Stork Animal Totem: Meaning and Symbolism of the Stork Spirit Animal

Symbolic Meaning of the Stork

The Stork Animal Totem

The Stork Animal Totem – A Complete Guide

The Stork animal totem high inclination to water symbolizes various factors such as purity, flowing, and life. The newborns have a connection with the spiritual stork hence the belief to be a source of life.

The stork symbolizes rebirth or new life. Its story is a definition of how children are born. Also, the Stork Animal Totem also symbolizes new physical or spiritual beginnings. Even though its physical attributes can be intimidating, its religious values are positive and uplifting.


Stork Animal Totem Description

Stork birds have long legs, stout bills. They belong to the Ciconiidae family. They are migratory.  Their primary source of food is water. They feed primarily on fish, frogs, small birds, insects, and warms. There are a total of nineteen species of stork birds.

They have an enormousness which lasts for many eyes. Initially, stork birds were thought to live monogamous lives; it is, however, not true since they often change mates when they travel. Their faithfulness to one nesting is what leads to their culture and mythology.

Symbolic Meaning of the Stork Animal Totem

The story of the Stork Animal Totem as a symbol of rebirth originated from its migratory behavior in spring.  The Stork animal migrates and returns home when the spring begins to flourish. They breathe life into nature. For this reason, people associated the Stork Animal as the bringer of the new fortunes in nature.

Stork Spirit Animal

The stork is a bird that spends most of its time in the water in search of food. Before it finds food, it walks to mud, which signifies the struggles humans go through before finding a suitable landing place. Once the bird is a fool, it will find another place to rest.

Using this animal’s behavior, you will understand that at times you must go through a muddy situation for you to receive spiritual nutrition. It is essential to realize that your stressful job is leading you to a favorable destination.

The Symbolism of Life and Renewal

Water is a simple life and renewal. In the early day’s lakes, ponds, and all other water sources signified the womb, which illustrates birth. Water is also a symbol of rebirth or renewal. One fairy tells she explains that the spirit of the unborn children dwells on water. A passing then plucked them by the stork and delivered them to their mothers.

Symbol of Motherhood

Even though motherhood is slightly related to birth, the stork is also a symbol of motherhood. The name stork is means mother love according to the Greek etymology. In one German fairy tale, an old woman found a wounded stork and brought it to life. The stork gave the woman a lightning stone as a show of gratitude. To this age, a lightning stone symbolizes fertilization. This tale puts a direct link between a stork bird, a mother, and a newborn.

Symbol of Protection

The stork fiercely protects its home. These birds design their nests specifically to protect their kids. It goes up to a depth of 2 meters, making it hard for predators to get near her home. You would not want to mess around their nest. Also, the stork keeps one mate for a lifetime. It changes because of their migratory nature.

Symbol of Longevity and Good Luck

Are storks good luck? The stork bird lives long hence symbolizes long life. In Asian culture, the stork is a symbol of good luck. The stork bird dives into the water and resurfaces with tasty food. It is highly symbolic for fishers who fish who often fish in the dark with the hope of getting something despite seeing nothing.

Symbol of Purification

The Christian view the snake as an unclean serpent and an enemy of human beings.  The stork expertise in catching and killings snakes is a symbol of cleansing the world of sins by the Christians. When the stork bird resurfaces from water, some of the Stork Animal Totem Messages that passed include:

  1. It’s of rebirth and new life.
  2. Expect new things in life.
  3. It is time to reevaluate the safety measures in our homes.
  4. It is time to honor veterans in society.

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