Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 6

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Dictionary of words begin with Letter B - 2

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Beautiful/Beauty – Seeing beautiful things in a dream.

Seeing beautiful things or people in a dream is a good sign. To see a beautiful, attractive person shows that your future will be pleasant. This will likely have something to do with your career or your financial state. Seeing a beautiful child shows that things will still go well, but this will have more to do with your social life than business.

Beauty Mask

Wearing a Beauty Mask

Wearing a beauty mask in your dream can show that you are struggling with low self-confidence. You may think that there is something wrong with your appearance that you would like to hide from others. This could also represent some mental aspect of yourself that you wish that you could change.

A beauty mask could also signify that we are trying to hide something about ourselves from other people. This could show the dreamer’s deceitful nature.

Seeing Someone Wearing a Beauty Mask

If someone else is wearing a beauty mask in your dream, then this could show that you are trying to live up to other people’s standards, but by doing this, you need to change some part of yourself.

If you know the person that is in your dreams, then this could show that they are hiding something from you in your waking life.



Seeing a beaver in your dreams shows that you are ready to work on your goals. Being patient and determined will help you to accomplish your tasks faster and more efficiently.

This can also show that you have been feeling more independent lately. You might have more energy than usual, and you may have been more productive because of it. You may not want to hold yourself back anymore. You will likely feel more confident if you act like yourself.

A beaver can also symbolize new wisdom you have gained, but that’s not exactly current news. You may have recently learned something that other people have known for a while. The beaver could also represent your subconscious knowledge.

A beaver in your dreams can also show that you are working well with others. While this may seem contradictory to some of the other meanings of this dream term, it all depends on the mood you feel in the dream. Cooperation is shown when the mood is pleasant and sometimes when there is more than one beaver. The number of beavers in your dream may also provide additional symbolism.

Using a Beaver for its Fur/Skin

Using a beaver for its fur or skin to make hats or something else out of it shows that you may be acting inappropriately at work, which could affect your social life and professional life.

See Animal* for additional dream symbolism.


A bed can mean many different things because it is used for so many different things in a person’s waking life. The way a person feels in the dream with the bed also greatly impacts the dream’s meaning.

A bed can symbolize relaxation and comfort. This can show that you are happy with how your life is going and that you are generally carefree at this time. You may feel like you are ready to break from all of the work you have been doing recently. This could also show that you subconsciously know that you need to rest from your daily tasks.

A bed can also show how personal feelings about their sexuality and more or less what they are into while they are in their bed. Especially if you are having sex in your dream, it could be showing that these are things that you actually want to be doing in your waking life. How you feel about what is going on in your bed while dreaming could say more than the actual bed itself. Sometimes applying what you do in bed in your waking sexual life could bring you more satisfaction.

If you commonly have insomnia or sleep apnea, this can show your worries about sleeping in your waking life. You may be worried about the fact that you have problems sleeping or dreaming. This can sometimes correlate with physical pain that you may be feeling in your waking life as well. Sometimes this can refer to mental pain, but this is less likely.

If you are healthy in your dream and are lying in bed, this can show that you feel at peace with the world around you, but if you are ill in your dream, this may predict that you will become ill in your waking life. This could also show that you feel mentally ill–representing anxiety, depression, or something more serious.

To see someone else who is sick and lying in bed shows that your friends may be losing touch with you. This can show relationships that are struggling or that are generally unhealthy. This is likely to mean more if you know the person that is lying in bed.

The colors of the bed sheets can also provide additional dream symbolism.

Bed and Breakfast

To go to bed and breakfast in your dreams shows that you want someone to take care of you. Maybe you have been focusing on other people’s needs recently. This dream shows that you need to focus more on your own life and want others to be concerned about your needs. You want to feel appreciated for all of the hard work that you have done. You want to be able to take a break.

Going to bed and breakfast in your dreams can also show that you need more stability in your life. This may be accomplished by making your life more simple or having other people take over some of your current responsibilities.

Bed Bugs

Seeing bed bugs in your dreams can show that you are unhealthy in some way. This could show a physical illness that you have been dealing with recently or a sort of mental illness. You may be feeling anxious or stressed out lately, and this could be affecting your dreams.

Bed bugs can also symbolize the unhealthy relationships that you have with others. Someone may be taking advantage of you or mentally harming you in some other way.

Trying to Kill Bed Bugs

If you try to kill a bed bug in your dreams, then this can show that there is some problem that you are facing in your daily life. These complications may be too difficult to deal with on your own. You may need help to deal with some problems in your life.

See Bed* for further dream symbolism.


To dream of a bedpan shows that you are in some emotional, rather than physical, pain. You may need someone to take care of you. You need to take a break and give your emotional wounds some time to heal. You may not feel like you have control over your emotions during this time, which could make things feel worse in both your waking and dreaming life.

This dream could also show that you feel like you are not as emotionally attached to someone or something you used to be. This could show that you want to be emotional but cannot figure out how to do this or do not have the energy to do it.

Even though you may need a bedpan in your dream, this does not symbolize that you are losing control over your physical body.

See Bed* for further dream symbolism.


To be bedridden in a dream can show that you are in denial of something. This can show that you are “lying back” instead of facing reality. This dream is more or less saying that you prefer dreaming about your waking life because of what greets you there.

This dream can also show that you are oblivious to something going on around you. Until you open your eyes to what is around you and take the time to understand it, then these dreams will not be likely to end.

See Bed and Bedroom* for further dream symbolism.


A bedroom can symbolize a person’s creative side or secretive side, depending on the dream’s mood. A bedroom is a place where a person can be alone or invite others. Because of this, depending on if there are other people or not in the bedroom, this dream can represent your feelings about being isolated or intimate.

Having New Furniture

If there is new furniture in your bedroom, then this can show that you are in for a pleasant time in the future. This could also show that you are ready for a new beginning. You may want to try new things or meet new people. This may also show that you are ready for new sexual relationships.

Whether old or new, the furniture in your room can also add symbolism to your dream.

Bed Sheets

Looking at or buying bed sheets in a dream can represent your sexual nature. This can be a clue to what your secret sexual desires are. These thoughts may be trapped in your subconscious, and by dreaming, you are bringing them to your conscious.

The pattern or color of the bedsheets can also have important dream symbolism within them.

See Bed* for further dream symbolism.


If you Wet the Bed in Real Life

If you wet the bed in real life, then this dream does not hold much symbolic meaning. It may show that you are anxious or stressed out about your bed-wetting, but that’s about it for dream meanings.

If you only Dream of Wetting the Bed

If you do not actually wet the bed in real life, but only in your dreams, then this can show that you are anxious about something. You may feel like you are overemotional recently. This has a lot to do with the relationship between how you act now compared to how you acted when you were a child. You may have many child-like feelings running through your mind that might be causing your problems in your current life.

You may also feel like you are not allowed to be as creative as you used to be. This has to do with child-like expressions and thoughts, as well. You want to do things that don’t really seem like something that an adult would do. Pulling yourself away from your responsibilities for a little while and giving yourself that added bit of freedom may be able to reduce the occurrence of these dreams.


Seeing bees in your dream can represent a sort of collectivist view of the world. You may have recently started to excel when it comes to working with others. This dream can also show that working with others, whether it be at your workplace or elsewhere, will improve your life and help you accomplish your goals faster than you would be able to on your own. Even if you are usually an independent person, getting some help from time to time can greatly improve your life and generally make it easier to deal with.

Dreaming of bees can also show the general organization of your social life. How the bees act in your dream could easily represent how you act with your friends and other loved ones. This can show the way that you feel with your friends as well. Are you the leader of your group or a follower? How the bees in your dream act may show your position in your social circle.

Bees can also represent fertility by the way that they pollinate flowers in real life. This can show a woman’s feelings about pregnancy or her desire to become pregnant. This could be a simple desire or something more complex thoughts that may only be in your subconscious for now. This also depends on how you feel in this dream and on how the bees are acting.

To get more general meanings of bees and other bugs, see Insect*

Beech Tree

Seeing a beech tree in your dreams symbolizes longevity, strength, and wisdom. This dream shows that you need to pay more attention to your surroundings if you want to learn from what is around you.

If you are in a bad mood in this dream, it can also symbolize death or illness.

See Tree* for more dream symbolism.


Raw Beef

Seeing or eating raw beef in a dream can predict that something is physically wrong with you or that something will be physically wrong with you shortly. This is a good time to be extra careful to do a better job of avoiding pain or accidents. This dream may also show that something is already wrong with you and that you might want to get this checked out by a doctor.

Cooked Beef

Cooked beef is a more positive sign than raw beef in a dream. This depends on the mood of the dream, however. If the dream is unpleasant, then this can show that something bad could happen. This isn’t a physical issue as with raw beef, but it is more likely to be mental than anxiety or stress. If you feel happy in your dream, then the beef can show that your social and business life is likely to flourish.


Seeing a beehive in your dreams shows that new opportunities will come your way and that it would be a mistake to let them pass you by. You will likely have to work with someone else when this new opportunity comes, and it should all be worth it.

The beehive represents teamwork and hard work. Even if a new opportunity does not come to you after having this dream, you can always make your own opportunities by working well with others. This could even lead to a promotion.

An Empty Beehive

If the beehive in your dream is empty, then this can show that you have been struggling in business recently, and likely in communication as well. It would help if you worked on fixing both your professional and recreational relationships.

See Bee* for additional dream symbolism.


To dream that you are a beekeeper shows that you need to spend less time working and more time doing the things you love. In short, you need to find some balance between work and play in your life. This has everything to do with your professional and social life.

This dream could also show some dangerous or emotionally sensitive task that you need to handle carefully in your waking life. It is best to think before you act in these situations, which is what this dream represents.

See Bee and Beehive* for additional dream symbolism.

Bee Pollen

To dream that you are eating bee pollen or adding it to your meals shows that you want to make your life simpler to eat foods or exercise. This dream shows that you want to become a healthier person.

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