killing Snake in Dream: Meaning, Interpretation and Dream Symbolism

What happens if you see killing a snake in dream?

Killing Snake in Dream Meaning

Killing snake dream meaning and dream symbolism

Some say the dream symbolism of a snake means fear or that you need to defeat it. Others will say that your relationship with the snake is incomplete. Maybe we’re terrified of snakes, and we don’t understand why.

Dreams are personal, not related to anyone’s life. You are the one in control of what goes into your dreams. You can be anything you want to be, and when you go into your dreams, your dreams are yours to create. Dreams happen so fast. In fact, we don’t know it’s there until we wake up.

What is happening to us is that snake dreams are the thing that holds us back from our goals. If we were able to turn our dreams into reality, then we would be free. But we cannot. We are stuck in our dreams, and we need to find out what stops us from making our dream a reality.


Finding out what it is and changing it is the only way out. What makes it seem like we are afraid to face the dream symbolism can be anyone’s interpretation. In many cases, our fears and anxieties keep us from taking those steps in life. So, to move forward, we need to face the symbolism and see what holds us back.

It doesn’t matter if you have dreams of winning the lottery, winning the lottery jackpot, or you would like to spend your life with your own daughter or son when you are using the dream symbolism of a snake. Also, you are bringing your attention to something that is holding you back. Find out what the symbol means to you and use it to change your life.

You will probably find that the meaning of a snake dream is quite complex. The fact that snakes are something that only a few people are familiar with should tell you something. The meanings are deep and profound and very often can be completely misunderstood.

The dream meaning of a snake is based on the idea that snakes are symbols of death. It’s true. In ancient cultures, they would display snake statues, either as a good luck charm or to signify that you would die soon. The serpent in Greek mythology represents death, and so it is quite fitting that a dream about killing a snake would include death.

Many people may consider this to be a dream meaning death. But the reality is that it’s the loss of innocence. While the serpent’s symbolism was to represent death in ancient times, there is nothing wrong with this now. It represents life itself.

The dream meaning of killing a snake may indicate something else entirely. You may be getting ready to try something new. Try taking a class, for example. Or, maybe you are looking to travel and get away from your routine. Maybe you’re in a new town and would like to try some of the things you’ve never tried before.

If your snake is afraid of the dark when you are killing the snake, you might have a bad dream, meaning fear. Maybe you need to find something to help overcome that fear. Maybe it’s time to step out into the light. When people face fears, they can face their fears more easily. They’ll find more courage.

Sometimes, if you are killing a snake in your dream, it will not negatively connotate. You may be a victim of a snake bite. A snake bite can be excruciating. In fact, some people even have scars from snake bites.

Final Thoughts

However, it could also mean that snake is targeting the yoke. You’ve seen one before, and you know how to kill it. In some ways, you might be killing your inner fears and apprehensions. You might be ready to move ahead in life. You might be ready to get out of bad relationships and move onto new opportunities.

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