Wasp Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism, Dream of the Wasp Totem

What do Wasps symbolize in dreams?

The Wasp Spirit Animal

The Wasp Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does the Wasp spirit animal mean?

A Wasp is synonymous with its painful sting. When a wasp stings you, it reminds you that it’s time to wake up, be true to yourself, and start fighting the right fights. The wasp reminds us that merely thinking about your dreams will not make them come true.

It would help if you had a plan, perseverance, and action towards it.

Alternatively, a wasp reminds us that change is inevitable in life. Whenever you resist change, it is merely an injustice you are doing to yourself. In case you have been doing the same thing over and over without realizing any changes, consider changing your tactics.


The Wasp Animal description

A wasp is a flying insect found all over the world. They are black with yellow markings resembling those of a bee. There are around 75,000 recognized species of this insect. They have a poisonous sting that takes a few days to soothe. Some, however, do not bite, that bite dies after using the bit. Just like insects, wasps are social insects. One nest can host to 10,000 insects.

The Wasp as a Spirit Animal

The wasp spirit animal is a very significant insect. The appearance of this insect symbolizes promising moments ahead of you. These insects are vital in reminding us to focus on the real issues that will bring spiritual enlightenment in our lives.  Always pursue what is worthwhile since life is too short.

People with this insect as their spirit animal are often relaxed, independent thinkers who strive to achieve their goals before anything else. They never allow anything to come between them and their dreams.

They care less about their romantic lives. On many occasions, they will choose to do what they think is right without consulting their spouses. Also, they do not commit to long-term relationships.

Wasp Spirit AnimalWhat does the Wasp Symbolize?

A wasp as a symbol of power and humility

The female wasp shows the highest level of compassion for others. Despite being the ruler, it portrays great humility. It is a big lesson, especially for those in power. Also, use the power given to better the lives of others.

A wasp as a symbol of diversity

Despite their different outer color, wasp coexists comfortably. This vital lesson to human beings, the difference in our complexion, should not separate us. Appreciate our difference in appearance and understand that we are all the same in our inner nature.

Wasp as a symbol of independent thinking

People with this insect as their spirit animals are often independent thinkers and are difficult to influence. They love doing things their way. Usually, they find themselves on the wrong side of the law. New trends or ideas are implemented first by these people.

Wasps as a symbol of sacred geometry

Its intricate framework, connection to numbers, and various angles they take to signify that they hold secrets of mathematics. Their nest is Hexahedron shape. Through these insects, we can understand the dynamics of geometry.

Wasp as a symbol of female power

In the wasp world, strength lies in females. The only role male wasp play is procreating. Women are responsible for building, looking for food, and spread the species. Persons with wasp as their spirit animals are mostly feminists. They always stand for the rights of women.

Wasp as a symbol of fertility

In wasp king, one queen manages to create up to 15,000 wasps by herself. This is fertility on another level. No insect in the world can reach that level. People with wasp spirit animals are so fertile and have many children.

Wasp as a symbol of both independence and teamwork

This a rare trait held by a few animals. Wasp, at times, works as a group and, in some instances, work as one. People with wasp spirit animals are often very adaptable. At the place of work, they also can comfortably work independently and as a team.

The Wasp in your Dream

What does a dream about a wasp mean? When stung by a wasp in your goal, it signifies the need to look carefully at what is going on in your life. What you are doing now will come back to bite you in the future. A dream of a wasp building a nest is a sign of success in pursuit of your goals. Lastly, if you kill a wasp in your dreams signifies your capacity to stand for your rights fearlessly against your rivals.

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