Swallow Spirit Animal: Meaning and Symbolism of the Swallow Totem

What does swallow bird symbolize?

The Swallow Spirit Animal

Swallow Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Over centuries birds have been used to symbolize different things or activities. Their abilities are extraordinary compared to those of any other creature. Over the years, these beliefs and symbolism have stood the taste of time and are relevant to this day.

What is the spiritual meaning of a swallow? The spiritual meaning of the swallow animal is the indisputable nature of fluidity in life. There are similarities in how the swallow flies and how the fish swim around water cutting sharp corners and making sharp dives. The way a swallow bird combines moisture and air is similar to how human beings cannot do without either air or water.


Swallow Spirit Animal Description

The swallow spirit animal belongs to the passerine birds’ family. They exist in all continents around the world. They have a distinctive appearance with aerial feeding habits. These bird s have around 19 species, most of them found in Africa.  The Swallow birds have a frontal vision adapted to catching the smallest insects.

Swallow Bird as a Spirit Animal

All persons with the Swallow spiritual animal following them all their lives are holy and blessed. These animals give the strength and character that the person portrays. Most people may never realize their religious animal, but if you pay attention to them, you will understand that there is an animal that is always around you. People with a swallow as their spirit possess characters such as holy, happiness, protection, peace, fidelity, love, luck, gracefulness, and ingeniousness.

Swallow Spirit AnimalJoyful

People with swallow spirit are joyful. They love seeing people spend time around them. These people are easy to recognize in a crown because of their way of talking. They often show dignity when speaking or interacting with others.

Peaceful and Faithful

The swallow spit makes your life peaceful. It is not the material things or fame that makes you happy but the small things that bring you happiness and satisfaction. You also value your relationship and faithful to your wife or family. Your primary goal is to ensure your family is okay and to ensure for other’s well being.


Whenever a swallow bird sets a nest in a particular place, the locals will positively benefit since the animal is believed to be a source of happiness. It is not advisable to destroy its nest or destroys its nest will die beside her husband during sleep. The swallow spirit is a protector of cattle in a home. Any harm to the swallow bird will directly affect the animals.

Symbol of Holiness

The swallow spirit directs you to the extended lost family members. Paying attention to the messages passed by these animals is crucial. It is also a symbol of holiness. A person with the traits of a swallow animal is said to be divine right from birth. Despite its tiny size, the bird has extended attributes that are unimaginable.

Swallow Spirit Animal Symbolism

Different cultures have different believes about the swallow spirit animal. The Europeans consider the swallow bird appearance as the beginning of spring. Whenever the bird flew around, it spread love in the community. Also, if you killed the bird, your cows would produce blood instead of milk.

What does a swallow symbolize? The swallow spirit animal symbolized fidelity and prosperity in China. Their Japanese counterparts, however, had a different view. According to them, the bird represented infidelity. According to the Native Americans, the swallow animal totem warned of an upcoming thunderstorm. The Germans believed that the swallow animal prevented your home from fires or storms. Also, if the female swallows crushed their eggs, it would symbolize a bad omen.

An encounter with the swallow animal means that you are not paying attention to what people are saying since you probably talk too much. The swallow bird symbolizes relationships and communication. Also, the swallow bird illustrates how to act appropriately and with class.

Swallow Bird Symbolism in Different Cultures around the World

In Celtic, the swallow bird is a symbol of alternation and fertility.  A tale of God’s sea (Manan) and Cuchulain, the two visited a different world. The two failed to sire a baby together, and on her way to her wife, the swallow animal appeared to her. The swallow bird symbolizes fertility in China.

Are Swallows good luck? The Romanians believe that the swallow bird is God’s favorite animal. Swallow praises God with its frequent singing. The Virgin Mary blessed these birds. If a swallow bird built a nest in your house, it is a sign of good luck and prosperity. Killing this animal is like starting a war with God. The Christians believe that a swallow bird came to Jesus’ forehead and to away one of his pain during his crucifixion.

SUMMARY: Swallow Spirit Animal

The swallow spirit animal provides the ability to use little to create big things. Not only does the animal create a favorable environment, but it also includes grace, agility, ingenuity, and style to a human’s beings life.

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