Pheasant Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

Pheasant spirit animal totem meaning

Pheasant Spirit Animal Totem

The Pheasant Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Scientists classify Pheasants as birds. They do not fly for long though hence spend most of their time on land. Pheasant male species have a gorgeous look. It helps it to attract females in their domain. These birds originated from Asia. They belong to the Phasianus colchicus species. People hunt these birds for domestication and food. The pheasant has a very significant symbolism as a spirit animal. In this article, I will discuss the meaning, message, and symbolism of pheasant spirit animal or animal totem.

Meaning to Pheasant Spirit Animal

Taking a keen study of the pheasant behavior looks and adaptation will help us to understand this article thoroughly. Pheasant has an association with the life of pheasant as a bird. The beauty of the male species of pheasant is a symbol of our sexuality. Its ability to know when to appear and spread itself and when to camouflage is a good lesson. We are going to use this feature to discuss the pheasant spirit animal. Pheasant also communicates a variety of messages to whoever they appear in life. Choosing the pheasant as your symbol has a unique significance too.


Messages from Pheasant Spirit Animal


The pheasant spirit animal encourages us to use our creativity towards our successful destiny. Passion, talent, and creativity can help you reach high levels in life. Pheasant male uses its beauty to be able to attract the female. This message enables users to find our passion and talents rather than our profession.

Keenness in Life

Pheasant is an attractive bird but also careful. It knows when to appear and disappear. It has helped it to survive from its prey. Pheasant communicates a message of being keen on life also. We should not trust easily and take things for granted; rather, we should be much careful. For you to achieve your dreams, you need to have this virtue in life.


Confidence is a message communicated by Male Pheasant. These birds seduce the female ones in society. It shows its beautiful body to the world. It helps the male to be able to start a family. Pheasant spirit animal encourages us to go for what we want with confidence. It is the only way we will be able to overcome any challenge that may come our way. Faith will help you to achieve, pursue, and reach your destiny. It is excellent communication to have.


Pheasant birds don’t stay long in the air. They dwell much on land feeding. It is their natural behavior. This behavior passes a message of being relaxed and calm with your situations. You should remain focused no matter what. It is a good encouragement not to panic when in challenges. The fact that Pheasant spends most of its time on the ground helps it even to feed and mate. The sight flying ability also encourages us to always fly over our life challenges. They have a balanced life between flying and remaining on the ground.

Good Harvest

When a Pheasant spirit animal appears, it is a communication of proper ending. It doesn’t mean that you’re a farmer but in general life. We all strive to achieve something in life. Pheasant shows that your achievement is almost. You need to be keen and happy when seeing this spirit guide.

The Symbolism of Pheasant Spirit Animal

Gift or Talent

Pheasant is a symbol of your gifts or talents. When appearing to someone, it encourages them to use their Passions, abilities, and contribution to your life achievement. When you implement your gifts and talent, you become very productive in your endeavors. It is a reminder to make use of your abilities.


Male Pheasant demonstrated a stunning appearance to the female. It helps the woman to choose the correct male to start a family with in the future. They have a unique presentation hence symbolizes sexuality. Some people also associate it with a high libido.


A pheasant spirit animal is also a symbol of abundance. It is an excellent sign of your hard work when appearing. Pheasant totem shows that your breakthrough is almost near. It encourages one to keep up with the hard work.

SUMMARY: Pheasant Totem

Pheasant spirit animal has an association with power in China. It is a symbol of nobility. Japan used the bird as a message. Pheasant plays a vital role in world beautification.

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