Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 5

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B - 5

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Beach – Seeing a Beach in a dream

Feeling Relaxed at the Beach

Being relaxed at the beach in your dream can symbolize a multitude of different relationships. This can show how you feel about your family. Being relaxed at the beach shows that you are feeling safe within your family relationships. The dreamer is likely at peace within their life and is comfortable with the people around them for the most part.

Being relaxed at the beach can also show some boundary between the dreamer and someone else. This is represented by where the waves hit the sand. There is a natural barrier there, and this barrier is likely to relate to a relationship that they have with someone in their waking life. This is not likely to be a dangerous or awkward boundary, but a mutual and easily understood boundary.

Being relaxed at the beach can also show the dreamer’s emotions about their relationships. Water is seen as a sign of feeling and emotional fluidity. If there are any people at the beach with the dreamer, especially someone the dreamer knows, this dream can relate to their experiences.

Being Stressed at the Beach

If you feel stressed or anxious while you are at the beach in your dream, this can show that the dreamer may feel vulnerable. Or like they are under some pressure from someone else. This beach dream also shows how a relationship can be seen, but this is more negative than positive light.

See Bank (of a body of water), Bathing Suit, Water*, and any other dream term that might have been in your dream for more meaning and symbolism.


Beach Ball

Playing with a beach ball in your dreams shows that you are feeling light-hearted at the moment. Things seem to be going well in your life. You may feel child-like, innocent, and carefree.

The colors on the ball may also add symbolism to your dream.

See Ball* for further symbolism and any other beach terms that apply to your dream.

Beach House

Living in a beach house, or even just seeing one, in your dream shows that you have been working hard lately. It would help if you took some time to relax and generally take some time off from work.

This dream may also show that you want to be noticed for all of the hard work that you have done. You may feel like you are not appreciated enough for everything that you do. You want some reward for all of your hard work.

This can show that you may need to confront something as well. This dream can show that you have been avoiding some issue or emotion that lies within yourself. This is a time to confront this emotion or the situation that is bothering you. Even though ignoring your problem may be bringing you all of the bliss of a beach house in your dreams, the problem is likely to cause you more emotional stress if you do not face it soon.

See Beach* and any other term that seemed to be significant in your dream of the beach house.

Beacon (Light)

Seeing a kind of light in a dream shows that new and warm relationships will come into the dreamer’s life soon. This is especially the case if the dreamer has been in distress lately. This shows that things may seem dark now, but things are also about to get better.

If the dreamer is ill, then this can show that their illness will clear up soon and that they will feel better in general soon.

The Light is coming from a Lighthouse.

If the beacon in your dream comes from a lighthouse, this shows that the dreamer’s life will soon become easier. Tasks will be easier to accomplish. The dreamer may feel “lucky” in the days or weeks following the dream.

See the light or Lighthouse* for more dream symbolism.


To see beads in a dream shows that you want attention to someone at a higher position at work or higher social standing in another part of your life. You want to be appreciated and noticed by people who you strive to be like. If the beads in your dream are scattered, then this shows that you are disorganized in your life. You may see yourself as being at a lower level, socially or intellectually, than your friends, which could bother you.

Counting beads in your dreams can show that you are happy with what you have at the moment. This has more to do with finances, but it could also relate to how you see yourself in your social setting and work. The number of beads in your dream can also add more symbolic meaning to this dream.

If the beads make up some jewelry, see Accessory or Jewelry for supplemental dream interpretation. The color of the beads in your dream may also provide additional symbolism.


Seeing a bird and paying close attention to its beak in your dream may show that someone in your life has been annoying lately. They may have been butting into your personal life or otherwise interfering where they don’t belong.

This could also show that you might be the one who is interfering in other people’s life. This could mean that you need to learn to mind your own business if you want to keep healthy relationships in your life.

Lastly, this could mean that you have been gossiping lately. The gossiping that you have been doing may be hurting someone else or may just be hurting your reputation. Quitting gossiping so much will be able to improve your social situation.

See Bird* or the type of bird that was in your dream to get further dream symbolism.


Using a beaker in your dream can show that you are mixing different parts of your life to make something bigger than yourself or mixing different aspects of your personality to become a better person or improve yourself somehow.

This dream can also show that you regularly think more objectively than creatively. You are a problem-solver. You may have a problem that you are dealing with currently in your waking life that you are having trouble figuring out. This dream may be suggesting that you may need to look at the issue from a different angle or in a more logical way if you want to solve it.


Throwing around a beanbag can show that you are a generally carefree person or that this time has been going pretty well in your life. You are likely in a good mood when you are having these kinds of dreams.

Beanbag Chair

To sit in a beanbag chair in your dream can show that something has been holding you back from reaching your goals lately. You may not feel like you are set in your own way, but instead like you are sinking because of all of the things that you need to do but cannot. While this dream may feel peaceful at the time, the underlying meaning has more to do with repressed stress than anything else. Dealing with your problems head-on and getting up out of the beanbag chair, so to say, is one way to solve your problems.

Beanbag Toy

To play with a beanbag toy, like a stuffed animal, can show that you are an adaptable person. You can change the situation if you need to. The type of animal that the toy is or its name can add more symbolic meaning to your dream.


Seeing Beans

Seeing normal beans in your dream predicts that something will happen, usually to do with illness, to make you unhappy. This could also show that you are already unhappy. A dreamer’s unhappiness usually has when they dream about beans dealing with anxiety and various stressors.

If the beans in your dream are all dried up, this shows that you have been less than prosperous lately. You want to advance in your waking life, but something is holding you back.

Eating Beans

Eating beans in your dream shows that your relationships are struggling. This could be a romantic relationship, but it is more likely to do with platonic relationships. This dream shows that you need to work on repairing these relationships.


Seeing a bear in your dream can show that you are feeling overwhelmed in your waking life. You may feel like you are under a lot of pressure or face challenges you cannot overcome. This is a symbol of fear, anxiety, and stress.

This dream may also show that you are feeling threatened by something in your daily life. You may feel like someone is out to get you or like you are paranoid on some other day.

Seeing a bear can also relate to how you feel in your social circle. Bears do not regularly travel in large packs as wolves might, but instead, they are solitary killers. This dream may show that you like to spend your time alone or feel lonely when you dream. Instead of loneliness, the bear’s sign might also show that the dreamer feels independent, like they can take on any goal that they want to, so long as they put their mind to it.

To Kill a Bear

Killing a bear in your dream shows that you overcome some challenges soon or that you have recently faced a struggle and gotten out okay. You are ready to overcome the challenges that you have been dealing with lately.

A Hibernating Bear

To see a hibernating bear in your dream shows that you have been taking a break on a goal or a project lately. Either this break has already lasted longer than you initially planned it to be, or this dream is predicting that you will be procrastinating for longer than you would have expected.

See Animal* for additional dream interpretation.

Bear Trap

Seeing a bear trap in your dream can show that you are trying to reach your goals and that there is something in the way you actually accomplish your goals. It may be something treacherous, like a bear trap, or just something that you need to move out of the way to avoid. This dream can show that you need to watch out for the things that may be setting you back to avoid them in the future and secure a better path to reach your goals.


A beard means different things depending on what it looks like. The average beard represents the dreamer’s feelings about masculinity in general. Beard dreams are more common in men for this reason. Beards on older men can represent the wisdom that comes with old age. A long beard has to deal with how a person sees their longevity.

Admiring your beard in your dream can show your feelings of vanity. You may have high self-confidence at the moment. In a male’s dream, this can show that he is feeling manly, like he is playing his part as a man well, conforming to the usually male gender role activities.


To see a beard on a woman shows that you are uncomfortable with a situation in your waking life. You may feel like something is “off,” like it doesn’t seem quite right. You may be disgusted by some aspects of your life or by the actions of someone you know.

Shaving a Beard

To shave off a beard in a dream shows that the dreamer is ready to make some of the change in their life, usually to do with how they see themselves. This is, again, more common in men than in women. In a woman’s dream, it may mean that they are ready to make a change in their life. In a man’s dream, it is more likely to show that a man is feeling emasculated at the moment or that they are not living up to their subscribed gender roles and duties. They may be simply feeling “unmanly” at the moment.


To see a beast in your dream represents a person’s most primal fears. Often in dreams, the dreamer cannot easily tell what kind of creature the beast is. This could show that the dreamer fears the unknown or is faced with anxiety in situations that are not clear.

If you can make out the animal, or some of its physical characteristics that may be parts of other animals, look up those animals as well. Also, seeing Animal* can add further dream symbolism.


To Beat an Adult

Beating up another adult can show that there is some aspect of the person that you are fighting that you hate in yourself. By beating the other person, you are beating away your bad ways, almost like a way of purifying yourself. There is something wrong with your life that you want to change, but you may not know how to do this.

To Beat a Child

Beating a child in your dreams can show that you are taking advantage of someone in your waking life or that someone is taking advantage of you. You want to get the upper hand on this person if they are taking advantage of you, but you may not know how to do this. Thinking logically may solve this problem; however, this dream shows that the dreamer is thinking more emotionally when these situations happen, instead of logically from their actions in the dream.

To be Beaten

Being beaten can show that you are having problems in your relationships. This is more likely to do with family problems than with your friends or romantic partner. You may feel like someone is “beating you down,” or something of the like. You may want to speak your mind and “fight back,” so to say, but you may be too scared or not have enough energy to get yourself out of this poor situation. This could symbolize your relationship with the person beating you, assuming that you know them in your waking life.

See Assault for further dream symbolism.

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