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What Chinese zodiac signs are compatible with Rabbit Zodiac?

Rabbit Compatibility

Rabbit Love Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Rabbit is very similar to your animal symbol. You are gentle and warm, friendly, and quiet. The work you do is done swiftly and effectively. You are shy but still approachable. Know how compatible is Rabbit zodiac in Rabbit compatibility with other Chinese zodiac signs.

Rabbit and Rat Zodiac Compatibility

The Rabbit and Rat love compatibility relationship works because both of you bring in your strengths to complement each other rather than distract each other. White Rabbit is quiet and shy; Rat is the social one of the group. Read the full Chinese zodiac Rabbit compatibility with Rat.

Rabbit Zodiac and Ox Compatibility

Rabbit has such an effect on your friends that you will enjoy making them happier every time you are together. White Rabbit understands the importance of hard work and focus. As much as you admire Ox zodiac’s work ethic, you also know that it is in their best interest to find some time to relax and de-stress. Read the full love compatibility between Rabbit and Ox.


Rabbit and Tiger Compatibility

In the rabbit and tiger marriage, both of you are independent, so you do want to do so when there are times. And you will be fine with that for the most part. Rabbit is more content by following the well-traveled path, whereas Tiger is drawn to the direction that does not come easily to most.  Read the full Chinese compatibility between Rabbit and Tiger zodiac.

Rabbit and Rabbit Zodiac Compatibility

You aren’t likely to argue, which may be blissful in your rabbit and rabbit zodiac compatibility without conflict. There is so much in common that you like what you see in your partner. Both of you are calm and tend to think in the same way. Your attitude and expectations are realistic. Read the full Chinese love compatibility between Rabbit with another Rabbit zodiac.

Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility

Two of the main values that rabbit and dragon lovers live by are honesty and loyalty. These traits are great for long-term commitments. Your sincerity and openness may make you feel vulnerable at first, but you will appreciate being with someone you know you can trust. Read the full love compatibility between Rabbit and Dragon.

Rabbit and Snake Compatibility

Rabbit and Snake zodiac signs will find that you work well together and can collaborate on the many things you want to do as a pair. A home is an important place for both of you because you are most comfortable there. Read the complete love compatibility between Rabbit and Snake.

Rabbit and Horse Compatibility

Rabbit and horse zodiacs enjoy their independence. You are comfortable with your ways and don’t want to be with anyone who will force you to be someone you are not. The horse is confident and needs to run about to release some of its energy. Read the complete Chinese compatibility between Rabbit and Horse.

Rabbit and Sheep Compatibility

One of the best aspects of this rabbit and sheep relationship is that you two are very similar. Your temperaments are kind and warm while your preferences are close to the same. Both of you enjoy beautiful things in life and prefer to share your time at home rather than in scenes with large crowds. Read the complete Chinese love compatibility between Rabbit and Sheep.

Rabbit and Monkey Compatibility

Rabbit is one who enjoys the company of others, but Monkey is sure to make you laugh and smile. You will find it is how that sign makes you feel when you are around them. At the same time, Monkey will be thrilled to have someone as a captive audience. Read the complete love compatibility between Rabbit and Monkey.

Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility

Rabbit prefers a life of structure and stability. You take care of your family and friends with your kindness and the gift of making people feel good when they are around you. You may ask for little in return, but your rabbit and rooster relationship should also make you feel secure.  Read the complete love compatibility between Rabbit and Rooster.

Rabbit and Dog Compatibility

Rabbit’s calmness is a benefit to Dog. Sometimes Dog gets overwhelmed and emotional, especially when you get frustrated with the injustice around you. You are a good listener, but sometimes you need someone who helps you feel secure. Read the complete Chinese compatibility between Rabbit and Dog zodiac.

Rabbit and Pig Compatibility

Rabbit and Pig‘s marriage is full of common interests that can be the start of a beautiful friendship. There will be plenty for you to do together while you are dating. From dinner for two at a new restaurant to taking in an exhibit, you will find many things that you want to do together. Read the complete Chinese love compatibility between Rabbit and Pig.

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