that you will have to remedy later.


This dream could also show that you have all of the right skills to accomplish a certain task that you have in your waking life.

A Heavy Backpack

Wearing a heavy backpack in your dream represents the duty that you hold, and the responsibilities that you must take care of in your waking life. You likely feel burdened by all of your responsibilities.

An Empty Backpack

Wearing an empty backpack can show that you are not ready to do the task at hand in your waking life. You may simply be faking your skills, or pretending that you have the skills that you need to get the job done.


Backpacking in a dream shows that you are able to rely on yourself. You have all of the skills that you need to make it through the average workday. Others are able to rely on you as well.

This symbol could also show that you have just overcome some large problem.


You are in the Backseat

If you are sitting in the backseat of a car, then this can show that you feel like you are not in control of your own life anymore. Someone else is “driving” you around. You may feel like others are trying to decide what you need to do and say. Being more independent will make you feel better. The person who is driving the car, if you know them, is likely the person controlling your life in your waking life.

Someone is in your Backseat

If someone is in your backseat, then this can show that you are in control of this person, or that what they do is somehow your responsibility.


You are Backstabbed

If you are backstabbed in your dreams, then this can show that you are feeling vulnerable or insecure at the moment. You may feel like someone is out to get you.

You are Backstabbing Someone

If you are backstabbing someone else in your dream, then this can show that you have a grudge about something, or that there is some aspect of your personality that you would be better off changing.


Walking Backward

Walking backwards in a dream can show that whatever you are doing in your waking life isn’t helping you out at all, it’s actually pushing you back.You may be trying to get to something, but at the same time, the thing you are trying to obtain seems to get farther away from you with whatever you do. You may feel like a failure. Changing the way that you go about a problem may be able to help with this.

If you are walking back, it may seem like you are trying to fix your mistakes. Also, see Back (Direction)* for more symbolic meaning on this topic.

Falling Backward

Falling backwards can show that you have almost made a mistake, but narrowly avoided it. You may be afraid to try again, but this is something that you must do if you want to overcome these dreams.

If you were pushed backwards, see Back (Direction)*


Being in your backyard can represent your childhood, or inner innocence. You wish to be carefree and without responsibility, and who doesn’t? Freedom, creativity, and expression are all represented by the backyard in a dream.

A backyard is obvious in the back of a house, which can stand for hidden things. You may have some secret that you don’t want people knowing about, or you may be hiding something from others.

Lastly, you may feel like people are not taking you seriously, or like they are not appreciating you as much as you would like to be appreciated. You want to be noticed, but you may not know how to do this.


Cooking bacon is generally a good sign as long as you do not burn it. Eating bacon in a dream is also a sign for good things to come.

If your burn the bacon, or if you are eating old and rotten bacon, then this predicts misfortune to come.


Seeing or hearing about bacteria in your dream can symbolize the invisible things that can hurt your body in your waking life. This has to do more with mental illnesses than physical illnesses. This can have to do with stress, anxiety, or depression.

This can also symbolize the growth of this illness, as bacteria tend to reproduce quickly.

Bacterial Warfare

If you are dealing with bacterial warfare in a dream, then this can symbolize that you are not taking into account how much your mental illnesses can affect you. This more often has to do with how society sees mental illnesses in relationship to physical illnesses. Acknowledging how serious these mental aspects of your health can affect you is highly important if you are having these kinds of dreams.


Feeling Bad

If you have a bad feeling in a dream, then this can show that you are feeling badly in your waking life. You may feel like you are not as confident or independent as you used to be. Something seems off-center in your life.

This dream can also show that you may be feeling guilty about something that you have done in your waking life. You need to apologize or do something to remedy this feeling in your waking life if you want to be able to remedy the dream.

Doing Something Bad

If you did something bad, like a crime, in your dreams, then this can show that you are afraid of something that you are doing in your waking life. You may be afraid to try something new or take on a new job or something else. Looking up for the term of the crime can lead to further dream analysis.


Seeing or wearing a badge in a dream often relates to a real organization that you are in. This badge in your dream can be a symbol of what being in the group in your waking life means to you. This can represent your sense of pride, strength, and confidence.

If you are not currently in any sort of group, then this badge can represent all of these things, but in context to a group of friends that you have, or a group that you are in at work, instead of a physical group with meetings or other activities. If you are not in a group, this can also symbolize your sense of authority, or your feelings with dealing with someone who is in a position of authority over you. Any pictures, symbols, or lettering on the badge could also provide additional symbolism.


To dream of a badger can mean that you are feeling  “badgered” or annoyed in your daily life. These dreams are often caused by a number of small annoyances that can get to us during the day and bug the dreamer ever after they are asleep! These dreams are almost always seen as annoying or bad by the dreamer as well.

However, dreaming of a badger can also be seen as a good sign, but only if you have dealt with some bad luck lately. The badger can actually be seen as a sign of luck in some dreams, but only if it doesn’t try to attack the dreamer.

Dreams of badgers can also come if you are terribly angry at someone or something. Badgers are notorious for being ferocious little creatures. They fight for anything, and for any reason. Seeing a badger in your dream, especially an angry one, is a sign that you need to sort through your own anger so that you can better understand it and prevent yourself from lashing out like the badger that you see in your dreams.


Playing badminton in a dream can show that you are trying to keep up with the world around you, but you are still falling behind. Paying attention to detail and pacing yourself can help to remedy this.


Seeing or using a bag in a dream can mean many different things since bags in our waking lives can be used for so many different purposes. A bag’s main purpose in our waking lives are to hold or carry something. In dreams, a bag best represents “carrying” a grudge, or “holding” onto things that we shouldn’t anymore. Different kinds of bags will use this symbolism, along with their own to give the bag more meaning in your dreams.

Shopping Bag

If you are shopping in a dream and you fill bags with your purchases, then this can symbolize the need to buy things in your waking life. The meaning of this dream also depends on how you feel about shopping in general. Some people love shopping, so this would be a happy dream more or less about abundances in life. However, if you get anxious or worry about money when you are shopping in your waking life, then these feelings can be absorbed into the meaning of the shopping bag in your dream. Over all, the shopping bag can relate to your feelings about your finances.

Handbag (Purse)

While you may think that a handbag would be closely related to a shopping bag, their meanings are actually quite different. A handbag more or less can show how you feel about yourself, your identity. A handbag holds all that you need while you are out. What is in a person’s purse varies from person to person, showing what is essential to them. Often in these dreams, it is not the handbag itself that matters so much as when we look at what is inside of the bag. Noting and looking up the symbolism behind what you find in your handbag is very important when it comes to depicting the meaning of your dream.

Luggage or Carry-on Bags

Although we rarely carry luggage with us when we are only carrying the necessities, the necessities are exactly what luggage can symbolize in a dream. Even though luggage is all about travel in our waking lives, its meaning in dreams actually has little to do with this. This has more to do with the fact that luggage zips up most of the time, so that all of our belongings stay in it. Like the handbag, our belongings is what is key to the meaning of the luggage. In general, luggage has to do with hidden things, since we cannot easily see inside of a suitcase or carry-on bag. We are hiding these things from ourselves and others, protecting them. What is inside of the bag could be what we strive to protect, or what we think we need to protect ourselves in our waking lives.

Trash Bag

To see a trash bag in your dream can symbolize the things that repulse you. The things in the bag may be things that you are disgusted by, things that you wish to get rid of from your waking life, or things that remind you of things that you have done and regretted in your waking life. In essence, these are things you would love to “throw away” in your waking life if you would. This symbolizes the things in your life that you would be better off without.


eating a bagel can show that there is something missing in your life–symbolized by the hole in the bagel.

This can also be used as a kind of mental sexual innuendo, representing your sexual drives and desires.


See Bag*


While listening to the bagpipes might not be pleasant in your waking life, it doesn’t mean that listening to bagpipes is your dreams is a bad sign, unless the playing is actually terrible in your dreams as well.

The meaning of the sound of the bagpipe in your dreams directly relates to how it sounds to you in your dreams. If you like the sound, then this is a sign of good things to come. If the melody is haunting or sad, then this is likely to symbolize a bad mood or illness to come. The way you think about the sound is what the sound means. It’s as simple as that.

If you are playing the instrument, then this can relate to your sex life. If you are rocking it on the bagpipes, then that probably means that you’ve been rocking your bed too. If you’re a terrible bagpipe player…well, then you need some more practice in both areas of your life.


Bailing Someone out of Jail

If you are paying someone else’s bail, then this implies that you are hanging around the wrong sort of people, the kind of people that might actually need bail money some day. This is a good time to re-evaluate your friendships and figure out which are worth your time and money.

Getting Bailed out of Jail

If you are the one that needs bail money, then this can symbolize that you have been doing some risky activities that are likely no good for you. This can show that you need to change your ways before you actually get in trouble for it.

If you are not doing anything particularly bad when you have these dreams, then this can show that you are hanging out with some people that could get you in trouble. This has basically the same meaning as dreaming of bailing someone out of jail, only with less harsh accusations by the dreamer’s mind.

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