Horse Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism & Dreams of Horse Totem

What does a Horse symbolize in dreams?

The Horse Spirit Animal

The Horse Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Horse spirit animal mean?

The mention of a horse in various mythical stories and cultures signified passion and freedom. Like any other animal totem/spirit animal, the spirit guide of the horse comes into our lives to help us make more meaning various life experiences. In all the existing animal totems, the horse spirit animal is no doubt one of the most powerful. The horse as an animal is characteristic of different qualities. Because of this, it presents us with varied symbolic meanings.

Humankind has domesticated the horse for the longest time we can remember. The animal is often appreciated because of its true faithful nature. In addition, it has also helped humankind in carrying out various domestic activities. Apart from their impact on our lives, the horse has a stunning appearance that we all admire. The animal inhabits almost every part of the world.


The horse spirit animal is seen in people with mostly an urge for freedom, passion, and self-drive. It carries quite a strong motivation for conquering life challenges. If you are keen to find out more about the symbolism of this beautiful creature, keep reading this article.

What does a Horse Symbolize?

Having a horse animal totem in your life is symbolic of a personal drive for a good life. It means you have an inner motivation and strength to progress to the next level. Furthermore, you can overcome life hurdles and obstacles, no matter the negative forces that come your way. Keep moving and rest only when you reach your destiny.

People born of the horse spirit animal are inherently nurturing than others. We are all naturally attracted to horse spirit animal people because of their tender and caring nature. It is the same way that we get attracted to the beauty of the horse.

Horse Spirit AnimalWhat is the spiritual meaning of horses? The symbolism of the horse spirit animal can also denote a balanced life. If you have the horse as your spirit animal, you are reminded to do your best to create time for everything. There is a time for a social career as well as a family life. Do not lean so much on one side that you forget about the other. Always count on the horse spirit animal if you feel you need to regain your balance.

The Horse as a Spirit Animal

When you have the horse spirit animal as your spirit guide, you are called upon to lead an honest life. Feel free to express your mind without any limitations. People take cognition and respect you for you say things as they are. Count yourself lucky if you have a horse-totem person as a friend or family. Besides, horse spirit animal people do not judge, especially in accordance with what they hear from others.

The horse spirit animal is symbolic of calmness. If you are born of this animal spirit animal, your main trait is that you are ever cool but courageous at the same time. Others sometimes attempt to break you down, but you always keep your cool. Furthermore, you still have a lot to offer regarding your input in ideas and organizational goals.

People born of the horse spirit animal are elegant and good-looking. If the horse spirit animal is your animal spirit, it means that you value good manners and is always smart. You are ever careful about your actions and the vibrations that you put out into the world. In some instances, people think of you as older because they don’t look your age.

The Symbolism of a Horse based on Cultures

The symbolism of the horse spirit animal has been used in various mythologies and cultures with different meanings. The Celts linked the horse symbolism to war. They went to war with this animal symbol mainly to secure a victory and to acquire new territories.

The Romans, on the other hand, believed that the horse was symbolic of life continuity. They would sacrifice a horse in honor of the god Mars as a sign of rebirth and fertility. They had the ceremony once every year in October.

The Native Americans glorified the horse and considered it as a messenger of good news from the world beyond. Here, the horse symbolism meant freedom. Those who domesticated the animal entered into a sacred agreement with the beast and the duty to take care of one another.

The Horse Spirit Animal in Dreams

What do horses symbolize in dreams? If you see a horse in your dreams today, consider yourself lucky. A horse in your dream can be symbolic of many things depending on the dreamer. In general, a horse dream is symbolic of wealth and success, everything you touch blooms. Your bubble is flying high, and you find it easy to communicate with people.

Dreaming about riding a horse can mean that success is looming. The things you wish for in life will manifest. You are always ahead of the rest because you understand your game better than anyone else. Use this advantage to impact your life and that of others positively.

A horse dream can also be symbolic of health. Check on your current lifestyle and make sure you do everything right to live a healthy life. Try to listen to people and be open to divergent opinions on the best ways to live healthily. Do not hold on to a lousy habit like excessive drinking of alcohol that might ruin your life.

SUMMARY: Horse Spirit Animal

The Horse spirit animal comes into our lives with more than just motivation. They provide us with a direction regarding how we should lead our lives. Never be in denial of how you feel; that way, you cannot manage to handle them. Expand your territories because you have the gift of movement. Every challenge is presented before you come with a solution. All you need to do is look out for it!

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