Bird of Paradise Flower Meaning and Symbolism

What does a bird of paradise symbolize?

Bird of Paradise Meaning and Symbolism

Bird of Paradise: Meaning and Its Symbolism

Flower Botany and Sources

This tall flowering plant is considered to be one of the tallest flower-bearing plants ever discovered. Bird of paradise (common name for the genus), or Strelitzia in the botanical world. This is also a genus of perennial flowering plant having five species and is native to the South African regions. Strelitzia was derived from Mecklenburg-Strelitz. So, the hometown of the Queen of the United Kingdom. In South Africa, where this flower is native. This flower is also known as the “crane flower.”

This flower was also known as the bird of paradise (common name). This is only because it resembled the bird of the same name. Typical bird of paradise grows from 2 to 4 meters tall, with large leaves that reach up to 200 centimeters long and resemble that of a banana leaf (with longer petiole). In terms of this flower meaning, its overall looks and origin have a significant impact on what this flower symbolizes in the modern era.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Bird of Paradise

The Victorian language of flowers has lots of good things to say on this flower. As it is visible to the bird of paradise flower meaning and symbolism of modern times. For the Victorians, the bird of paradise is also associated with freedom or independence (representation of the flower’s resemblance to the bird of paradise bird) and good fortune or right perspective (representation of the flower’s upright position saying “I am might”).

Sending this flower to your special someone is the same as saying, “I am faithful to you” (hence this flower also represents faithfulness). Bird of paradise is perfect for flower arrangements, especially on the hallways and entrance part of the reception area, and as a display inside your house or your office. The flower meaning and symbolism also used by many artists in their artworks to convey hidden messages of liberty.

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