Weasel Spirit Animal: Meaning and Symbolism of the Weasel Totem

What does seeing a weasel mean?

The Weasel Spirit Animal

The Weasel Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does the Weasel spirit animal mean?

A weasel’s ability to get close and see without being easily detected makes it a symbol of stealthy. A weasel spirit animal is believed to be a mysterious animal of the wild. It knows and sees things other creatures cannot see. It is the spy of the wild. Despite its small size, it sends messages of imminent danger to other animals of the wild.

The weasel spirit animal is essential since it develops your inner being and heightens your perception on various issues. If you have doubts about something, this animal teaches us to trust our instinct. Also, it shows us to learn how to separate the genuine and the wicked people in our lives.


The Weasel Animal description

Physical Characteristics A weasel belongs to the Mustela family. These active predators have a short leg and a slender body. The male is relatively more significant than the female. They feed mainly on small mammals, especially rodents, and they have tails that vary from 34 to 52 mm.

What does a Weasel Symbolize?

Weasel as a symbol of silence and graceful

This spirit animal is hardly seen or heard in the wild. Therefore, it is hard to track their territories. The Native Americans sought the blessing of a weasel before going to war. They believed that the weasel would help in remaining unanimous during the war. Also, the weasel’s ability to ditch their enemies remains interesting.

Weasel Spirit Animal

Weasel as a symbol of a coward

Many cultures across the world believed a weasel is a coward. Facts regarding this animal, however, dispute this thinking. Contrary to this belief, this animal is bold and confident. They take out bigger animals for food. At times hawks try to hunt these animals but end up dead instead. Its looks cause this perception. A first look at this animal creates an impression of a weak link and a fearful animal.

Weasel as a symbol of justice

The Greeks believed that the god of redistribution and justice took the form of a weasel. The Christians trust that snakes are tools of the serpent sent to destroy the world. The ability of a weasel to kill large snakes despite its size is impressive. God sends them to avenged deaths caused by these deadly snakes.

Weasel as a symbol of dedication

The Weasel spirit animal teaches us to live lives fully. We should, however, not burn yourself out when trying to do this. It travels long distances looking at every tunnel without the fear of any possible danger. Members of this family put their lives in danger when hunting large prey. They live all their lives trying out new things.

Weasel as a symbol of observation and willingness

Finding people with weasel animal totem is rare. The weasel’s ability to see long distances with clarity is tremendous. Those with this spirit animal hardly miss anything in their lives. They also can accurately predict future outcomes.

Weasel as a symbol of bad luck

The Greeks viewed this animal as a symbol of bad luck, especially for nearly or newly married couples. Whenever a weasel crossed a path of pride, it is as a sign that the bride will not make a good wife. The neighboring country Macedonians, however, believe it is a sign of good luck or good fortunes for the new Weds.

Weasel as a purifier

The Christians view snakes as unclean animals sent by Satan to destroy the world. Despite their size, weasels are tactical in killing large venomous snakes. They feed on these snakes; hence Christians believe that these snakes are God sent to clean the world.

 Weasel as a Spirit Animal

Across the world, there are different believes about the weasel spirit animal. Some are positive, and others negative. For instance, the Europeans think that when a weasel passes by your house, you might be in danger of being facing death, or a member of your family is facing the same.

The Israelites consider this animal as unclean, while the Egyptians believe that this animal signifies purity. The Chinese, on the other hand, thought that weasel could listen to everything. They have a saying that you should attentive like a weasel.

The weasel spirit animal is an all-knowing creature. Its ability to see and notice a future happening makes it unique in the wild. This animal spirit teaches us to be truthful to ourselves to find the hidden answers in our life when you find yourself worrying about something seek the power of a weasel for intervention.

Through this animal spirit, it is difficult to be caught off-guard on essential things. A weasel helps us in making the wisest choices on essential issues. Whatever decision you make worth the guidance of a weasel spirit is the best decision. A weasel animal is an important animal in your life, after all!

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