Dream Dictionary C: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with C

Dream Analysis of C words – Page 1: C to Camel

Dream Dictionary of C words - Page 1

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with C

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C – Seeing the letter C in dreams

Seeing the letter “C” in your dream could suggest that you are feeling average at the moment. This could also be a pun on the word “see,” which can imply that you need to pay better attention to things in your waking life.


Riding in a Cab

Riding in a cab suggests that there are opportunities for advancement in your life. Riding in a cab with others shows that you will succeed in your social life if you play your cards right, but if you offend the wrong person, gossip will tarnish your reputation.

Riding in a cab at night suggests that people near you hide something from you or tell your secrets behind your back. It is best to watch out for gossips among your friends.

Driving a Cab

Driving a cab suggests that you are in a job that does not provide much opportunity. This dream predicts that if you do not find a new job, which does not involve manual labor, that you will be stuck in this lifestyle for the rest of your days.



Dreaming that you are in a cabana shows that you need to take some time off from your everyday life to try something new or exciting. You may feel overwhelmed by issues in your waking life, and this dream tells you that you need a break.


Dreaming of cabbage is a bad sign. This dream symbol predicts that someone around you is dishonest. This likely has something to do with your romantic life. If you are cutting the cabbage in your dream, this suggests that you are overcompensating your problems by avoiding the root of the problem instead of covering it up. This has a lot to do with “buying someone’s love.”

Cabin (House)

Being in a cabin or seeing one in your dreams represents the simple side of yourself. This shows that you do not need the fanciest or newest items to be happy. This dream may also suggest that you have many good traits that match up with a wooden cabin-like self-reliance, independence, non-materialistic, and humility.

Cabin (Ship)

Being in a cabin of a ship shows that you are unaware of some trouble brewing around you. Your peers are likely spreading rumors about you, which could cause you trouble at work or in your social circle.


Dreaming of cabinets shows that there is something that you want to keep secret from others.

A cabinet can also represent the womb inside of the female body. This dream will mean more if you are pregnant or planning on starting a family. The feeling in your dream will influence what this dream means more than anything else.

Cable (TV)

Having or watching cable TV in your dream represents your openness to communicate with others, even if you have not known them for very long.

Depending on what is going on in the TV show that you are watching will change the dream’s meaning. Looking up the television show elements may be able to add more symbolic meaning to this dream term.

Cable (Wire)

Seeing a wire cable in your dream predicts that a dangerous or difficult task will come your way. Disastrous results will occur if you cannot complete this task, but great rewards and appreciation from those around you will come if you can.


Seeing or riding in the train’s caboose shows that you always feel like you are last in line or chosen last for a task. This may show that you try to stay out of the way of conflict. However, this dream also suggests that if you do not change your ways and fight for yourself, you will not advance in the train or life.

See Train* for further dream symbolism.


To hear a cackle in your dream predicts that you will hear bad news shortly. This news will likely have to do with the health of someone you care about.


Dreaming of a cactus shows that something is making you uncomfortable in your waking life. This could be something that you feel threatened by, represented by how spiky the cactus in your dream is, or it may be because you have done something to get yourself into an awkward situation, and you may not know what to do about it. Either way, this dream is a sign of changing your ways to avoid these complications in the future or to resolve them at present.


A caduceus is a symbol that many medical professional companies use. It is the symbol of two snakes intertwining on a pole-like object. Sometimes it is not snakes, but just squiggly lines that make up the twists on the caduceus. Seeing this symbol in a dream may predict that you will need to talk to a doctor shortly because of its current medical connotation. However, this dream symbol could also mean that you have finally learned to understand your own health needs and how to deal with the ups and downs that come with your health.

See Snake* if it applies to your dream for further symbolic interpretations.

Caesarian Section (C-Section)

These dreams are the most common in women who are pregnant. The most likely meaning of this dream is that you are simply anxious or worried, thinking you will need to get a C-section. This dream is not a prediction.

If you are not Pregnant

If you are not pregnant, this dream suggests that you need help to accomplish a waking life task. This dream also suggests that you might be nervous to ask for help because the favor you need may be dangerous or awkward.


A cafe in your dreams represents things that help you to relax in your waking life. This points out the things that make you’re feeling good about yourself and the parts of your personality that contribute to this.

Looking up the types of food in the cafe can also put additional dream symbolism into this term.


Cafeterias often have a lot of people in them eating their lunches. For this reason, being in a cafeteria in a dream represents the feeling of many issues or problems “eating” away at you. All of these small problems may add up to one big problem if left untreated.

Looking up the type of food you were eating can also provide additional dream symbolism.


Being inside the Cage

Being trapped inside of a cage represents feelings of being repressed in other parts of your life. You may feel like you are not in total control of the events that make up your life. This can also show that you have feelings within yourself that you may not feel like you are allowed to express or don’t know how to express healthily. In a sense, you feel trapped in your waking life somehow or form, so your dream is visualizing a place where you are physically trapped to match the feeling.

Something/Someone Else in the Cage

If someone else or something else is trapped in a cage, then this represents that you want something to be confined in your waking life, even if not in a literal way. Whatever is trapped in the cage is a representation of what you wish would be repressed. Looking up this object, or what the person in your dream represents, can add more dream symbolism to this term.

If you see birds in a cage, see Bird* for additional dream symbolism.


Seeing or eating cake in a dream is a good sign. This dream predicts that your hard work will pay off and that you will be rewarded with pleasurable things. Your happiness will come to you, more likely, some things that happen at work or with your romantic interest.


Dreaming of pancakes suggests that the dreamer is putting their faith and affections to the right people. This is still a good sign and suggests that your relationships, romantic or friendly, will be prosperous and delightful.


Using or seeing a calculator in your dreams shows that you need to begin thinking ahead before making important decisions. This dream suggests that you need to “calculate” your actions more.

This dream may also be trying to tell you that there is a “calculating” person around you, someone who might want to do you harm or get in your way on your path to success. It is best to keep an eye out for these people.


A calendar in a dream represents the passage of time. This could show that something important has happened recently and that you should take the time to think about it before deciding what to do next. This dream term can also be used as a reminder by your subconscious to tell you that something important is about to happen and that you need to take note not to forget the date.

Dreaming of a calendar can also show that you are either very organized or need to become organized to keep up with your life quickly. If you are organized, then good things will come your way. If you fail to become organized, then stress and anxiety will add havoc to your life.

Calf (Animal)

Seeing a calf in a dream can represent feelings about your childhood. Depending on the mood of the dream, this can be a good or bad thing. This dream may also suggest that, as a child, you are still dependent on a parent or another family or friend. You may not want to be dependant anymore, but you may not know how to stop being dependant.

Seeing the calves acting in harmony or eating their food happily can expect to see abundance and happiness in their own lives. If the mood of this dream is happy, then this can be seen as a good sign. Friendship and wealth are predicted to come your way.

See Animal* for further dream symbolism.

Calf (Leg)

Paying special attention to your calf in your dream represents how you get around in the world. This is all about your physical ability to move if your calf is in good shape.

Calla Lily

The calla lily represents getting a new start on something, new opportunities, and seeing things in a new light. Since these flowers are white, they also represent peace, love, longevity, simplicity, and harmony. This dream means that all of these traits will enter your life shortly.

See Flower* for further dream symbolism.


Called by Someone, you Know

Being called by someone you know shows that you haven’t been paying much attention to them lately. If you go on as you are, ignoring them, then your bond with this person will struggle and ultimately fail. If you feel that your bond with this person is not suffering, then this could be a prediction that they will fall ill instead.

Called by a Stranger

To hear your name being called by someone who you do not knows predicts that strangers will require your assistance in the future. If you do not help this person, then your business or reputation could fall into trouble.

Called by a Dead Person

Hearing your name called by someone who you know to be dead is a bad sign. This can be seen as a warning. It is best to watch out for your health and avoid doing anything risky after having one of these dreams, or your fate may be the same as theirs.


dreaming that you have calluses shows that you have been working hard at something, either mentally or physically. This dream may also represent your feelings about going through a tough time, as well.

Looking up the body part that you had your calluses on can also provide additional dream symbolism. Also, see Skin* for further dream symbolism.


To feel calm in a dream shows that everything seems to be at ease in your life at the moment. Alternatively, this dream predicts that your life shortly will be easygoing and pleasant.

To see calm seas predicts that you will accomplish a task that you may have thought to be difficult in the past.


To use calomel in a dream suggests that someone is working against you to do you harm in your waking life. This dream is a bad sign. It is best to watch out for people who may be spreading rumors about you or doing other things to affect your chances of being as successful as possible.


If you are being faced with calumny, lies that ruin your reputation, in your dream, then this shows that there are people who may not be who they say they are around you. It is best to watch out for people who might want to make you the subject of calumny in your waking life.

This can also be a warning that you should not gossip in your waking life. This dream could be a way of your mind showing you the damage that gossip can have on a person.


Since a camel is a pack animal, seeing one in your dream suggests that you will be facing a difficult time shortly. This time will require a lot of patience and hard work on your part.

A camel also has some positive symbolism as well. Since camels can go long without water, the animal can also be a sign of strength and endurance. This dream shows that you have what it takes to make it through a difficult experience and come out, alright. This dream also suggests that you might need to use these skills shortly.

Seeing a whole herd of camels in your dream predicts that you will need help from someone shortly or that someone else will require your help. It is best to offer a hand when you can, as your good karma is likely to come back to help you later.

Owning a Camel

To own camels predicts that you will come across something of value shortly. It’s best to keep an eye out for something like this in days to come after the dream.

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