Dream Dictionary B (2): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Dictionary Letter B 2

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Bailiff – Seeing Bailiff in your dream

If the bailiff in your dream is virtuous and has no noticeable flaws, then this shows that you want to make yourself into a better person. This could mean that you strive to improve yourself intellectually, morally, or in another way.

If the bailiff in your dream has been arrested, had an affair, or has done some other grievous sin, then this shows that you are in the presence of people who will slow you down in your attempts to make yourself better and that you will make more progress if you spend less time with them. The crime or sin that the bailiff committed can also add symbolism to your dreams.


Dreaming of using bait for hunting or fishing can show that you are ready to use your skills, even the manipulative ones, to get what you want.

This can also show that you may be “fishing” for attention or appreciation from others. You want people to notice you and all of the hard work that you have done.

If you are fishing in your dream, see Angling* for more dream symbolism.



Outside of a Bakery

If you are outside of a bakery shows that you need to take caution in your job. There are many dangerous things inside bakeries, ovens, knives, and other hot or sharp objects. The exterior of the bakery could show mistakes that you have made on the job.

Inside of a Bakery

If you are inside of a bakery, then this shows the inside of your character. While the outside of the bakery can symbolize your work life, the bakery’s inside shown your characteristics that you may use at work and in your social life. Noting and defining whatever else you see inside the bakery can also add more symbolic meaning to your dream.


If you are baking, then this shows matters of your home life. If you have children, then this can directly relate to their health and well being. If you bake poorly, then your children are likely ill or will become ill. If you bake well in your dream, then this can mean that your children are doing just fine in health and life in general.

Baking can also symbolize poverty and pain in the same way. If your baking turns out well, this could mean that your finances are in order and that you should be doing relatively well in your waking life. If the baking doesn’t go well, then this could mean that you aren’t in the best of financial situations, or that your friends are suffering financially, and that this worries you.


When you have trouble maintaining your balance in a dream, this can show that you are having trouble weighing the pros and cons of a problem or something else in your waking life.


If you are Happy on the Balcony

If you feel content on a balcony, this can symbolize that you are feeling relaxed or need to get away if you want to feel relaxed. While a balcony symbolizes a kind of disconnection, this disconnection can be good at times.

Being on a balcony can also show that you have a wider view of the world below you, or in your waking life, of less intelligent people than you are. This could also show that you need to widen your viewpoint if you are usually narrow-minded.

If you are Upset on the Balcony

If you are feeling poorly while you are on the balcony, this could symbolize that you are disconnected from others and that your relationships may not be going well in your waking life. This has more to do with romantic relationships rather than relationships of any other kind.

Being upset on a balcony can also symbolize a loss of friends or upsetting news about them in the recent past or the near future.


If you dream of someone bald in your waking life, then this has no special meaning. However, if you meet someone else who is not bald or someone you know who is not bald in your waking life but is bald in your dream, this can take on special meaning.

If you are Bald

Going bald in your dream depicts your feelings about growing old. This may come with feelings about being useless or generally feeling depressed because you are aging. Anxiety, fear of the future, and general feelings about aging are all represented by being bald in a dream.

Seeing a Bald Man

If you are seeing a bald man in your dreams, this can show that you need to be more alert in your waking life if you want to outwit those around you. You are most likely to outwit those who know more about the topic than they do.

A bald man can also symbolize wisdom and experience. This depends on how the man acts in the dream. If he is confident, then he falls in this category. If he seems unsure of himself, then he falls in the above category.

Seeing a Bald Woman

If you see a bald woman in your dream, then it means that you feel contempt towards that woman if you know her in your real life. If you do not know this woman, then she is likely a symbol for a woman who is close to you that you are in a bad temper with at the moment.

Seeing a Bald Baby

To see a bald baby shows that you are content in your family-life at the moment. Your children are likely to listen to you better shortly, and this will make you feel more relaxed and happier.


Baldur is an ancient Norse god who is the second son of a powerful Norse god, Odin. Baldur was known as the god of love, forgiveness, and peacefulness. In Norse mythology, he had a nightmare that he would die, so all things vowed not to hurt him, except for the mistletoe plant. The Norse god of mischief, Loki, later killed Baldur with a mistletoe spear.

This dream symbol surrounds the idea of our own mortality. This shows that no one is perfect, that everyone has some flaw that could lead to their undoing. Knowing what makes you vulnerable is important, and this dream may be trying to tell you exactly that.

Ball (Dance)

If you Enjoy the Ball

Seeing beautiful, well-dressed people everywhere dancing to pleasant music is usually seen as a good omen for nice experiences to come. This can show that your relationships are likely to improve, especially your romantic relationships.

If you are Distressed at the Ball

If you are uncomfortable at that ball in your dream, this shows that you are likely to be uncomfortable in this situation in your waking life. This can also be seen as a bad omen. Your relationships could be in distress, or someone you care about could be ill or otherwise close to death.

Ball (Toy/Sport)

A ball in your dream can show the relationship between you and someone else. This is more important to note if you are with someone who you know in the dream. This can symbolize that you want to get this person’s attention.


If you are the Ballerina

Being a ballerina in your dream can show that you are taking your life in stride and with ease. You are not having difficulty when it comes to managing your problems. You may feel like you can do anything.

This could also show that you are doing your best to be perfect, pure. You are trying to live up to society’s ideals.

If you are watching a Ballerina

If you are watching a ballerina dancing, then this can show that you may be avoiding certain issues. You will likely feel better if you tackle the problem head-on instead of “tip-toeing” around it.


Dancing or watching ballet symbolizes the state of a person’s romantic relationships. If the dreamer is married, this can symbolize that they have a happy marriage. If the dreamer wants to be with someone but is not with them, this can symbolize their dramatic struggle to be with someone they want to be with.

If the dreamer is not currently in a romantic relationship, then this can show this person’s general enjoyment in life. This can show the activities that bring them joy, only symbolized by the enjoyment they are likely to find at the ballet.

See Dancing* for further symbolic meaning.

Ballet Shoes

Dreaming of ballet shoes can show that you want to be careful when dealing with a problematic situation. You want your life to be as balanced as stable as possible, so you think heavily before making any choices in your waking life.

Ball Game (Sports)

Playing a sport that involved a ball can symbolize the challenges you deal with in your waking life, but they are likely to be viewed in a competitive way rather than a stressful way.

Playing a ball game can also symbolize conflict or competition within yourself. You may be struggling to decide with two sides to it. Playing this game in your dream may be one way for your brain to work out this internal conflict.

Playing with balls can also be seen as a euphemism for masturbation if you are a man. This could show that you are masturbating too often before bed and that you would be happier trying to find a romantic partner, even in a competitive setting.


Seeing or Holding onto a Balloon

Seeing a balloon could symbolize your inner need to party. This shows happy emotions. Balloons can show our need to celebrate something. These dreams are common after we have achieved something great in our waking life. It’s like the party of the goal is continuing even in our sleep.

A balloon can also symbolize different aspects of sex. Breasts, condoms, and even simple emotions about sex can be symbolized by holding onto a balloon. This could mean that you want to have more sex or that you need to be safer when you have sex.

Releasing a Balloon

If you let go of a balloon in your dreams, this can symbolize the relief you would get if you let go of a grudge, a problem, or even a person who is causing you problems in your waking life. This can also symbolize the hope that we will be greater and get to higher places once we let go of whatever is holding us down.

These dreams can also symbolize the anxiety that comes with letting go of something. The future is hard to predict, and this is likely to worry you. This usually comes with worries about traveling or business.


Seeing or using a ballot can show that you need to make an important decision soon and that you may need advice on what to do, even if the issue is personal.


Being in a ballroom shows that you are feeling light-hearted at the moment. You are ready to enjoy life and generally have a good time. You may feel more open to new people and new experiences than you usually would be.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing in a dream can show that you have been successful lately. Things are going well for you, and you have a relatively positive attitude at the moment.

See Dancing* for further symbolic meaning.


Bamboo is a strong and resilient plant. Seeing bamboo in your dream can show that you have these traits as well. However, you are also flexible and able to handle problems with ease.

This can also represent the strong bonds that you have with your friends and family members.


Bananas tend to have a phallic shape, making it no wonder that bananas are a symbol for sex or penises in our dreams. Bananas also represent sexual desire and pleasure.

If you are a male and you are eating the banana in your dream, then this could symbolize some latent or obvious homosexual feelings that you may have.

If someone gives you a banana in your dream, this can symbolize your need or desire for sex or sexual activities.


To be in a band in your dream or to see a band can symbolize your need for teamwork and communication in your life. This can show your inner desires to be more harmonious with the people around you. You may want to be more efficient, but you may not know how to do this.

Being in a band or seeing a band perform in your dreams can have to do with a wide range of feelings, mostly dependent on the music that the band is playing. The songs being played may represent a feeling that you are repressing but want to “sing” out.

If you are playing an instrument in the band, then this has more to do with your feelings about sex and the emotions related to it than emotions of any other sort. If you are very good at playing your instrument, you may predict that your sex life will get better in the future. If you are not so good at playing your instrument in the band, then you’re not likely to have the best of luck in the bedroom shortly.


Wearing a bandage in your dream can symbolize an obvious injury that you have in your waking life. Of course, wearing a bandage in your dreams can symbolize hurt feelings rather than an actual hurt body. These could be emotional damages that affect you now and have happened recently, or that happened a while ago and are still affecting you today.

Wearing a bandage can also show your feelings about being too vulnerable. You may feel like you need extra protection during this time or wish you could provide to others. This could show that you need reassurance that things will “be alright,” so to say.

This can also show your inner anxieties about becoming ill, dying, or someone who knows becoming ill or dying.


Wearing a bandana can show that you need to start thinking more objectively instead of subjectively. Use logic in your decisions instead of basing everything on your feelings. Thinking things through thoroughly will make a big difference in the future.


Dreaming that you are a bandit shows that you are giving in to your primal instincts, both sexual and violent.

See Bad* and Criminal* for further dream symbolism.


Being banished in a dream can show your internal fear of death, illness, or injury. If you ban a child or see a child becoming banished, this shows your inner anxieties about failing at work or with your friends. Improving your work and friendly relationships could be able to ease these dreams.

This can show that the dreamer is worried about being cut off from others in any way, as illness or death tends to do. If you have dreams of banishment, then this may mean that you should try to communicate with others more often or visit a doctor to make sure that you are not really ill.


Listening to/Watching a Banjo Player

If you are watching someone play the banjo, then this can symbolize that you are generally in a good mood recently or that good news is coming your way. You will be likely to enjoy yourself shortly.

If a stranger is playing the banjo, then this could imply some worry about the future. Even though things may be going well for you in the present, you may still be worrying about the future. Anxiety can be symbolized by someone else playing the banjo.

Playing the Banjo

If you are the one who is playing the banjo in your dream, then this can show the amusement that you get from your sexual life. Playing an instrument, in general, can symbolize your sex life or sexual organs. Playing the banjo could refer to the pleasure that you get from sex or masturbation.

Bank (Building)

The bank’s building itself can represent security, comfort, high self-esteem, and even intelligence and power. The bank can stand for all of the things that many people want to be: rich and powerful.

Looking deeper into the bank’s vaults can show the deeper feelings that you might try to be hiding from others and protecting inside of yourself. These can be anxieties, fears, and secrets.

Being in a bank can also symbolize your general feelings about money. These feelings usually have more to do with anxiety or anything else. This can also show our financial hopes for the future and the worries that come with it.

If your Bank Account is Full

If you have a lot of money in your bank account in the dream, then this can show that you are feeling respected and loved by your family, friends, and coworkers. This shows a sense of accomplishment in your waking life.

If your Bank Account is Empty

If your bank account is empty in your dream, then this can show that you have been careless in your financial and business endeavors recently. This can show that you wish to do better in your financial life, but you will likely need help from others if you want to do this well.

Bank (of a body of water)

Standing on a riverbank, or a bank of another body of water, in your dreams can show that you have reached your limit. You may be anxious about trying new things or meeting new people. You may have trouble dealing with people who do not see things in the same way you do.

This can symbolize that your emotions are essential to you and consider them when making big decisions. This dream could show that using your feelings to make choices is okay, but it would be better if you used more logic when making choices.

If you are standing or falling into the water in your dreams, then this can show that you are worried that you rely on your emotions too much, or that your emotions are taking over your life, or that they are generally out of control.

See Water* or River* for more dream symbolism.

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