Dolphin Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism, Dream of Dolphin Totem

Is seeing a Dolphin good luck?

The Dolphin Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does the Dolphin spirit animal mean?

When the thought of a dolphin comes to mind, the character of protection from attacks by sharks also strikes the mind. The dolphin is also known to protect people from drowning in the oceans. Because of this nature, the dolphin spirit animal is symbolic of courage, strength, and endurance.

Those with dolphin spirit animals are equally confident, courteous, and happy.

Over the years, sailors and fishers have credited the site of a dolphin in the sea as symbolic of good luck. Many have told stories of harvesting big and experiencing calm tides while in the sea. Dolphins are also symbolic of new beginnings, renewal, and rebirth. In ancient Greece, the dolphin was regarded as a symbol of the connection between nature and humankind.


The dolphin is a beautiful spirit animal to have as a spirit guide. Dolphin people are characteristic of being warm, smart, and graceful. They are often creative in their work and talkative at the same time. To find out more about the real symbolic meaning of this magnificent creature, keep on reading this article.

What Does a Dolphin Symbolize?

The dolphin spirit animal is a representation of grace. Dolphin people are calm and collected; they take their time to react to situations, especially those that don’t really matter. They are easily noticeable wherever they go, and most of the time is different from the others.

Dolphin people are also very cheerful. Their cheerful nature makes them suitable for a love partner in any relationship. They sound and look very innocent in everything they say and do. Sometimes, this characteristic may go out of hand, but with all the necessary precautions, they are the best to be around. Their innocent nature, however, does not compromise what they stand for and cannot make them settle for less.

If you have a dolphin spirit guide in your life, you will find yourself compassionate about other people’s experiences. Dolphin people take cognition of the sufferings of those in their surroundings and, as a result, provide a fixing solution.

Dolphin Spirit AnimalThe Dolphin as a Spirit Animal

The Dolphin’s spirit guides its people back to their senses whenever one strays from reality. The dolphin spirit guide reminds us of our dualism nature as human beings. Whenever we are in hostile environments or situations, we can get back to a peaceful and calm state. The Dolphin spirit animal constantly tells its people to check on their thoughts and actions vis-à-vis what the spirit guide requires.

Because dolphins have accepted the responsibility of bringing sanity in the seas, they have earned their position at the helm as “king of the ocean.” If you have a dolphin totem as your animal spirit guide, you should always try to understand and test every situation independently. If something doesn’t feel right, shift back to a better plan or solution.

The Symbolism of a Dolphin Based on Cultures

Different cultures around the world have stories to tell about dolphins. Generally, all the cultures, including the Celts, agree that the dolphin is such a wise creature. The Celts believed that dolphins would open doors for new opportunities and fortune. They also associated the animal with progress and intelligence.

The Greeks, on the other hand, worshiped and adored dolphins. They saw the animal as a supernatural creature that had a strong connection between the sea and the divine forces beyond. Whenever sailors or fishers saw a dolphin follow a ship, they believed it was a sign of good luck.

In Christianity, the dolphin is considered symbolic of Christ. When one saw a dolphin in Christian art, it was a sign of resurrection. Some art communicated the protective and compassionate character of the dolphin. Some were considered to portray the dolphin as the connection between the dead and the divine spirits.

Dolphin Spirit Animal and Dreams

When a dolphin swims in your dream, this is symbolic of good luck and positive energy in the coming future. Dolphin’s dreams come to us as a reminder that success lies ahead. It is the best time to start working on new projects and trust that luck will follow.

Having a dolphin dream could also mean that someone you hold so dearly is in imminent danger. When this happens, you have to check on all those close to you. It could be a friend, a partner, or someone in your family.

Lastly, if dolphins swim in your dreams, it may mean that you are cooperating and relating well with the people around you. It could also be a symbol of the deep connection that you have with your loved ones.

SUMMARY: Dolphin Spirit Animal

In general, the dolphin spirit guide requires us to be joyful at all times. Go out there and express your love with everyone in your surroundings. Do not focus too much and forget about the primary responsibilities of life. Your work should not occupy all of your time and end up forgetting about your peers and family. Dolphin spirit animal is, therefore, reminding you that play, laughter, and joy is the best medicine to relieve stress and have a healthy relationship with everyone.

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