Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 15

Dream Analysis of B words – Page 15: Bragging to Brewing

Dream Dictionary of B words - Page 15

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Dreaming that you are bragging about your dream shows that you feel like you have low self-confidence. You are bragging because you are actually feeling poor about yourself and want to sound okay to the people around you. This could reflect your actions in your waking life.


A braid in a dream represents that you have many small problems in your waking life that seem to be coming together to make one large problem. You will need to “untangle” your mess of problems if you want to solve them.

See Hair or Rope* for further dream symbolism.


If you are read Braille in your dreams, this suggests that you are doing your best to express yourself in your waking life, but you are trying to be subtle about it. Changing how you express yourself can make it easier to do so.


A brain in a dream can symbolize intelligence easily. It also represents how we think about other people or imagine what other people think about us. The brain can also represent creativity.


Seeing your Brain

If you can see your own brain in your dream, then this shows that something in your surroundings will cause you some problems in the near problems. These are likely to lead to stress, anxiety, or another mental problem.

Eating Brains

If you are eating brains in a dream, then this shows that you will gain knowledge shortly. You will be able to gain something, likely money, from what you learn.

See Head* for further dream symbolism.


Getting brainwashed or seeing someone else get brainwashed in your dream shows that you feel like you cannot make your own decisions. It may feel like someone else is in control of your life. If you want to feel better, you need to take control back into your own hands.


Using the brakes in your car in a dream shows that you have been living life “in the fast lane” recently. This dream is trying to suggest that you need to slow your roll in your waking life if you want to get more out of your life at all.

Failing Brakes

If the brakes in your car are not working when you need them to, then this shows that you are in a safe spot in your life at the moment. This dream warns against taking risks in your waking life. You need to be subtle in your actions and try not to make any big changes for a little while.

See Car* for further dream symbolism.


Brambles represent either an obstacle that is getting in your way of completing a goal or a duty if the dream mood is bad. If the dream mood is good, then the brambles can represent something that is protecting you in your waking life, keeping evil at bay.

Caught in the Brambles

Being caught in your dream brambles can show that someone or something is working against you in your working life. If you are not wary of this, you will be held back or distracted from completing your goals.


Branches of a tree can show that many small things go into making one great thing. This can show that your skills and other aspects of your life will come together shortly to help you to accomplish a goal. Please take note of the little things in your life, as it builds up to be something bigger and better.

Branches can also represent your family tree and your relationships with your different family members. Your mind may be trying to tell you to reconnect with your family so that you do not lose these valuable connections.

A Bare Branch

If the branch has nothing on it, then this shows that misfortune will come your way if you do not get better yourself or improve your relationships somehow. This dream is a warning.

A Fruitful Branch

If the branch is bearing fruit or even just leaves, then this dream shows that your social life will come into bloom. Your relationships will become better and more prosperous than before.

See Tree* for further dream symbolism.


A brand can symbolize ownership. If something is branded in your dream, then this can show that you feel some control over it, or you wish to. If you are branded, this suggests that you feel like you are not in control of your own life; someone keeps you from doing what you want.


Seeing or drinking brandy in a dream suggests that you will come into some wealth, but you will not have the necessary skills to budget it properly. You will feel rich for a moment, but it is likely to be short-lived unless you change the way that you spend your money.

See Alcohol* for further dream symbolism.


Brass can represent a person’s personality. Brass is used to making many instruments, making it reflect “loud” or standoffish personalities. While the person that the brass represents may not act this way in public, they likely do this in private.

Seeing something made out of brass in a dream predicts that you will receive a promotion or extra duties at your workplace. While this upgrade will come with many benefits, this dream symbol also predicts that you will become stressed or anxious because of the added responsibilities.


Hearing a donkey bray in your dream predicts that you will be interrupted from something important shortly. It is not likely that whatever interrupts you will be of much importance.

If you saw the donkey in your dream, see Ass* for further dream symbolism.


Good bread in a dream predicts that the dreamer will have an easy day or week after the dream. This dream is a good sign. However, if the dream is moldy or rotten, then this shows that the dreamer is more likely to have bad luck throughout the week than good.

All predictions aside. Generally, bread in a dream can represent a person’s necessary means to live–the most basic things that they need: food, shelter, communication, and the rest. Bread represents our feelings about what we need to live, whether we have enough to live, and even the dreamer’s thoughts about having children and bringing new life into the world.

Eating Bread

Seeing a woman eating bread in a dream predicts that your children, or children around you, will begin to act up at the most inopportune moment. This is likely to annoy you and bring down your day.

Breaking Bread

To dream that you are breaking bread with others shows that your social standing is in a good place at the moment, and it is not likely to waver from that anytime soon. If you know the people with who you were breaking bread, then your relationships with these people will also provide additional dream symbolism.


A break in anything in your dream represents a feeling of loss or damage. This could represent a promise that has recently been broken, a friendship that has ended, or even something as simple as a memory of actually physically breaking something in your waking life.

In the prediction side of dream meanings, breaking something in your dream is a bad sign. This predicts that tempers will flare in your relationships. This is likely to cause you problems in many areas of your life, from your social life to your professional life, if you are not careful.

Break Dancing

To be break dancing in your dreams shows that you feel like you are in control of your life. You know how to express yourself positively creatively.

If you see someone else who is breakdancing, then this shows that you need to learn to be more flexible with your thoughts and opinions. Becoming more educated on things that you feel strongly about may be able to help.


Eating breakfast in a dream suggests that your mind has been hard at work recently. You are doing well in most of your endeavors. If you are eating with others, then this shows that your success will keep up. Also, If you are eating alone, then this predicts that others will try to get in the way of your plans.

If you know the people you are eating with, your relationship with them will affect your dream’s meaning. Looking up the foods that you were eating for breakfast can also add more dream meaning.


To dream that someone has broken into your home shows that you are in denial about something you are doing or thinking about in your waking life. Some part of your personality is starting to make you feel uncomfortable with yourself. This dream shows that it’s time to change your actions or thoughts to be more at ease with yourself.

If you are breaking into someone’s house, then this shows that you are looking in the wrong places to figure out how to understand yourself better. If you want to understand yourself better, then this dream suggests that you do it in subtle ways, rather than playing out radical expressions of your personality or desires.


If you break up with your partner in your dream, then this shows that there is something in your waking life that you need to give up to be happier. This may or may not directly refer to your partner.

If you are being broken up, with shows that something in your life will be coming to an end shortly. This could refer to your relationship or not. This dream is not a prediction.

This dream term, in general, could refer to your fears about breaking up with your partner.

Breast Implants

Dreaming that you have gotten breast implants shows that you are insecure about your body. This may or may not directly relate to your feelings about your breasts. This dream could show that you do not feel “sexy” enough or that you do not compare to others around you.

See Breasts* for further dream symbolism.


Wearing a breastplate in your dream shows that you are trying to protect yourself from emotional damage. This is shown by the breastplate covering the heart.

Breast Pump

Using a breast pump instead of breastfeeding shows that you know that you can provide for yourself and your family. This dream has basically the same meaning as breastfeeding.

See Breasts* for further dream symbolism.


Whether you are a man or a woman dreaming about breasts, they hold a sexual connotation in dream symbolism. The breasts can represent a person’s sexual desires or general sexual feelings about breasts or women in general.

Seeing breasts can also be a symbol for the life-giving milk that they produce for infants. If you see breasts in this way in your dream, then this represents your feelings about babies or having one someday.

Because of the connection of breasts to babies, seeing one in a dream also suggests that you feel the need to be connected to other people, particularly family members. You may need love, comfort, or even just someone to socialize with to feel better.

Breastfeeding in a dream can also show a symbolic need to be closer to family members or represent feelings about having a child one day.

See Baby* for further dream symbolism if it applies to your dream.


Breathing or breathe in general can symbolize a person’s life force. This can represent the intelligence and experience that the dreamer has gained over his or her lifetime. Breathing in can show that you are taking in the world around you. You are taking in knowledge, life, experience, and everything else that contributes to your personality and livelihood.

Someone Else’s Breath

If you are preoccupied with the thought of someone else’s breath in your dreams, then this can show that you want some connection with this person. This dream will mean more if you know the person in your dream. If you do know them, then your relationship with them, and your feelings for them, in your waking life will dictate the meaning of this dream symbol.

Having Trouble Breathing

To have trouble breathing in your dream, whether from illness or something else, predicts that you will become ill shortly. This does not insure illness, but some failing; this could be in business, relationships, or health.

Holding in Breathe

If you are holding your breath for no particular reason, this dream suggests that you feel like you are not in control of your life. You feel like someone else is directing you in life, like you are not free to have your own creative expression.

If you are holding your breath because you are underwater, then this shows that you are relaxed and aware in your waking life. You are taking in what you see around you without reacting much to it. You are an observer, not an actor.

Breathalyzer Test

If you need to take a breathalyzer test in your dreams, then this suggests that you have been acting erratically in your waking life recently. Your mind is trying to tell you to tone down your actions so that you do not actually get in trouble in your waking life.


A windy breeze in a dream suggests that ideas are flowing in and out of your mind quickly. These dreams are more likely to occur when you are actively trying to learn about something. The strength of the breeze in your dream can also add more symbolic meaning. If the breeze is weak, then this suggests that, while you may be trying to learn something new, the progress is slow-going. A powerful wind may show that you are doing something quickly but causing you stress or anxiety.


If you are brewing alone, this shows that you are doing something in your waking life that is causing you stress or anxiety. However, this dream also shows that if you keep up what you are doing, these feelings will eventually fade and be replaced with profit from all of your hard work and sacrifice.

If you are brewing for a large company or group, then this shows that you are trying to rise above your peers, but someone or something is holding you back. This dream predicts that someone is trying to get in the way of your success and might even be willing to get you in trouble while they are doing so. Eventually, goodwill overcomes this person, but you are likely to become stressed while they are still working against you.

See Alcohol* for further dream symbolism.

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