Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 7

Dream Analysis of words begin with Letter B

Dream Dictionary of words begin with Letter B - 7

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Beeper – Hearing a beeper in a dream

Hearing or having a beeper in a dream shows that you need to remember something.

This dream could also mean that you are trying to get in touch with someone and they haven’t been noticing, or that someone has been trying to get your attention and you haven’t noticed. This dream shows that you need to build your communication skills if you think that this is the right dream meaning for this term.


To dream of drinking beer at a bar shows that you might be anxious that others are getting the better of you. You may want to advance and build your social and business reputation, but you may worry that others won’t allow you to do this. This dream is significant if there are other people in the bar you know in your waking life.

If your dream is worry-free, then this can show that you are content with your life. In dreams like these, the dream’s atmosphere and your emotions in the dream almost have more to do with the symbolic meaning more than the term does. Your personal feelings about alcohol will also contribute to the meaning of this dream term.

See Alcohol, Bar, or Bartender for further dream symbolism.


Beer Bong

Drinking from a beer bong in your dreams shows that you want to remove yourself from some aspect of your life. There may be something stressful going on that you want to escape from. You want fewer responsibilities, but you may not know how to. You are likely expressing these feelings in a way that isn’t likely to help change your situation.

This dream can also show that you like to party. This can show that you want to get out of the house, hang out with some friends, and have some drinks. Your feelings about alcohol will likely be what determines the meaning of this dream term.

See Alcohol and Beer* for further dream interpretation.

Beer Pong

Playing beer pong in your dream can show your competitive nature. Your feelings about alcohol will also have an impact on what this dream means. If you like drinking, then this can show that you want to have a good time and get together with your friends. You want to be able to express yourself in whatever way that you can. You don’t want to be held down by restrictions and responsibilities.

If you do not like to drink, this dream can show that you have been feeling irresponsible lately. You want to begin to act more mature and get your life back to where it normally is. You want to be more serious and get some work done and focus on your goals.


Eating beats in a dream is commonly seen as a good sign. Whether you are growing beets, harvesting them, eating them alone or with others, the beet represents a sort of future abundance. This abundance could be in wealth, friendship, or something else.

The only time this dream is a bad sign, instead of a good sign, is when the beets in your dream look or taste bad. Then this dream means quite the opposite of the above description.


Seeing a Beetle

Seeing a beetle in your dream shows that there is some small annoyance in your life. Someone or something is getting on your nerves.

This dream can also show that you are working on thinking on a problem or another issue, but it is more or less “on the back burner” for now. This dream may be trying to tell you that it’s time to think about this in full for a while and give the thought the attention it deserves.

Seeing a beetle may also predict that you or someone around you is about to become ill. Do not worry; beetles only represent small illnesses or injuries–nothing serious.

Sometimes beetles and insects, in general, are a sign of fertility. This dream can represent your feelings about becoming pregnant or starting a family. The dreamer’s mood in the dream greatly influences this interpretation.

Killing a Beetle

Killing a beetle in your dream is generally a good sign. This shows that you are getting rid of the things that cause you problems in your waking life. You are ignoring the little things and moving on to paying more attention to the important things.

See Insect* for further dream symbolism.


Dreaming that you are begging someone or for something can show that you are unsatisfied with your life. There is some aspect of your life that you desperately want to change, but you likely do not have the means to make this change.

This dream could also show that you are resistant to help even though you need help to change. This can show that even though you don’t want to, the best way to make a change in your life can show that you need to ask for help.


Seeing a beggar in your dream shows that you are not managing your time or money well enough. This can show that you may worry about what will happen to you if you do not get on track with your finances. Looking at a way to better budget yourself may be able to ease the occurrence of these dreams.

The beggar in your dream can, in a way, personify the feelings that you wish to hide from others. These thoughts may be a kind of fear of failure or something related to that. This dream shows that you are unhappy with yourself and the way that you are living your life. Changing your life for the better will likely put an end to these dreams.

Giving to the Beggar

To give money to the beggar shows that there is something about yourself or your current situation that you are uncomfortable with or that you entirely dislike as a whole. You want to change your current situation, but you may not have the resources to do it, like the beggar in your dreams.

Avoiding the Beggar

To avoid the beggar, or to not give them money, is usually seen as a bad sign. This can mean anything from “The dreamer is unkind and petty” to “The dreamer is so worried about himself that they can’t give to others.” Either way, this dream shows that the dreamer needs to change something about their life to become happier.


Dreaming about beginning a project or a goal in your dream shows that you have been procrastinating on a project in your waking life. This dream shows that you are wasting time in your waking life, and this dream is trying to tell you to quit doing just this! Your mind is trying to convince you to get up and accomplish some of your goals. If you do this, then you are bound to have a better waking and dreaming life.


Getting Beheaded

To get beheaded in your dreams show that you are as stressed out as can be. You are entirely overwhelmed at the moment, and there doesn’t seem like there is any way to fix the problem at hand or develop any solution. The death in this dream shows that your fears and anxiety is strong at this time and that you will need to ride it out for a while before things get better.

Watching a Beheading

To watch someone getting beheaded shows that someone near you is to be cut off somehow. This could mean that you will stop being friends with them, but this could also predict an illness or similar problem. This dream means more if you know the person who is getting beheaded.

See Death/Dying* for further dream symbolism.


When something is behind you, this can represent that you have left something behind in the past. Since you need to look back to see what is behind you, this action itself symbolizes the past. There is something in your past that you might be glad you left there or something you wish you could get back from the past.

Someone is Behind You

If someone is walking or standing behind you in a dream, then this can show that something happened in the past that you have not told somebody yet, or that something in the past happened concerned you, perhaps something that you weren’t aware of at the time or that you do not remember, that someone is not telling you.

This dream meaning could mean that someone you know is either there to help you out and back up or, or that they want to leave you in the past, or that you want to stop being friends with this person. The person in the dream and your feelings while you are in the dream, will determine the most accurate dream interpretation for this term.

For a deeper dream interpretation of this sign, also see Back (Direction)*


If you have a dream where no one seems to believe you, and you are not lying in the dream, then this shows that your confidence levels aren’t as high as you might want them to be. You are likely questioning your thoughts and actions in your waking life, which could affect your dreams.


Seeing a bell in your dreams can symbolize a feeling that seems to be “louder” than all others in your mind. This can show that you need to attend to this thought or feeling if you want to be happier. Seeing a bell can also show that you need to take some more time to relax instead of responding to the various bells in your waking life whenever they go off.


To hear the sound of a bell is a prediction, or a warning, of something to come. This could be predicting an illness. This is your subconscious calling your attention to a problem, likely more physical than emotional.

Telephone Bell

Hearing a telephone bell in your dream can show that someone is trying to get your attention. This could mean that you need to pay more attention to the people around you so that you can help them or pay more attention to them without needing to be asked. This can also show that something needs your attention. This could remind you that you need to call someone, go to the bank, or any simple task like that.


Hearing a doorbell can show that something new has recently come into your life or that something new will be coming into your life shortly. This could also represent your desire to try new things or new people. You want something new in your life to spice it up. This could also be a warning that something bad will be coming into your life, like an illness or a bad relationship.

If you hear the bell of an alarm clock, see Alarm*

Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade Plant)

To see belladonna in your dream shows that you need to begin to think more logically while you are at work or school if you want to succeed or do better in general. You may need to compete with others to get what you want, but it will all be worth it if you do this.

This dream symbol can also show that the dreamer will have a new desire for romance. If they are already in a relationship, then this could be a good time to try to spice things up a bit. If they are not already in a relationship, this might be a good time to find a partner.

If you are poisoned by belladonna, then this can show that misfortunes will come your way. This is a good time to stay vigilant. Not thinking logically will lead to failure.


Seeing a bellhop in your dreams shows that you are trying to avoid some problem you may be having or an issue you are dealing with in your waking life. This shows that you are “pushing away” your problem, much like a bellhop pushes around luggage.

If you are the bellhop

To be the bellhop in your dreams shows that you are busy carrying around other people’s problems or issues. You may feel like you are burdened by this or like you have a lot of weight on your shoulders because of it. This dream could suggest that you need to stop being bothered by other people’s problems before dealing with your own and becoming a happier person because of it.


To use a bellow in your dream shows that you have been working hard lately. You are determined to accomplish your goals. You have been working at a steady pace, whether at work, at school, or just keeping up with the daily tasks at home. This dream also shows that you are not likely to slow down or fall off this track anytime soon.

Bell Pepper

Seeing or eating a bell pepper in your dreams has about the same meaning. This can show that you are not likely to quit on something just because it has become difficult to do. You can stand up for yourself when you need to, and you won’t back down when it comes to something you are passionate about. You aren’t a person who will easily give up on their goals or dreams. Bell peppers are generally a good sign, showing that you may change slightly from this, but it will be a change for the better. The color of the bell pepper also has a say in what this dream term means.


A green bell pepper suggests that you are still rearing to go when it comes to all of your goals and projects. You are in the heat of the moment, the beginning stages of a project, or just working on something you are passionate about. There is no sign of slowing down if the pepper in your dream is a green one.


A red bell pepper shows that you are feeling upset about whatever it is you are working on. The project may have gotten frustrating over time. Although you are not likely to give up on this project, you might want to take a small break from it to regain your passion and energy for the project.


A yellow pepper shows that you are still working hard on your goals. Somehow, you have been able to sustain your energy levels throughout this project. This dream shows that you will continue to pace yourself well and have all of the energy you need to complete or keep working on this project or goal.

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