Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 8

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Dictionary of words begin with Letter B - 8

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Belly – Dreaming of seeing a belly

A Healthy Belly

Dreaming of having or seeing a healthy belly shows that you have strange desires. This could mean that your sexual desires are odd or that your ambitions or goals are weird.

A healthy gut can also symbolize a person’s gut instincts. This represents your sense of intuition and your most basic drives. Depending on the mood, this dream could show that you need to act on your intuition more often or that you need to stop acting on intuition alone.

A Swollen or Injured Belly

Seeing a swollen belly in your dream can predict that you will become sick soon. This could also show that you are already sick, physically. If you are already sick, then you are likely to be sick for a little while longer.

See Abdomen* for further dream symbolism.


Your belongings in your dreams are a representation of what you desire or wish to have. These items can also represent the way that you feel about certain objects or ideas. While these items in our dreams may seem unimportant, they can be the key to understanding why we are thinking the way we do. In some way, we associate ourselves with the belongings in our dreams. Once you can find the relationship between yourself and the item in your dream, you can figure out the object’s symbolic meaning. Like many dream terms, this sign’s real meaning is what you make out of it yourself.


Losing your Belongings

Losing our belongings in a dream represents the feeling of loss that comes, well, when we lose something. How you react to losing your belongings in your dream is a great depiction of how you deal with loss in your waking life. It is good to note this if you decide that you want to change the way you react to loss.

Looking up the term for what your belonging in the dream actually was, if you can remember, will add further symbolism to this dream.


To Feel Beloved

To feel beloved in a dream represents your inner feelings related to the feeling of being loved or cared for. If there is another person in this dream who you know in your waking life that makes you feel loved, then this dream could directly correlate to your feelings about this person. These are almost always seen as good dreams.

A Beloved Person

Seeing someone, you love in your waking life will change the meaning of this dream term depending on how you feel about this person when you have the dream. If you are going through a rough patch with your beloved, then this can show that you need to deal with your problems soon if you want to be able to fix them. If you are having a good time with your partner, then this can represent the feelings of love you have for this person. This is a good dream sign if you are having a good time with your partner, but a bad sign if you are not doing so well with your partner.


If something is literally below you in a dream, this can represent our feelings about something figuratively below you. For example, if you are above your workplace, on the roof, or something like that, then this can show that you think the work that you do is “below” you. The same goes for people. When you are above an item in your dreams, you need to relate it to something in your waking life to find what you feel like you are too good for.

This dream could also show that you feel detached from whatever you are above. You have little to no emotional attachment to whatever is below you. This could show that you are content with this feeling, or, if the mood of the dream is unpleasant, you could wish to change your feelings.

What you are above of in your dreams will add symbolic meaning to your dream.

See Above* for further dream symbolism.

Belt (Clothing)

Wearing a belt in a dream can show that you feel like you are restricted in some part of your life. This usually has to do with a dreamer repressing their emotions or thoughts. Sometimes it may feel like someone else is restricting you, but for the most part, with the belt sign, this is a sort of self-restriction. This could show that you are repressing simple emotion and white lies, or bigger things, like a person’s sexual desires or goals that they wish to aim for.

A belt can sometimes predict how your social life will do as well. If your belt is new in the dream, then this can show that you will make strides in your social life or business life. However, if the belt is old and faded, you are more likely to be rude than charming.

Belt (Machine Part)

Seeing a belt in a machine can show that you have a strong drive for something. This could represent strong feelings for just about anything. Most likely, it has to do with primal desires and needs. This could show that you need to eat or sleep more. This could also show that you need sex or something like it. Another strong drive this could represent is a drive for an opinion that you have. Some opinions are strong enough to work their way into dreams, and this could be the case if you are dreaming of machine belts.

Since all belts are a circular shape, see Circle* for further dream interpretation. Also, looking up the term for whatever machine the belt was in can be of some help.


Sitting on a Bench

Sitting on a bench alone can represent your feelings about loneliness. You may be sitting alone in the dream because you feel like you cannot trust the people around you. This could show your inner feelings about your friends and the people with whom you spend the most time.

Someone Else Sitting on a Bench

To see other people sitting on a bench can predict that you are about to be reconnected with some old friends. You may be able to fix some broken friendships or get in touch with some friends you have not seen in a while. Either action is a great reaction to having this dream. This dream can hold even more significance if you know the people sitting on the bench in your waking life. These are likely the people who you will reconnect with.


Being benevolent or seeing a benevolent person in your dreams can show that you are generally in a good mood. This is a good time in your life, or you have had a good day recently, and your dreams reflect your good mood.

This can also show that you have felt like people have appreciated you recently. You feel loved, cared for, and like people are paying enough attention to you. This dream can also represent feelings of being supported by others. You may feel connected to others in ways that you usually don’t. This is a good sign.

If you know the benevolent person in your dreams in your waking life, this can reflect how you feel about them. If you know the person, this dream relies almost entirely on how you feel about this person in your dream.


Seeing something bent in your dreams can show that you feel like something isn’t right. Something doesn’t feel like how it should. In a way, you may feel like something within yourself has changed or has been broken somehow. This could also refer to a change that is going on in the waking life that your subconscious is trying to deal with while you are asleep.

Either way, it’s a good idea to analyze this dream to figure out what in your life is “bent” out of shape. Looking up the dream term for whatever was bent in your dream can likely provide a clue to what is wrong or what seems off in your waking life.


To dream of getting some bequest from someone, or to bequest something to someone else in your dreams is a great dream sign! This dream predicts that the dreamer will have good fortune in the future. They are likely to be happier than they normally are.

This dream can also show that the dreamer is feeling more accomplished than usual. They may feel like others are finally paying attention to all of the hard work that they have been doing. They may feel fulfilled in some way or another. They are likely to be in good spirits following this dream.


Someone who you don’t Know

If you do not know the person that you are bereaving, then this can show that you will have some trouble meeting your personal goals. You may work hard but not see much promise from it. You will be cut short in your work and accomplishments. This will result in frustration for the dreamer and likely for the people who regularly work with the dreamer.

Someone you Know

If the bereavement is for someone that you know if you are waking life, then this can show that you will be faced with some disappointment shortly. This is likely to involve something at your workplace or in your social interactions with others. Overall, this shows a grim outlook for the near future.

The relationship that you have with the person who the bereavement is for the feelings that you have while dreaming of it can also impact this dream term’s symbolic meaning.

Bereft (Emotionally)

To feel bereft of feeling, like there is some lack of feeling in your dream when you think that there would be shows that you feel like something is missing in your waking life. Something may feel out of place. This could be feeling that something is physically wrong, or like something is emotionally wrong in your waking life like it is wrong in your dreams. This can be a sign that you need to change your actions if you want to change your feelings.

If you can tell that someone else is feeling bereft of their emotions, then this can show that you feel like someone else is feeling poor towards you in your waking life. This dream term is heightened if you actually know the person feeling this way in your dream. If you know them, this dream term can be shifted by how you feel about the person in your dream. If you have a good relationship with them, then this is an okay dream term. However, if you have a bad relationship with them, then this is a bad dream sign.


Wearing a beret in a dream can represent your feelings about the military. These dreams can correlate with world events, or on a smaller scale, how your country reacts to the rest of the world. If your country is currently at peace, not involved with any wars, then this can symbolize that you feel peaceful at the moment. You are at ease with yourself and your feelings, just like your country is at peace with other countries. If your country is at war with another country, then this can represent the angry or fearful feelings that might be trapped in your mind. Whether you are actually afraid of the war going on in the real world is not so important as what this dream symbolizes: you are afraid of something, and you need to do something–change your actions, take action, or talk to someone about your fearfulness–if you want to be able to feel better.

Like many other dream symbols, the beret’s color has a lot to do with its further symbolic value.

See Hat* for further dream symbolism.


To see or eat healthy berries in your dream shows that you will learn something shortly that will help you in your waking time. After waking from this dream is a great time to understand a problem that may have bothered you in your waking life.

Poisonous Berries

Seeing or eating poisonous berries in a dream shows that you will learn something new shortly or that you have learned something in the recent past that will negatively affect your future. This may mean that you will hear some gossip that will hurt someone else or learn something that will change how you need to look at the world. Either way, it won’t be learning for the better.

The color of the berries may also add some more symbolic meaning to this dream term.


Beryl is a yellow, green, or blue mineral that is sometimes used in jewelry. While it is made of aluminum and beryllium, the materials that make up this gem is not so important as the gem itself. Since this gem’s color varies, looking up your dreams’ color can provide additional symbolism to your dream meaning.

To see a beryl stone in your dream predicts good things to come. This shows that you are in a relatively good mood or that things are going your way.

If the beryl in your dream is in a piece of jewelry, use this definition, as well as looking up the symbolism for Accessory or Jewelry*.

Best Man

Dreaming of seeing or being the best man at a wedding shows that you feel confident that you dream. You may feel like you can take on more responsibility. This could also show that you are trying to improve yourself in some way to make yourself into a better, or more respectable, person.

If the Best “Man” is a Woman

Seeing or being a woman who is the “best man” at a wedding is more common in women’s dreams for obvious reasons. This can show that the dreamer is breaking through gender roles and barriers. This can show that sometimes just because a job requires a man doesn’t always mean that a man is the best one qualified to do the job. Sometimes the “best man” in a work or social situation isn’t always a man.


It’s clear to see that bestiality in a dream has something to do with the dreamer’s sexual desires. A lot of this dream depends on if you like the sex that you are having. If you do like having sex with the animal in your dream, this can show your raw sexual passion. Like the saying, “an animal in bed” could describe you. However, if you don’t like the sex in your dream, then this can show that you have some new sexual desires in your waking life, bestiality or not, that you are not totally comfortable with yet.

If you are into bestiality in your waking life, then this dream doesn’t hold much significance.

Looking up the animal, you were having sex with and the term Animal* can provide further dream symbolism.

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