Hippopotamus Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism & Dreams of this Totem

What do Hippos symbolize in dreams?

The Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

The Hippopotamus Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Hippopotamus spirit animal mean?

The hippopotamus spirit animal is symbolic of calmness, stability, honor, and strength. If a hippopotamus appears in your life today, it means you have a special message from the spirits beyond. It is therefore wise to pay attention to what the divine spirits are telling you. The hippopotamus is considerably a huge animal; this alone should be an assurance that you will have blessings coming your way in jumbo packs.

If you have the hippo as your spirit animal, then count yourself lucky. We have collected all the possible symbolic meanings of this animal totem/spirit animal in this article. To find out more about the possible significance of seeing a hippopotamus in your life, keep on reading.


What does a Hippopotamus Symbolize?

The hippopotamus is symbolic of care. From the outside, this beastly creature looks quite hostile because of its massive legs and tusks. But there is more to this animal than that. It carries the vibrations of personal care and is telling us to think about ourselves first before anything else. People born under this spirit animal treat themselves like kings regardless of their weaknesses.

The hippo spirit guide is reminding you to put your strength to good use. There comes a time when you need to be aggressive. Do not allow yourself to be disrespected when you can defend yourself. Although, be careful not to cause any harm with your aggression. It should be for your protection.

As a hippopotamus person, you should practice creativity and stability at all times. Trust in your intuition and carry out your daily life activities in a practical manner. It is not advisable to sit back and claim that you have nothing to do. People born of the hippopotamus spirit animal must put their creative self to good use. Stir things up a little bit by trying out new projects.

Hippopotamus Spirit AnimalThe Hippopotamus as a Spirit Animal

The hippopotamus as a spirit animal is in your life to remind you of the advantages of connecting with your emotions. The hippo mainly relies on lake water to survive. Because of this, they spend most of the day in the water. The symbolism here is that as a hippo spirit animal person, you should learn to find a balance between your thought and emotional side. In doing so, you will feel whole and as one with the spiritual realm.

People born under this spirit animal have a natural ability to predict the reason for any situation. They say things the way they are without fear. In addition, they tell the truth and demand respect for their stand. They are the most practical fellows you can ever find on planet earth. It comes naturally from following their inner intuitions.

Hippopotamus spirit animal people are also industrious. They put in hard work and discipline to ensure they reach their goals. If you have the hippo as your spirit guide. So, you should come out of your comfort zone and start working. Nothing happens on a silver platter. You must toil because it is the only way you will taste success.

The Symbolism of a Hippopotamus based on Cultures

Hippopotamus spirit animals were appreciated and widely used across the world. The symbolism of this beastly creature varies from one culture to another. There are both positive and negative connotations to its usage in different societies. In ancient Greece, for example, the hippo was admired as a female divinity of fertility and as a protector of children. The Egyptians, on the other hand, thought of the red hippo as a divine symbol of the gods.

The Hippopotamus Spirit Animal in Dreams

When you dream about seeing a hippopotamus, it could be a suggestion that you need to come out and put your strength to use. You are blessed with power, and you are also aggressive. You can set these attributes to good use and get yourself something good. Do not allow anyone to overstep their boundaries, trying to disturb your peace.

Dreaming of the hippopotamus could also be a call on you to pursue your artistic self. Try to get inspiration from your surroundings and start working on a new project. The hippopotamus in dreams is generally a sign of protection. Always put that in mind when you experience a hippopotamus dream.

SUMMARY: Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

The hippo is known to bring together elements of water and the earth. Because of this, the hippopotamus spirit animal reminds us to use our intuition and to carry out ourselves without being judgmental. We also need to keep our thoughts and actions realistic and impartial. No challenge is above your abilities because you are blessed with the power to overcome. All you need to do is keep yourself away from distractions and embrace the help and companion of friends and family.

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