Bat Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism and Dreams of Bat Totem

What bats symbolize?

The Bat Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Bat spirit animal mean?

The Bat is like many other animals, is a spirit animal to many people. Some people prefer to associate with the bats because of their many traits. So, the people who associate with the bat’s unique attributes are bat people. They emulate the qualities of the bat to help them gain meaning in their lives. Also, they copy the bat’s features to receive guidance from the divine world. The message of the heavenly world is one that should take seriously. However, if one misconstrues the signals, they are most likely to have problems.

The Bat Physical Description and Characteristics

The bat is one of the mammals with the ability to fly. Also, they have fur on their bodies with an eerie looking structure. They are too blind and depend on echolocation to help them navigate obstacles in the dark. Moreover, the bat lives in dark places like caves and under shady trees. Also, the bats are nocturnal and only come out during the evening or at night.


Furthermore, the bats prefer to sleep upside down with their wings covering their heads. Some people associate the bat to the fictional vampire character the Count Dracula. This has given the bats negative attributes. Therefore, this makes some people fear bats. Besides, some of the bats prefer to feed on the blood of animals. However, some bats feed on fruits, thus the name fruit bats.

Bat Spirit AnimalMeaning of the Bat Symbolism and Messages

What does seeing a bat symbolize? The bat spirit animal/animal totem bears the signature of one having the ability of significant adjustments in their lives. So, one should have the insight to be keen on their environs. Also, the people who emulate the bat trait and manifest their energy are bat people. The symbols of the bat spirit animal totems serve as guidelines for the bat people to make meaning of their lives. So, the entire bat people should work hard toward learning them.

Furthermore, the bat spirit animal means that one can make blind choices based on their guts. They do not have to have the full story, but they can use their intuition to make their decision. Alternatively, the bat spirit animal means that one can start a new journey into the spiritual realm without ego. They, however, have to make sure that they keep at par with their inner spiritual self. Also, the bat spirit animal serves to remind the bat people that if they remain in their present status, all will be well.

Symbolic Meaning of the Bat Spirit Animal

The bat people have the highest level of sensitivity. Also, they are quite conscious of their environs. Some people believe that the bat people can see through lies. Besides, they are also friendly and tend to have many friends. They are good at communicating and have powerful family bonds. Some of the symbols of the bat spirit animal are:

The Bat: Symbol of Intuition

The bats have one of the best intuitive abilities through their echolocation signals. This is because the bats do not see well at night but have the best earring ability. They can, therefore, navigate the darkness well and make their way to the target without any problems. This is one of the talents that the bat people can emulate. They can use their instinct and perception of the world to decide to make deals with other people.

The Bat: Symbol of Rebirth

Just like the symbol of intuition, the symbol of rebirth serves as a guideline. It shows us how we can go through the dark times without worrying about getting hurt. That even if we get hurt in the process, we can always get back up and continue. Therefore, one has to face their fears at all times without a worry in the world.

Some also believe that bat is a shape-shifter. The bat can transform. This can mean to us that we have to make adjustments and start going after new ideas. This is because other old ideas have grown stale. They also have to be at one with the universe and accept its tidings.

Alternatively, the bat spirit animal serves to remind the bat people to less egotistical. They should, however, find ways to make peace with their spiritual sides.

Symbolic Meaning of the Bat Dream

What does it mean to dream about bats? The bat always manifests itself in people’s dreams due to the celestial realm. Spiritual beings, therefore, want us to learn something. They also want us to realize the possibilities that we may have or things we can avoid in real life. Therefore, if one meets a bat in their visions, they have the potential of making it big time. However, they have not been able to channel their potential to the right course.

Furthermore, the dreams of bats can bear some strong energy. The energy has the potential of being negative or positive. Since the bats have the commonality with the tales of demonic entities in some cultures, they don’t bear good tidings when you see them in your dreams. They mean that one is mentally and emotionally unclean if they appear in their goals. Therefore, one should take the time to meditate or pray to the spiritual realm for guidance.

Alternatively, the dreams have the meaning of potential catastrophe waiting to happen. Hence, if one sees the bat in their dream, they should, by all means, pay attention. They should look into the elements of their lives that can lead to such.

SUMMARY: Bat Spirit Animal

The bat symbol, like all the rest, is serving the purpose of guiding us towards our better selves. The bat spirit animal has many qualities that are most beneficial to the bat people. We, therefore, should pay attention to all the messages that they bring. So, the bat spirit animal serves the bat people with the words of possibilities that they can have if they follow the bat spirit animal teachings.

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