Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 4

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Dictionary of words begin with Letter B

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Basket – Seeing a Basket in dream

A basket in a dream can symbolize a person’s physical body and how the dreamer sees themselves: Full, empty, light-hearted, heavy -hearted, and the like.

A Full Basket

Dreaming of carrying a full basket predicts that the dreamer will come into some sort of success or personal achievement. What is inside of the basket will also contribute to the dream’s symbolism.

An Empty Basket

Dreaming of carrying around an empty basket shows quite the opposite of carrying an empty basket. The dreamer has not been living up to their potential lately. They feel unsatisfied with their life. Changes need to be made if the dreamer wishes to be happy.


Basketball in a dream represents your inner competitive spirit.You may have some sort of conflict between yourself and someone else. You want to rise above others and show them your worth.

This dream could also show that you have some sort of inner conflict with yourself as well. You may want to do something, but you might not know if it’s right or not.

See Ball* for further dream symbolism.


Playing a Bass

To play a bass in your dream shows that you are synced up to a sort of rhythm in your own life. You have gotten used to how things are. You have a daily routine that you stick with but are not yet bored with.

Playing the bass can also relate to your feelings about sex. If you are great at playing the bass in your dreams, then this can show that you are currently happy with your sex life. If you are bad at playing the bass, then you might need a little more practice, or that you are otherwise unhappy with your sex life. If you are playing a song that you have never heard of before, then this could show that you want to try new things in your sex life.

Singing in Bass

If you are singing in bass, a deep voice then this can show that you are feeling stable in your life at the moment. You are at a decent place in your life that you can build up from and make your life all the better. See Baritone* for similar dream symbolism.


To dream that you are a bastard in your dreams, assuming that you are not in your waking life shows that you need to learn to be more caring, loving, or empathetic in your waking life. If you do not do this, then your social relationships will begin to decline.

This dream can also show that you feel like you don’t fall in with any certain group. You may feel like an outsider, or like you have to try harder to be involved with a group or a person. Changing some of your habits could remedy this problem.

If you are a bastard in your waking life, then this dream doesn’t convey much symbolism.

Bat (Animal)

Seeing a bat in your dreams can show that your subconscious is trying to speak to you. You may have some inner problem that you are unaware of. At the same time, these thoughts may be in your unconscious because you are afraid of what you might be thinking.

Bats can also symbolize a person’s intuition.

Many cultures see the bat as a symbol for misfortune and death. In these cultures, seeing the bat in your dream could be a prediction of something wrong that is about to happy. Hopefully not a death, but something unpleasant at the least.

While some cultures see bats as a sign of death and despair, other cultures see bats as a sign of transformation. Bats sleep upside down, which can be a symbol or new beginnings, or seeing things from a new light. A symbol of a bat can show that the dreamer is ready to change their ways or start fresh in some way.

See Animal* for further dream symbolism.

Bat (Sports Equipment)

A bat made for sports in a dream can be a symbol for defensiveness. Even though bats are meant to be used for fun and games, they can be a deadly weapon if needed. Strength and power can be represented by the bat.

Bats also tend to have a rather phallic shape, which also makes them a symbol for male sexuality and sexual desires.

See Baseball* for further dream symbolism.


Water is often a sign for emotion in a dream, or in any other kind of symbology. Water in a bath can show that you are thinking more with your emotions than with logic at the moment. Because of this, a dream in which you take a bath is likely to relate to your emotions closely.

Bathing in a Bathtub

Taking a bath in a dream can show that you want to be able to relax. You may feel guilty about something in your waking life, and you want to “come clean” so that you can feel at peace again.

Taking a bath can also show that you are ready for some sort of change, or a new beginning of some sort. Often, this is a change of sexual nature. Whether you are getting a new partner or getting rid of an old one, taking a bath can symbolize that there will be some change.

Taking a bath can also symbolize a person’s general thoughts about sex. This is more common in younger people, like teenagers, who tend to think about sex a lot. In older adults, this could show adulterous feelings or feelings that they want to try something new in their sex life. Generally, fantasies about sex are common bath representations.

Taking a bath could also mean that you are feeling pure at the moment. This shows a sort of transformation. You are cleaning away your old self or your sins, and letting yourself renew again. This can be seen as being related to baptism.

Bathing in a River

Bathing in a river shows that you are more open to suggestion when it comes to your feelings. You are currently being driven by your emotions, but that can change if you get more ideas or information from an outside entity. You are more open to nearly everything around you. To pick a phrase, you are “going with the flow.”

Bathing with Others

To bathe with other people in your dream shows that there may be people in your life that you want to avoid. If you do not cut off these people, then this dream predicts that they will lead you down a bad path, making you feel a lot more dirty after your “bath” than clean.

Warm or Cold Bath

Even though it may seem like the opposite, a warm bath actually has a worse meaning than a cold bath. A warm bath symbolizes that something is polluted in your life. A cold bath can symbolize that your mind is clear and your thoughts are pure.

See Basin, Bathroom, and Water* for additional dream symbolism.

Bathing Suit

If you are Comfortable in your Bathing Suit

If you are comfortable in your bathing suit, then this can show that you are feeling relaxed in your daily life. If you are exposed in some way, then you are not very bothered about it. You are comfortable with yourself in either your physical or mental nature or both.

If you feel awkward in your Bathing Suit

If you are feeling uncomfortable or awkward in your bathing suit, then this can show that you may be vulnerable recently. You may not like who you are, physically or mentally. You may have low self-esteem. This dream could very easily symbolize how the dreamer would feel in a bathing suit in their waking life.

Checking out the symbolic meanings for the body of water that you may have been at in your dream can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Wearing or seeing a bathrobe in your dreams represents that there may be something that you want to hide from others. This may not be a huge secret, but just something that is personal and that you would like to keep to yourself. This likely has something to do with the dreamer’s sexual feelings. These dreams are more common if the dreamer is uncomfortable with their sexual desires, or just if they would rather others not know about them.

The color of the bathrobe may also add more dream symbolism.


To be in a bathroom shows that something is causing you displeasure in your waking life, or that something is getting in the way of your happiness. The dreamer may be faced with countless distractions in their waking life, worrying about what they should do next. The furnishings and decorations in the bathroom will add supplemental symbolism to the meaning of this dream.

See Basin, Bath, Toilet, or Water* for additional dream symbolism.


A baton in your dream can symbolize that that dreamer wants to express themselves more, but they may not know how to do so. This expression has more to deal with the creative expression more than any other kind. The dreamer wants to be recognized for their artistic ability above all else.

Because of the baton’s phallic shape, seeing it in your dreams can also show that you have unresolved sexual desires. You may want to try something new in your sex life.

A Police Baton

A police baton is more of a symbol for strength, power, and authority, rather than a symbol for creativity. This kind of baton can also be seen as a symbol for sex.

See dream signs related to the police or cops for more dream symbolism.


A battery in your dream can symbolize the energy level that you often have during the day. Batteries in dreams are rarely full, as dreamers are tired before they dream. The lower the battery is, the weaker or tired, you might be feeling in your waking life

A Dead Battery

Dreaming of a dead battery can show that the dreamer feels unmotivated in their waking life. They may feel like they are just going through the motions instead of actually living. This could also just show a lack of energy to do the things that they want to do in the first place.

The electronic that the battery is in may also provide some additional dream symbolism.


To be batting in a dream shows that you are being conflicted or confronted by something in your waking life. You are up against some sort of struggle, and whether you like it or not, it’s time to face it head on.

This could also be a sign telling the dreamer that they need to “step up to the plate” and take on more important responsibilities and keep up with their duties.

See Ball, Baseball, Bat (Sports Equipment) or Batting Cage* for additional dream symbolism.

Batting Cage

To be in a batting cage shows that someone or something is holding you back from expressing yourself in your waking life. You may want to confront someone or some issue, but someone or something may not be allowing you to do this. You may feel like you are not in control or your life like you are trapped.

See Ball, Baseball, Bat (Sports Equipment, or Batting* for additional dream symbolism.


Battles in dreams more often represent an internal conflict, rather than an external conflict. This can show that you are battling with something in your mind. Sometimes this has to do with fighting sexual urges and feelings. Homosexual feelings are sometimes represented by battles in this way. Other times, battles can show that we are having difficulty making an important decision. This can be seen as a “civil war” within the dreamer.

This dream also sometimes deals with external difficulties that you might be dealing with in your social life.

If you Lose the Battle

Losing the battle can show that you have made a bad deal with your friends or a coworker lately. This bad deal is likely to backfire on you in the recent future.

See Army, Battlefield, or Weapon* for additional dream symbolism.


A battlefield in a dream can symbolize that the dreamer is struggling in some area or his or her life. This often has to deal with a social or romantic conflict that the dreamer is dealing with in their waking life.

This can also deal with an internal battle that the dreamer might be facing. This could be a battle like quitting smoking or overcoming another bad habit. this could also symbolize an internal struggle, like dealing with conflicting thoughts and emotions.

See Army, Battle, or Weapon for additional dream symbolism.

Battleship (Board Game)

To play battleship in your dreams shows that you need to use more logic when making your daily decisions. You may be “missing” something, someone, or some goal when you do not use logic, but when you do you will be able to “hit” your target, so to speak.

See Game* for additional dream symbolism.


The bay in a dream can show the dreamer’s sexuality, especially if the dreamer is a woman. This can show open sexual emotions. Other emotions can also be represented by the bay, as water is highly symbolic of emotion, and emotional fluidity.

A Boat/Boating in the Bay

If you see a boat in the bay, then this can show that something new is coming into your life. This could represent a new job, relationship, or hobby.

If you are on the boat in the bay, then this can represent changes, not happening suddenly, but over a longer passage of time. Changes that are bigger or more gradual can be represented by riding a boat in the bay.

Animals in the Bay

Seeing animals in the bay, like fish or birds, can symbolize large emotions in the dreamer’s life. These represent emotions that are not easily changed by outside influences. The animal in the bay may provide additional dream symbolism.

See Animal, Bank (of a body of water), Beach, Boat, or Water* for additional dream symbolism.


If you are in control of the bayonet in your dream, then this shows that you have an upper hand over your opponents in your waking life. This may also show that you are in some sort of conflict with someone else. If your opponent has the bayonet, then this shows that your enemies have a hold on you. This can symbolize that you are not in control of your own life.

See Army, Battle, Battlefield, or Gun* for more dream symbolism.

Bay Tree

To see a bay tree in your dream shows the general symbolic meaning of most dreams. You are living a healthy life, and you have goals of reaching an old age. You may have been faced with some difficulty lately and came out of the problem successfully.

The bay tree can also represent your feelings of safety. The closer you are to it in your dreams, the safer you are feeling in your waking life or the more that you feel like you need to be protected.

See Tree* for additional dream symbolism.

Bay Window

To look out a bay window shows that you are trying to expand your horizons, or look at things from a different point of view. You are willing to learn more about a subject before you get an opinion on it.

See Window* for additional dream symbolism.

BB Gun

To see or use a BB gun in your dream shows that there is some sort of threat around you that your subconscious realizes, but that your conscious may not have come to terms with yet. You need to stay vigilant if you want to be able to stay safe. Be alert in strange situations.

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