Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility: Love, Relationship and Traits in Chinese Astrology

Are Rabbit and Rooster compatible?

Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility

Rabbit and Rooster Chinese Compatibility: Years, Traits, Pros and Cons

The Chinese zodiac follows a cycle of twelve lunar years. Each year is categorized by an animal with its traits and qualities, which are commonly found in the people born in that animal’s year. For centuries in Chinese culture, people have been using the zodiac to learn more about themselves and their relationships with others. You can learn about your personality as well as your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a Rabbit and Rooster-compatible couple could learn more about their relationship.

You can also learn how these strengths and weaknesses affect your relationships with others. With some people, you work well in many different areas and complement each other with your traits. With other people, you may find that your personalities clash.

Often this will happen with different people born under the same sign. For certain signs, people will find that they are very attracted to each other, which leads to rabbit and rooster love compatibility. If you are born in the Year of the Rabbit, is it possible that you have that kind of love compatibility with someone born in the Year of the Rooster?


Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility: Birth Years

Chinese Zodiac Sign Zodiac Position Most Recent Years
Rabbit 4th 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023..
Rooster 10th 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029..

Rabbit Zodiac Compatibility Traits

Rabbit is a gracious and kind sign. You are recognized for being polite and respectful to others. It is hard for someone to think of you as an enemy because you are nice and honest with everyone you meet. When it comes to the work you do, you are fast and effective. Rabbit rooster in love would find this to be a blessing in their relationship. You have what it takes to do well in your career, but sometimes you are not comfortable taking on new risks and challenges that take you out of your comfort zone. You enjoy your time with others like friends and family, but often you prefer to enjoy some quiet time at home.

Rooster Zodiac Compatibility Traits

Some may consider Rooster as a perfectionist. You have a set way of doing things based on previous experience, attention to detail, and a strong sense of practicality. Rooster will, therefore, push for a perfect rabbit and rooster love affair. You only believe in right and wrong, nothing in between. Your confidence is part of the reason why you are so successful.

That determination to get what you want makes you secure and stable. You stick to your principles, speak your mind, and stay true to your beliefs as well as the friends and family who surround you. You love with a strong sense of loyalty. Also, you are protective of those who are closest to you. You are also protective of your thoughts and emotions. Only those who have your complete trust know the real you. You love with fierce intensity.

Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility: Relationship

Rabbit rooster couples may find that there is little that they have in common with each other. Without a true connection, you may start to get bored with each other and not be sure how to talk about your problems to make things better for you two. You will have to determine if you have enough to make it last a commitment.

Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility: Positive Traits


Rabbit prefers a life of structure and stability. You take care of your family and friends with your kindness and the gift of making people feel good when they are around you. You may ask for little in return, but your rabbit and rooster relationship should also make you feel secure. Rooster is protective of their loved ones and is as reliable as they come. When you two are in love, there is nothing that you won’t do for each other to make sure that both of you feel good about your relationship.

Seek Trust

Rabbit rooster dating each other is guarded when it comes to your personal life. Rabbit is sensitive and doesn’t want to risk getting heartbroken. Rooster has a tough exterior and reveals its softer side to someone they love and trust. As you get closer and show those sides to each other, you can both be certain that your relationship has come a long way to get to this point. At this point, you have proven your loyalty and fidelity to each other, and that means a lot.

Rabbit with Rooster Compatibility: Negative Traits


If anything can go wrong in the rabbit and rooster friendship relationship, it will often be because you two can’t agree on the standard. Both of you have a vision of what you want and how it should look. The problem is that you can rarely compromise on how the situation should be. If you are going out to dinner, Rabbit may know of the best parking spot near the location.

If you are running late for your reservation, Rooster is more likely to blame the choice of parking instead of the traffic that delayed you more. To make the compromise work better, you have to understand each other and see that there is more than one way to do things. For Rabbit, the expectations may work well in your head, but you have not experienced implementing your ideas. For Rooster, you are driven to be right and leave little chance for your partner to suggest any changes.


Often the best remedy for this couple is plenty of rabbit rooster communication and forgiveness. Rabbit is more reserved when it comes to communicating. Not only do you not speak a lot of time talking, but you will withdraw yourself from the conversation if it starts to get tense or conflicted. You are also more sensitive to negative feedback. Rooster can be very honest but also very blunt when it comes to telling you how it is. The way you communicate can have a more destructive result in your friendship, partnership, and even your sex life.

Summary: Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility

When your rabbit-rooster love compatibility relationship is in a good place, Rabbit will show your love for your partner in ways they are not used to. Your dreamy qualities show a level of creativity that is more foreign to their practical sensibility. However, you have two different personalities and belief systems. It is challenging for you to be understanding of the other because you feel perfection in your methods.

If there is a chance that Rabbit departs a bit more from the fantasies in your head and Rooster looks to understand a different point of view, there is a chance that you can find yourself in a committed rabbit rooster horoscope match. It would be with someone who loves and trust you. While you can gain a lot from working with your two different characteristics, you are so independent that you are not as willing to change who you are for someone who challenges your every belief and decision.

It is also important for the Rabbit to stay in the conversation and not avoid conflict, or else you will wonder why you are in this Rabbit and Rooster Chinese zodiac relationship in the first place. All of your loyalty and love may be trivial if you cannot figure out how to get along as friends and partners. There is a small chance that this relationship can work out favorably, but it requires a lot of commitment to make it work since it will not be compatible on its own.

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