Dream Dictionary B: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with B – 17

Dream Analysis of B words – Page 17: Brother to Buzzard

Dream Dictionary of B words - Page 17

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with B

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Feelings of your family in general and your relationship with your brother in your waking life will have the biggest impact on what this dream actually means. In many cases, seeing your brother in a dream represents the memories and feelings you have for your brother and how you may have felt about yourself or your family when you were at their age, but this is more common in a man’s dream than in a woman’s. This can also symbolize parts of your own personality that you see reflected in the way that your brother acts.

Woman’s Younger Brother

Seeing a younger brother in a dream can represent the parts of your personality that may seem more energetic or rebellious.

Man’s Younger Brother

When a man sees his younger brother in a dream, it is more likely to represent his feelings when he was his brother’s age in the dream. This could show current feelings of vulnerability.

Older Brother

Seeing an older brother, no matter your gender represents feelings of strength and authority.


The mood of the Dream

If your brother is having a good time in your dream, this can predict that good things will come your way and show that you are generally happy with your current family situation. However, if your brother is in distress in your dream, then this is not a good sign and predicts that distress will enter your life as well.

See Boy* or Family* for further dream symbolism.


The meaning of seeing your brother-in-law in a dream depends a lot on how you feel about him. If you have good feelings about him, then this dream could imply that you and he share traits that you like in yourself. This could also mean that he has some traits that you would like to take on and incorporate into your own personality one day.

If the mood of the dream is bad, or if you do not like your brother-in-law, then this shows that there are qualities that he has that you do not like and that you fear will be added into your own personality. However, this can also show that he does have some good personality traits that you ignore because you dislike him.

See Family* for further dream symbolism.


See Colors*


Eating brownies in a dream suggests that you feel like you have done enough to be rewarded. You are “treating” yourself for all of your hard work. If you are baking brownies, then this suggests that you are most proud of your kind personality and “sweetness.”


To see that you have a bruise on your body shows that you feel like there is a lot of pressure on you in your waking life. This can symbolize emotional wounds that have not fully healed yet as well.

Looking up your body’s place where you have the bruise may also provide you with additional dream symbolism. Also, see Skin* for further dream symbolism.


If you are already a brunette, then this dream does not carry additional dream symbolism.

If your hair is suddenly brunette in a dream shows that you need to learn to relax a little more. This may also suggest that you need to get more in tune with the sexy side of yourself.

See Hair* for further dream symbolism.


Brushing your hair in a dream is usually seen as a bad sign. This dream suggests that you have not been taking proper care of yourself in your waking life recently. This dream predicts that you will become ill or otherwise unwell if you do not change your ways soon.


Bubbles represent awareness. They come out of the water, usually seen as a symbol of emotion, but in the form of air, seen as the symbol for intelligence or knowledge. In this way, the bubbles suggest that you will learn from your emotions or begin to understand them better shortly.

In another way, the bubble can symbolize illusions or false things in our lives that we might perceive to be real. Watch out for these things. Determine whether your feelings are real or not.


Seeing a male deer in your dream represents all of the traditionally masculine traits: strength, speed, power, assertiveness, etc. This dream may be suggesting that you need to be more masculine in your daily life and take on some of the buck’s strong traits.

See Animal and Deer* for further dream symbolism.


A full bucket in a dream shows that you are getting somewhere in life. You have what you need to become better suited for your current situation. This predicts good times to come. However, if the bucket in your dream is empty, then this shows that you will feel the loss in your life. This dream predicts conflict or struggle.


Seeing or wearing a buckle in your dream can predict a hectic but pleasurable social life. Watch out to make sure that your friends are loyal and not just surrounding you for reasons other than your personality.

A buckle can symbolize security and value. A buckle can do anything from hold up your pants to keeping an important briefcase closed. Looking up what the buckle is on will be able to provide further dream symbolism.


A bud is symbolic of sexual relationships. In a way, the bud can represent both a penis and a vagina. Besides just being about sex, the bud can also represent the emotional relationship between people’s emotions while they are having sex.


Seeing Buddha in a dream will change meaning based on your personal relationship with Buddhism. If you are Buddhist, then this dream represents your feelings about religion and the values you treasure or dislike within the practice.

If you are not Buddhist, then this dream has much more meaning. This dream could show that you would like to adopt values outside of your own religion. Seeing the Buddha in your dream may represent feelings of converting to Buddhism or something else entirely. This dream can represent liberation, peace, and a change in values.


The mood of your budgeting dream and what is going on in your waking life will both have an impact on what this dream means. If you are in a financial crisis in your waking life, this dream clearly states that you need to take control of your money and learn how to spend it and save it more wisely. However, if you are doing fine with money, this dream may suggest that you need to learn how to spread your love or time instead of your money.


The buffalo can be seen as a symbol of abundance and usefulness. The Native Americans used much of the buffalo to sustain their lifestyle, making the buffalo such a positive symbol.

On the other hand, the buffalo can also represent stubbornness and strength. The meaning of the buffalo in your dream will depend on the mood of the dream.

See Animal* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing a buffet of food means that there is an abundance of something in your life. If you overeat in your dream, then this shows that you are consumed by guilt or other negative emotions. Someone or something is taking up too much of your time and energy in your waking life, and you need to learn how to manage this better in your future waking life.


Whether you are playing or hearing a bugle, this is a good sign. This dream denotes joyous events to come shortly.

See Instruments or Music* for further dream symbolism.


Bugs are representative of small annoyances that build up during the day. These annoyances can build up. This could suggest that there are small problems within your circle of friends, in your family, or with your health that will grow larger if left untreated.


The state of the building in your dream will determine much of the meaning of this dream term. If the buildings are large and clean, then this predicts that you will have a lifetime full of success and wealth. If the buildings are small and decrypted, then this predicts that your life will be full of disappointment and struggle.

Looking up the building House, Church, Etc. Will be able to add more symbolic dream meaning.


Dreaming that you have bulimia shows that you are feeling cut-off from others and generally isolated. You may feel like no one can understand what you are going through, even if bulimia isn’t the problem you face in your waking life. This may suggest that your self-esteem is low. The best way to avoid these dreams is to become more confident.


Bulk in a dream can represent both abundance and sustenance. It is important to keep track of bulky items that you see in a dream, as they are almost always important to dream symbols. Bulk can also be a symbol of power.

Looking up the items that make up the bulk can also provide additional dream symbolism.


A bull represents the masculine, obscene, strength, power, stubbornness, boldness, and speed. These traits may be reflected in yourself at the moment if you are dreaming of a bull. Whether this is good or bad is up to your personal preference.

In the western zodiac, the bull is the sign for Taurus. Because of this, the bull can also have a cultural meaning of hard work and fertility.

Chased by a Bull

If a bull is chasing you, then this is a bad sign. This predicts that uncomfortable social situations will come your way shortly. It is best to try to deal with these situations and possible, but don’t expect a good outcome.

See Animal* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing a bulldozer in your dream suggests that you feel like you are being pushed away from something important to you. Someone or something is keeping you from completing your goals, which is likely causing you stress.

If the dream mood is good, this could suggest that you need to clear your mind to more easily process and get to your goals.


The bullet has both asexual and masculine meaning. Sexually, a bullet can represent sperm, and the gun representing a penis. The target represents impregnation. This dream could symbolize thoughts of starting a family. On the masculine end of things, the bullet can represent anger and hate. This could symbolize a want to do something violent.

See Gun* for further dream symbolism.

Bulletproof Vest

Wearing a bulletproof vest in your dreams suggests that you feel vulnerable when it comes to relationships, friendly or romantic. You do not want to get hurt, so it may come off as you over-protecting yourself in your waking life.


To dream that you are bullying someone means that you want to be able to be on top in some situation in your life, and you are willing to do whatever you need to accomplish this goal. This can also show that you tend to lead a conversation, even though you may feel nervous about them.

If you are being bullied in a dream, then this shows that you are repressing your negative emotions because you do not know how to express them in a good way. The bully in your dream may represent parts of your personality that you dislike or deny.


If there are bumps in your vehicle’s bumper, this represents the bumps that come and go throughout life.

Bumper Sticker

Seeing a bumper sticker in your dream represents that message that you give to others. What the bumper sticker says will also contain additional dream, or obvious, meanings.


Seeing a “bunch” of something can show that you are only looking at the big picture in your life. You need to slow down and look up the things that make up the different bunches in your life.

Looking up the term for what made up the bunch in your dream can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Seeing a burr or being caught in them can suggest that you will struggle with something in your waking life. You may feel “stuck” with a project in your waking life.


This dream shows that you need to be careful in your waking life shortly. People are working against you in your waking life. They are most likely to cause your financial problems more than anything else. You may be able to avoid this trouble by staying vigilant for those who may wish to cause you harm.

This dream may also suggest that you have neglected some part of your life and have been left vulnerable to trouble. This has to do more with social interactions than financial.


A burial can represent that you are getting rid of negative thoughts that you have been holding onto for some reason. These negative feelings may have to do with mourning, but they don’t necessarily have to be.

A burial doesn’t need to be a bad sign. It is only a bad sign if there are mostly negative emotions in the dream. If someone is being buried in a nice place, then this can be a symbol of peace. If the person buried is in a dark and rainy place, this has to do more with negative emotions than anything else.

Buried Alive

If you are being buried alive, then this suggests that there are feelings that you should let go of if you do not want to hurt any longer. Holding onto these feelings will only cause further distress. This could also show that you are about to do something that could cause you distress. Try to avoid trouble shortly.


Seeing something burning in a dream can represent angry emotions that you are trying to release. This dream is representative of anger, hate, and negative energy.


If you burn yourself in a dream but don’t die because of it, this is a good sign. This is a purifying dream. Extreme heat can clean, which is why this is a positive sign.


Taking a bus represents the community. All of the bus people are traveling together, representing the relationships you hold in your own life.

If you are waiting at a bus stop, then this shows that you are waiting for new people or experiences to enter your life.


Seeing a butcher in a dream is generally a bad sign. If there is much blood in this dream, this predicts that an illness will fall upon yourself or your family. If there is no blood, then this still shows that you will be corrupted, but not in health, but by negative social interactions.


Eating good butter predicts that wealth and happiness will enter your life. If the butter is bad, then this predicts that you will fall ill shortly.


A butterfly is a symbol of transformation because of how it turns from a caterpillar into a butterfly. This dream could also suggest that there are transformations that you need to make in your own life if you want to be able to reach your full potential.


Drinking buttermilk is a bad sign. This shows that you will fall ill shortly. This is a sign to check your food, as food poisoning will likely make you fall ill.


Pretty buttons are a sign of wealth, happiness, and honor. They may be little, but they do an important job, like the collective people on earth. However, if the button is ugly and worn, this is a sign showing that you do not feel like you can keep up with your daily tasks like you are falling behind in your duties.

Losing a button in a dream shows that minor things in your life cause you to become anxious or otherwise distressed.


Seeing a buzzard in a dream is generally thought to be a bad sign. A buzzard is a sign that some accident or misunderstanding will complicate your life. If a buzzard seems to be watching you, then this is a sign that some accident will cause you pain, mental or physical. If the buzzard seems to be talking to other buzzards, this shows that gossip will taint your reputation and cause you problems in your social circle.

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