Thunderbird Animal Totem: Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meanings

What does the Thunderbird symbolize?

Thunderbird Animal Totem

The Thunderbird Animal Totem – A Complete Guide

Animal symbolism is one of the most critical factors in most parts of the world. The Native Americans view the thunderstorm bird as a symbol of creation. Furthermore, frequent fearsome thunders are believed to be caused by Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird Animal Totem uses the electromagnetic from the atmosphere to direction to storm. Also, this animal understands the forces of nature. To understand the meaning of the thunderstorm animal totem, you must realize what lightning and winds are mean.


Thunderbird Animal Totems Description

This legendary creature is distinct from the North American natives.  In this part of the world, the Thunderbird animal signifies a supernatural being with extraordinary strength and power. According to some Pacific believes, Songs, oral histories, and arts refer to thunder animal totem most times. Thunder animal totem had a lot of significance to them, people of the East Coast some parts of the United States like America Southwest, Great Plain, and Great Lakes.

The Thunderbird Animal Totem Symbolism

The meaning of this legendary animal totem varies in various American tribes. This animal symbolizes things like truth, renewed energy, life, and destiny. This spiritual, sacred bird expressed vision and power among the Native American people.

Thunderbird Animal Totem Symbolism

Thunder animal as a symbol of war

When this bird quakes peals of thunder, it is a clear sign of an upcoming battle. However, their appearance and song signified victory in an imminent tribal war. People would begin constructing cries of Thunderbirds in the skies huts using cedar trees. These hats are used to keep possessions acquired during the war. The cedar was sacred to the thunderstorm birds.

Some Native American tribes would perform songs and dances under a cedar tree. The purpose of these songs and dances was to appease the Thunderbird to assure them of victory during the war. They would then construct ceremonial hurts using the cedar tree.

Thunderbird as a symbol of nature and the Sun

Peacekeeping tribes in American viewed this animal as a supreme natural spirit made from the SunSun. In the morning, the Thunderbird issues a dawning day. During the night, the Thunderbird closes its eyes, which symbolizes the end of the day.

The Thunderbird totem teaches us to tap the power of nature and use it to better our lives.  Also, it shows us to use our past to learn about the happenings of the future. Thunderbird totem power draws the direction of our future.

Thunderbird as a symbol life and the giver of Rain

Through a thunderbird animal totem, the community is guaranteed a continuous supply of food throughout the year. Also, rituals are performed using thunderbird feathers to appease the Thunderbird.  This spiritual animal would fight serpent in the water on behave of human beings. It is during these fights that destructive storms are witnessed in water.

Thunderbird as a symbol of the panoramic view

Thunderbird totem helps us view our lives in a bigger picture or a broader perspective. In addition, they help us understand why some things happen in our lives and that there is time for everything. We should try to force things in our lives. Every season should be a new beginning.

This bird seats at the highest point compared to other birds. It has excellent sight and can see a more extensive area without a sweat. Its eyes can see through all directions.  These traits portray future happenings in our lives.

Thunderbird as a symbol of dominion

Through the Thunderbird totem, we learn how to use the power we have in our lives.  A perfect example is how a man can tap the potential of electricity from nature to better their lives.  The Thunderbird can sense the electronic signals in the environment. This animal can stop any contrary intention that nature poses to man.

Thunderbird as a symbol of control

The Thunderbird totem teaches us to have the full power of our minds. This animal never takes for granted what comes into its memory.  It investigates until it finds the true meaning of what popped up in its spirit. This symbol teaches us never to neglect what comes into our minds. Always seek a more profound sense of what comes into our consciousness.

The Thunderbird Totem as a Spirit Animal

Some tribes believed that the Thunderbird Spirit Animal connected the death and the living.  An image of a Thunderbird is created on a mask. The soul of the man would become one with the thunderstorm spirit.

To summarize all these symbols, the thunderbird totem animal spirit represents a controller of nature, a creator, and a destroyer. This animal totem must always appease for the sustenance of human life. It is the controller of rain, and without rain, the supply of food will drastically reduce. Many ceremonies are performed to honor the thunderbird spirit animal.

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