Reptile Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning and Symbolic Significance

What does Reptile mean spiritually?

Reptile Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Reptile Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

The reptilian symbol is one that bears in all the totemic symbols of the animals of the reptile totems. Moreover, this means that it is the collection of all the symbols that belong to the reptiles in the world. These many symbols have common meanings that apply to the people of the reptile spirit animal. However, some of the reptiles have so many other significant and unique symbols that they bear on their own.

Furthermore, the reptile totems also have an impact on the lives of humans. So, the people that belong to the reptile spirit animal are the people of the reptile spirit animal. Or, one can also refer to these people as the people that are born under the reptile spirit animal. Moreover, the people of the reptile spirit animal use the traits of the reptiles and their attributes to make meaning of their own lives.


They do this by emulating the attributes of the reptiles. They, therefore, use the qualities to make predictions into their future lives or as a guideline of their daily lives.

Description of Reptile Spirit Animal

The reptiles also act as spirit animals to many people on earth. Although, some people tend to find most reptiles quite repulsive do their predator taste and just the general look. One has to agree that most reptiles are just scary. Some of the reptiles live on land while others in the water, although some of them tend to stay in both the water and land — for example, the crocodile and alligators. This gives the duality of the energies of land animals, spirit animals, and water animal totems. All reptiles fall under the classification of cold-blooded animals.

Meaning of Reptile Spirit Animal

Some believe that reptiles are some of the ancient animals on earth. Moreover, they also make for the best potent spirit animals. Also, many have been using these animals as their spirit animals since the old days. Some of the most common reptilian totems are the serpents, the lizards, the tortoise, the Komodo dragon, the crocodiles, and the alligators. However, for one to make headway into the meaning of the reptile spirit animal, one also has to look at the attributes of the reptiles.

Furthermore, the reptiles usually appear in one’s life, or they manifest themselves in their dreams or visions. It is advisable never to ignore the sight of the reptiles. This is because they always have totemic messages that they need to pass. The signals are usually for the divine realm. Also, the heavenly dominion uses the symbols of the reptiles to help guide the people of the reptilian logo. One should bear that the reptiles like the tortoise have the symbol of wisdom in many cultures in the world. Therefore, it believes that it is their animal spirit animal and ignores the message they can miss out on the sumptuous of opportunities in life.

Symbolic Significance of the Reptile Spirit Animal

For one to make the appropriate meaning of the reptile symbol, they have to look at the common animal attributes of the reptile totems. Since the reptiles have many and varying totemic definitions, one has to be quite keen when drawing out their purpose. However, they also share some of the symbols like the sun, heat adaptation, and rebirth. Moreover, they also have significance to our health, emotions, and perceptions, among many more. Many believe that reptile spirit animals can help one maintain a sense of steadiness in their life.

Reptile Animal Totem in Cultural and Religious Setting

Since the reptile is one of the most spread animals on earth, they have been in use as an animal spirit since time immemorial. This means that many cultures have them as spirit animals. Moreover, some of the religions have used the reptiles as a god for many years too.

Snake Symbol Christian Culture

In the book of the genesis of the Bible, the fallen angel Satan manifests itself into the spirit of the serpent. He does so with the reason to deceive God’s most beautiful creation in the Garden of Eden: Adam and Eve. From his bitterness with his father, he decides to corrupt one of the things he held most dear; the humans. By doing so, he damages the image of one of the most innocent creatures of the Garden of Eden, the serpent.

Also, out of anger due to the betrayal of his creation, God places a curse on man, woman, and snake. He states that the snake shall always crawl on its belly and bite the heels of man for eternity. On the other hand, the man shall always seek to step on the head of the snake at first sight. While on the woman, he increases the labor pains tenfold.

This is one of the reasons that explain why the serpent is an instrument of hell by Christians. Therefore, many of them do not associate with the snake whatsoever the case.

Snake Symbol in Chinese Culture

However, ever the eastern part of the world has the snake as one of the delicacies. It is hard and rare to catch; therefore, if one found one, they would be happy. This means that the snake was a source of nourishment. Moreover, they also took time to induct it into kung-fu styles like the crane. This means that the snake is a symbol of power among the Chinese and agility. Moreover, snakes like the cobra could bite one and disappear into the bushes without a trace.

Summary: Reptile Spirit Animal

The reptile spirit animal meaning is a collection of all the types of reptile totem meanings. It represents the commonality of the attributes of the reptiles attributes. Moreover, it has so many purposes due to the many reptiles that live on earth today. Thus, the people that belong to this spirit animal should work hard to learn most of these symbols.

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