Tarot Cards Meaning, History and Symbolism

What does tarot mean?

Tarot Cards Meaning

Tarot Card Meaning, Symbolism, and Their History

Tarot cards are used as a version of fortune-telling and are usually composed of 78 cards with four different suits, 14 cards in each case; and 22 picture cards. In most parts of Europe, these cards are used for recreational activities and the prediction of imminent events. People believed that the word ‘tarot’ was first derived from the Arab word “turug.” It means ‘four ways.’ Tarot history dates back to the 14th century when they used it in some parts of Europe.

Tarot Card History

It has been suggested that current card games are the modern version of those cards used many centuries ago. According to Tarot history, there is also some speculation—the first tarot cards created in Milan, Italy. Also, during that same era, additional trump cards were introduced. Tarot history also tells us that the deck’s added cards were known, famously, as the triumph cards, which are now used as the play cards. From the first time it was introduced and used by Europeans, the cards have undergone several changes. Therefore, the pictures and symbols illustrated on the face of the cards changing as well.


Used Tarot Cards for Amusement

Around the 15th century, Tarot became popular in most parts of Italy, and even the rulers of Milan used tarot cards for their amusement. Tarot history also indicates that people who believed in occult practices for divination used these cards. So, the French became fascinated by the magical and spiritual imagery that the tarot cards depict. Through this fascination, the use of tarot cards for fortune-telling and divination has become popular among fortune-tellers. During the 15th century, though, the government had forbidden the use of any playing cards, except for the tarot cards. This piece of Tarot history only cements the idea that these cards are widely accepted in high society.

The Symbolism of Tarot Cards

Since mass production of tarot cards was then not possible. The images in the cards printed by hand. It is also only since the invention of the printing press that there has been large-scale tarot card production. It is said that the first person to have used and interpreted the pictures and symbolism of tarot cards for divination was Antoine Court – a former Protestant preacher.

The Meaning and Interpretation of Tarot Cards

According to tarot history, one of the groups of people who used the cards for prediction and fortune telling are the gypsies, and this continues today. Therefore, several French people gave different interpretations of tarot cards. Allied, a firm believer of occult faith, designed his mysterious deck of tarot cards. In his design, also the use of new astrological symbols and an Egyptian theme was very prominent. He then included the divine interpretation and meaning of each image depicted on these cards. In this way, Tarot history progressed to have set definitions for each of the cards.

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